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  1. Never been a fan, myself, although I have enjoyed Philip Glass. Modern choreographers seem to love his stuff. Probably not the same thing, though. However, this past Christmas I heard this crazy techno/electronic-esque cover of _Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy_. As someone who lights any where from 2-6 different Nutcrackers a year from pretty much Thanksgiving through New Years, I can't tell you how much this tickled me. I want the recording, but I can't find it. None of this is probably what you're talking about, but it was what came to mind. Joe
  2. Sorry, I tried to draw a similarity and connection there. Apparently I didn't draw the line very clearly. Joe
  3. Boy I can't remember when this discussion hasn't been taking place. Read Charlie Peacock's _At the Crossroads_. Go back further when Amy Grant first released a "secular" album. Find interviews with people like Michael W. Smith, P.O.D., Larry Norman, Glenn Kaiser, Andrae Crouch you name it. I know it may not seem the same, but it is. I've got piles of interviews and articles about this stuff as far back as, well, way back. The music business is a business. There is no escaping it. Whenever someone puts a price on something and tries to sell it, the thought process of how to to sell the product
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