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    Favorite Board Games

    I had kind of wondered if board games might not be one of the more ideal niches for Kickstarter,
  2. metalfoot

    The Alpha CD Project

    I'm now finishing up The Prayer Chain, or approximately 65% through the CDs. It's been an interesting trip, and only a dozen or so CDs have hit the 'pitch' pile so far.
  3. metalfoot

    The Alpha CD Project

    If any of you follow me on Twitter (and why would you?! @alexklages) you will have noticed an occasional hashtag that goes as follows: #AlphaCDListenThru When I got married 7 years ago, my wife and I combined our then-somewhat-substantial CD collections into a great big CD collection, of over 1000 CDs. This makes for a lot of listening. And in a fit of dire madness, I made a vow to myself that I would not buy any more CDs (or music, in general) until I had listened through Every. Last. CD. I need from you, dear friends, either (a) encouragement to go on (currently at Canadian Brass, having listened through Caedmon's Call) or ( a sternly worded rebuke. Either way... it's been interesting listening to those CDs at the margins of the collection that I haven't sold off or pitched. And it's been very good listening to old favourites and seeing how and if they still stand up. Thanks for reading...
  4. metalfoot

    Orson Scott Card

    Of course, the religious overtones in Card's writings stem from his devout Mormon faith; he is a direct descendant of Brigham Young. I quite like Ender's Game, and, and I know everyone here will think this dumb or bizarre, but his "Learning How To Program Computer Games" series of articles in the old Ahoy! Magazine (for Commodore VIC20/64) was brilliant.
  5. metalfoot

    Coldplay - Mylo Xyloto

    Huh. I never liked Coldplay and it doesn't sound like I'm about to start...
  6. metalfoot

    Happy 20th Anniversary to These Rarely Mentioned 1991 Albums

    1991 = Kalhoun, Chagall Guevara, and, of course, Garth Brooks- Ropin' The Wind. In fact, at that time, Garth was the big one in my life; CG and DA would come later.
  7. metalfoot


    My big dislike of cassettes was not the tape hiss, but rather the tape getting chewed, or broken, or just deciding it wanted to stick together, and the tape not running at proper speed because of resistance... I think I'll stick with LPs and CDs.
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    Hey, I'm probably in again this year. Still haven't edited last year's 'work' but it did hit 50K.
  9. metalfoot

    Violet Burning/Prayer Chain

    If anyone wants to take a couple Michael Knott/LSU CDs off my hands, they're yours for the asking... I'll have to go double-check which they are, but Knott is *very* hit-or-miss for me. But I'm curious as to the Humb album; it looks like a couple of those 'new' tracks were on the Antarctica disc that Brainstorm put out after the Prayer Chain was no more...
  10. metalfoot

    A&F Bandwidth Issues: UPDATE 11/22

    Heh. I would never worry about you running out of stuff to post, Peter... at least from knowing you from various email lists and such since 1996 or so.
  11. metalfoot

    Fantasy Football 09 (now 2013)

    For the record, my 2-0 start is totally incompatible with my usual FF style. I'll try to lose some games soon.
  12. metalfoot

    Clerical mysteries

    I'm interested in the thread; I just have no suggestions to add.
  13. Joseph Fiennes in the loosely biographical Luther does a pretty good job in the title role.
  14. metalfoot


    I do like Luxury. No, they aren't still together, if I recall correctly; I think Health and Sport was their kind of send-off as a band. But their albums are very good indie rock, hints of Radiohead and the Smiths and that sort of thing...
  15. metalfoot

    Not tuna

    Tuna comes in steaks? (My rural Canadian roots are showing)
  16. metalfoot


    I like prepared tuna in a tomato and basil sauce. Usually 99c a tin here in Canada.
  17. Phineas and Ferb is a movie now? *sigh*
  18. metalfoot

    Sesame Street

    Nope. I was looking for a Blue's Clues thread and this was the closest I came. Sorry to disappoint you Peter!
  19. metalfoot

    Crap film, but check out the locations...!

    To lighten the tone a little, apparently there's ANOTHER Beethoven sequel in the offing... or so say my friends whose house was being used as an exterior location a few months ago.
  20. metalfoot

    Sesame Street

    Blue's Clues is a great show; my kids would much rather watch it than Sesame Street. More interaction with kids, and the theme and thrust of the show is creative problem solving. Steve is the better host; his replacement Joe just isn't as natural.
  21. metalfoot

    Alice in Wonderland (2010)

    What movies have successfully combined story and spectacle?
  22. metalfoot

    Achtung Baby

    You're suggesting this is about the money machine and not about artistic integrity and faithfulness to their original vision? I'm shocked! (Tongue firmly in cheek)
  23. metalfoot

    Short Circuit

    Number Johnny Five!
  24. metalfoot

    Forum hiccups?

    Jason: I've also been getting occasional site issues.
  25. metalfoot

    So I Got on All Songs Considered

    John Samson... taking self-deprecating sadness to new lows. One of the Weakerthans biggest hits up here in Manitoba is their song "One Fine City" with its chorus of "I hate Winnipeg". But getting back on topic, hoping for the best for you, Lauren!