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  1. Rachel Weisz' character in Neil Labute's The Shape of Things
  2. Speaking on Data.org and the AIDS crisis in Africa, this sunday, the 16th at 130pm. 5th street and arch street. outside.
  3. Spoon

    New York Minute

    Interesting review here, along the same lines as some of our Mean Girls discussion: http://filmfreakcentral.net/screenreviews/newyorkminute.htm
  4. Spoon

    Trailer Alert!

    http://thevillage.movies.go.com/ looks like a combination between Signs and The Blair Witch Project.
  5. I'm trying to choose the next movie for my movie discussion group. It's a mostly christian group, pretty liberal minded. I'm torn between "The Mission" and "Magnolia". I will eventually show both it's just right now the group is floundering and I'd like to choose the one that will be the most attractive and also have a larger impact.
  6. brian regan jeremy hotz
  7. I run a movie discussion group out of my home. One of the goals of the group is to talk about a movie in a way that could directly apply to our lives. Do the exegesis first and then the hermeneutics. I watched House of Sand and Fog last night and although I loved it, it feels to bleak to show to a group, particularly a mostly christian group. Does anyone see any hope in this movie? Anything that could be edifying for the soul? I realize this isn't exactly a feel good movie but it seems like there would be alot to discuss, I just wouldn't want it to be all negative. Like, 'don't do this' or 'don't be like that'.
  8. great list. the professional donnie darko the celebration in that order
  9. Just wondering what movie critics tastes most align with your own. After some research, me and joblo.com seem to be very similar. One of the kickers was his 8/10 score for "Lost Souls". I think Joblo and I were the only two people to like that film.
  10. there seem to be some interesting thoughts here: http://www.hollywoodjesus.com/blue.htm
  11. Spoon

    March Madness

    Being a philly guy, I'm pulling for St. Joes. I got them losing in the finals to Stanford. My final 4 is st. joes, stanford, duke, and geo tech. a couple upset predictions: pacific over providence wisconsin over pitt n.c. over miss st. w. mich over vandy
  12. As I was writing this, I have been unable to seperate myself from it to know if it's total crap or only part crap. Any advice or thoughts would be helpful. MrMando and DanBuck you guys were both very helpful last time and if you have any thoughts, please let me know. Thanks guys. THE CONVERSATION CHARACTERS :JESUS. FATHER. SARAH THE BARTENDER SCENE: BAR Jesus sitting alone at a table at a bar. Bar is empty except for one female bartender behind the bar cleaning up. Father walks in... Start: FATHER Hey Sarah, hey Jesus SARAH Hi Father FATHER What are you up to Jesus? JESUS Oh about 3 or 4. Want one? FATHER Sure JESUS Two Heinekens please Sarah? SARAH You got it boss. FATHER So did you hear the one about you, the priest, and the Rabbi? JESUS (deadpan)Every day of my life. It just keeps getting funnier and funnier (Father laughs) SARAH Did you hear the one father about why you created Adam before Eve? (Father and Son look at each other) SARAH Because you didn
  13. I'm sitting at home watching 'Army of Darkness' and thought this might be a fun topic. I like silly movies and 'Army of Darkness' is definately one. Some other favorite sillies: O Brother Where Art Thou Bottle Rocket Bedazzled Multiplicity Hot Shots: Part Deux Noises Off George of the Jungle Mystery Men Evil Dead 2 What Planet are you From? The Princess Bride Bringing up Baby
  14. I will definately be watching it, especially with 'Angel' vet Tim Minear involved. I hope I get hooked. I'm running out of shows with Buffy gone and 'Angel' ending this year. All I have left right now is 'Alias'.
  15. Spoon

    Spanish Movies

    I'm trying to impress this chick who speaks spanish and would love to watch a movie in the spanish language. Any reccomendations? The only ones I can think of right now are "Talk to Her" and "open your eyes". Perhaps something romantic?
  16. Spoon


    interesting article. the article makes mention of 'a hole in the world' being joss' last episode. do you know if that is true Beth?
  17. Spoon


    The last two epsiodes surrounding Fred have been great. The one two weeks ago written and directed by Joss Whedon one of the best Angels ever and last weeks was very good in continuing a very interesting storyline. Amy Acker has been great in her transformation from Fred to Deliria. And I love what Deliria is becoming after finding out her kingdom has been destroyed. I wonder how much she will start to become like fred, since she has random memories of her and also how wes' will handle it all. very interesting stuff. how long until another new one?
  18. I heard a dvd with the trailer has been given out to churches across the country. Does anyone know how I can get a copy? I saw how to order it thru their website but I need this by sunday.
  19. 'The Butterfly Effect' is a movie with a lot of flaws but I commend it for its ballsiness. It takes chances and some of them are very effective. It's upsetting to me to see that this movie was not reviewed or commented on at this site and even more upsetting to think that one would actually applaud that fact. It's a bit of an uppity attitude and that's actually the only thing I don't like about this board. I enjoy coming here and have watched some interesting movies because of some of the discussions people have started, but because a movie stars 'Ashton Kutcher' and seems geared to an MTV crowd, it's not given much of a chance here. Granted, I'm sure those who do not like this movie like it for reasons beyond what I just mentioned. It's just the snottiness mixed in with those reasons that rubs me the wrong way. The feeling I get from reading a topic like this, is that if I like the Butterfly effect, well, then I just don't know what good cinema is. No offense intended, just wanted to defend what I think to be a great movie. george
  20. How was Ashton's performance? I'm curious as to how well he would do with a serious role.
  21. Equalibrium Apparently this film wasn't marketed very well or reviewed very well but I enjoyed it. I feel like it squandered it's opportunity for greatness with a few missteps but otherwise a very interesting story.
  22. What specifically in JC Supastar would you call heretical?
  23. Spoon

    Final Draft 6

    Does anyone here use this, or any other screenwriting software? And do you reccomend something like this to a beginning screenwriter?
  24. Anyone know any info about this? Buying a ticket and then seeing all 3 at once in the theatres, with ROTK at 1201am? I need details. Where, how much, how much time between each movie, etc. Perhaps theres a good site with this info? Any help would be appreciated. George
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