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  1. no, not a stephen sommers film, not a dream, not a carlin skit. :-) definitly not a christian film, in fact clearly blasphemic due to the portrayal of jesus, perhaps also an attack on the people who considered AIDS to be godspunishment against homosexuality. in several ways it makes me think about the beginning of the book of job.
  2. Warning! Certain aspects of this post may be experienced as tasteless and or blasphemic. Hi, this is a film I saw about 20 years ago, just when AIDS started. Basically the plot went like this: Satan approaches God with a devilish plan: since people enjoy sex they fornicate, which is a sin, hence Satan will invent some kind of VD as a punishment and deterant for sinners already in this world. God is a bit displeased by Satans invention however - the woman representing the VD is very beautiful. In this film Jesus is basically portrayed as retarded. There are also some hens on the stage. Does anyone know the name of this film? Thanks Thomas
  3. hehehe :-) No, what I meant was any other good songs about Jesus and stuff like that, which are of the same high quality as velvets song. /Thomas
  4. I really, really like this song. It goes like this: Jesus, help me find my proper place Jesus, help me find my proper place Help me in my weakness ' Cos I'm falling out of grace Jesus Jesus and it matches the style of Velvet perfectly. Anyone else know any other good songs? /Thomas
  5. I have walked out of at least two films. Blue Velvet. First time I saw it the zooming in on the ear almost gave me a panic attack - and then I spent the rest of the time before leaving waiting for a particular torture scene someone had told me would be in the film. After a while I just decided that this isn't any fun, so what is the point, and left. Since I have seen Blue Velvet several times. It turned out the torture scene didn't even exist. And it is now definitely on my top 200 list. I also walked out on 1900 because I got very irritated for some obscure reason which now elude me. THis is also a film I have watched and enjoyed in it's entirety later.
  6. Sorry to be a nitpicking bastard, but actually it is listed: BTW I heard that Wallace actually converted from being an antichristian to becoming saved during his work with this book. Or perhaps it was the director of the movie. Anyone know abut this? /Thomas
  7. Hi, From time to time I have wanted to have a list of all the novels about jesus ever written. I have been unable to come up with such a thing. The best one I have found so far is the following - unofortunately it is in german: http://www.hist-rom.de/themen/jesus.html Like I write in my blog the following works are missing from that bibliography: Ken Russels Mike and Gabys Space Gospel, Michail Bulgakovs Master and Margarita, G
  8. Thomas Anderson

    The Story of Film

    Ooouuuh! 107, only! I am obviously out of my league in this thread. EDIT: and only 152 on the second round. This test is obviously faulty. /Thomas
  9. I just watched Prophecy 4, the uprising. It basically goes like this - Revelations is not really finished, but is being written by God while we are watching the movie. This looks real nice when one sees the book Lexicon (where the text happens to be revealed) where one sees the letters appear like black fire on white. Ok, anyways, so Belial has made an independance move from Satan in this part of the series angelic intrigues, and they are sort of fighting to get hold of the FINAL version of the apocalypse. What struck me as I was watching this movie is how the artists behind it are sort of rewriting the current theological landscape in a way not at all dissimilar from the way John from Pathmos rewrote it in his day - and although the movie will hardly be incorporated in any canon, it, along with music videos, all the other religous movies (everything from dracula 2000 (with Judas as Dracula!) omen and the exorcist to bless The child, stigmata and Das Jesusvideo) are rewriting the contemporary religous landscape and are slowly shaping the common imagination. /Thomas
  10. @Peter - Thanks for the great reference. (Considering shelling out the3 dollars to get the entire book) St. Martin de Porres makes a lot more sense than Jesus in the context of the rest of the video. /Thomas
  11. Thank you for the excellent tips Dan. I love Internet - I have already been able to watch three ofthose (still have to download REM) I was a bit shocked by madonnas video or rather by some commentaries I head about it: that it contains a sexual intercourse between Madonna and Jesus. In the version I saw this MAY be the case - was that part of what the outrage was about? /Thomas
  12. Hello, I am a newbie on these forums, so forgive me if this should be placed in one of the other subforums. One of my main interests is the depiction of Jesus (and the church and christianity) in pop culture. One area of this which I have not explored at all is the music videos. So: Anyone know any good resource for getting to know about depcitions of Jesus in music videos? Thanks Thomas
  13. Ooops, it turns out that the danish version, which I recieved and read today, is actually a translation from english; the language Dreyer wrote his script in. Anyway, I still think I can post a minireview of it. In one word: it is boooring! I am so disappoiinted - No interesting plot twists. No interesting characterization. It is more or less an ordinary run of the mill sunday school christ - like a mixture between the synoptic and the johannine (with john having priority) - an all knowing dude, pretty conforming to christian dogma. The portrait of jewish roman relationship is explicitly based on danish german relationships during the ww2. I don't know - sometimes a poor script makes a great film - and who knows what a genious like dreyer could had made of this - but just for reading ... this script wasn't worth getting. /Thomas
  14. @ theoddone no problem - by luck I found a danish version of the script much cheaper, and am now ordering :-) (DREYER, CARL TH.: Jesus fra Nazareth. Et filmmanuskript. Gyldendals Forlag, 1968. ) /Thomas
  15. To me seeing the return of the sith has been a revelation and a recontextualisation of all the other films. Previously I found the updated versions of 4,5 and 6 to be much worse than the originals, now however it is obvious that the updated versions work better within the series. Now the series makes me think of other series with an enormous mixture of superhigh quality mixed with tackiness; like Buffy. Another thing which now becomes brilliantly clear is the originally intended subtitle to follow "Star Wars": the adventures of R2D2 the astrodroid - because that little short cylinder with a semispherical end is like the character who stumbles into the center of events again and again - and often saves the day. Like many b-series star wars also borrows heavily from greek shows the theme of the unrecognized relative is familiar from odyssevs and euripides plays. There are also a number of themes familiar from the bible - Anakin being of virgin birth, the living obi wan - after his death, and even some quotes like the one I have to paraphrase: those who are not with me are against me. (Is that luke, somewhere, or where is that?) Basically I have to say that this new prequel has put the entire series in a whole new perspective for me. It is all intended to be - on the surface a rather ligthweight Flash Gordon and his pals saves the universe again and again and again with plenty of slapstick and a chronology only possible by having a robotic main character whose lifespan lasts several humanlives ... and then beneath the surface the injection of the depth that came from studying the universal hero motif as imagined by Joseph Campbell and the Jedi and Sith disciplines which makes one wonder just how much george lucas knows of zen, tai chi and the left hand path. I think I would recommend to anyone to just forget having seen the movies and start seeing them as if one were 12 and see them in the right order. I envy the kids who get to do that for real. /Thomas
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