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    Current favorite is The Moon is Down by John Steinbeck and The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde.

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  1. Gun


    May I point out that my given name is Gun... and that it's an actual, although uncommon, name where I come from! This is so much fun!
  2. I was waiting for that. It really surprised me that it hadn't been done earlier in the day. lol.
  3. Thanks for the comments on 3D vs. 2D. This will be very helpful if I get a chance to see the movie between finals and internship. I'm also VERY happy to hear Caspian dropped the accent. I didn't think it was a bad idea to have it, but I'm thinking it will be less distracting if he doesn't have it.
  4. I don't understand how number of flights would have anything at all to do with it or constitute some kind of valid argument why they don't want to use a method that apparently works really well (The Israel Airlines/El Al method). Are they suggesting that there is a limited number of employees regardless of the number of customers? Bigger company with more flights=more customers > more income, More income > can hire more people to serve. Yes?
  5. I saw a church preview-a-thon (non-final-cut) last week and will be catching the final cut tonight. How was the not-final-cut?
  6. Hahahaha indeed. I'm so upset at the acting in this clip though. Such great opportunities missed! *oh, Caspian, I didn't know you were out for a swim in these waters, what have you been up to?* as opposed to something more like *CASPIAN - of all people from another world -- YOU save me when I'm about to drown in a sudden ocean!!!* Ah well. Maybe it'll grow on me as I watch it in its entirety the day it opens, after standing in line since yesterday...
  7. Gun

    Dark Moon

    Additional manned moon missions, huh? Definitely sounds to me like it's got potential at the box office.
  8. Yeah... scaaaaawyyy indeed...
  9. Gun

    Things kids say

    That is sooo awesome!
  10. Gun


    Thanks for the list!!
  11. I (finally) just saw The Social Network. Probably worth a spot on the list. The main thing I have against it is I would have wanted to see in his (the network creator) performance that he was overcompensating for some great emotional pain when he was so hard to get through to. That would have made him a bit more likeable as a main character too. The way he played it was almost like he was autistic, which was interesting, too, though.
  12. He also played identical twins in Adaptation. I suppose he's the one to pull it off then
  13. Or Dark Knight 2: Dark Nighter. Er...Darker Night? lol...
  14. That's actually a great essay on the films by Steven D. Boyer. Thanks for posting it, Beth. The discussion and worries that Boyer has with the films so far are precisely the things C.S. Lewis fans need to be discussing and advocating. If Michael Apted is going to do things at all differently from Andrew Adamson, trying to stay closer to Lewis's vision for the Narnia stories is exactly the direction he needs to go (this means more Aslan, less caving to modern trends, and less worrying about being too overtly Christian). The more I think about this, the less I like Adamson still even being attached as a producer. The main reason for hope being that they removed Adamson as director for a reason (besides the fact that I easily prefer an HBO's Rome / Amazing Grace director to a Shrek director). The part of Boyer's article that makes you cringe is just the contrast in the dialogue between book and film - It seems like such a big difference. Then also - I think this is the main issue for me too - they have made the characters different by choosing different actions and dialogue. I love the new Reepicheep though. Quite the costume upgrade compared to the TV version from my childhood...
  15. I'm not sure. I'd like to think that Nolan and company have concocted a rousing, triumphant finale that brings Nolan's take on the Batman legend to a perfect ending, but it's not an easy task. Oh, but I REALLY want them to pull it off! I need closure!
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