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  1. I just submitted my nominees. Looking forward to this!
  2. Evan, I love the audacity of your putting Frozen II on this list. It won't be in my top 10, but I confess that its songs and the narrative moments they join are quite a bit more interesting to me than the songs and narrative of the first film. I should know, because the most frequent question asked (by little voices) of the Echo Dot in our house is, "Alexa, play Frozen 2 songs."
  3. I'm also very happy to see this new top 100 being brought back into view. I would love to be a part of it. March to May works for me. Summer is a bit busier for me due to travel, but I could likely find some time during that period as well. It would be so nice to welcome a number of the Ecumenical Jury members into this top 100 process, in partcularly making a point to invite those who've been part of the Jury but perhaps not part of the A and F list top 25/100 lists in the past. Exciting!
  4. Brian D

    High Life (2018)

    I just watched this for the first time. Don't know what to say yet, especially given the complexity of the interlocking pieces of that puzzle. But this much I can say: For most of the run time, I was gritting my teeth and preparing to cover my eyes from pure fear of the despair and horror that was surely to come...and fear of that ominous score on this ominous ship. And yes, there were times that I almost crawled into a shell because of the brutality and cruelty in the film (I think I did crawl into that shell during the scene with Binoche in the box, but for different reasons...I just can't justify that particular level of provocation in this film.) Then came the final act, after which my attention was so captured that my eyes watched every mysterious star-gleam of the final credits. Then came the next day, when this film exerted such a magnetism on my mind that I ran to Darren's article (great work, Darren) above and to Josh Larsen's review...and the magnetic pull just got stronger. I think there is something here...
  5. I am very keen to be involved with a new top 100 as well. I'm willing to assist in organization at some level if needed.
  6. I am leaning quite a bit toward being "in". 2 questions for you, Ken: -By when would you be expecting a draft? -What kind of length would you be hoping for in each essay? Thanks!
  7. The Growing Older page looks wonderful. Just wondering...is there a way to make the page pop up more easily on a Google search? If you search for "arts and faith growing older top 25 films", you will find Andrew and Ken's pages. Those are excellent in and of themselves, but is there a way that a Google search could yield direct access to the online top 25 list itself? This not for my own sake but for others who would like to find it easily as they search.
  8. I would really enjoy doing a piece on the Growing Older list in relation to the concept of legacy. How does the concept of legacy manifest itself in the lives of these characters? Along with this, how do the films themselves (especially works like Limelight and the Varda films) function as a legacy handed down by their directors? As we grow old, what kinds of legacies do we hope to leave? As filmmakers reach their mature years, what kind of legacies do THEY want to pass on to those who will come after them? This topic could be quite a fruitful one, and in fact could be discussed in relation to almost every film on the list. Space likely wouldn't allow for treating all of the films, but there is quite a bit of potential for a wider overview.
  9. I'm making my way through this top 25 blurb by blurb. I feel this list unlocks these films as one would unlock a box of precious treasure - carefully and with loving attention.
  10. Thank you so much for that piece on your blog, Ken. You have many wonderful observations there...many things I hadn't noticed even after 3 viewings of the film.
  11. Malick...life of Christ...a film called The Last Planet...maybe just a little exciting for us at A and F? https://thefilmstage.com/news/terrence-malick-begins-shooting-new-film-the-last-planet/ Reports are coming in that the elusive filmmaker has begun shooting his next film near Rome. Various Italian publications are reporting that Malick has embarked on a shoot for his new film The Last Planet near Anzio, south of Rome, notably in the nature reserve of Tor Caldara. The film will reportedly convey passages “in the life of Christ” through representing evangelical parables. One Big Soul adds that the shoot has actually been underway for a few weeks.
  12. Brian D

    Young Ahmed

    Fun to see you there on the Croisette asking questions of the brothers, Joel!
  13. Brian D

    Young Ahmed

    Fun to see you there on the Croisette asking questions of the brothers, Joel!
  14. My laptop seems to struggle with being able to access the Arts and Faith messenger. I've managed to send messages intermittently, but not today. Ken, would you mind sharing your email address with me either here or by sending it to me at [...] I wanted to send you another message or two in relation to my blurbs. Thank you!
  15. Hi Ken, In regard to the blurb I'll be writing for You Can’t Take It with You in the top 25 : I really liked the way you crystallized this film’s value (above) for the list in terms of Grandpa Vanderhof’s fruitfulness in old age. Do you mind if I expand on that particular point for my blurb? I can’t think of a more helpful perspective or way to approach the film for this top 25. Gratefully, Brian P.S. I wanted to send this as an individual message but I couldn't get that A and F function to work.
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