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  1. I had noticed that. All the best on your journey!
  2. Must say I'm mildly amused, given my massive post count and all, to be invoked in MDP's history of this place.
  3. My wife is still at it, though with two rugrats she doesn't get much time anymore. Her most recent project is an illustrated children's hymnal (Lutheran tradition). You can see more of it here: Lulu Press: Hosanna Loud Hosanna
  4. What the smurf were they thinking when they green-lit this idea for a film? That's all I want to know.
  5. PTC: Think pent-up demand; and then they all saw it right away. I don't imagine there will be a long trailing edge, either; it's part 8 of a series, so you're likely watching it to conclude the series. As my mother-in-law noted, if you didn't see part 1--- let alone the rest of the series--- the movie doesn't make much sense.
  6. Mostly through Michael Card now... forgetting to tweet... oh well. Thanks for the nod of encouragement!
  7. Hope this isn't too presumptuous of me, but I've joined your league.
  8. I thought Mick Jagger and David Bowie's duet of Dancing in the Streets, while logical in some ways, was an odd musical pairing insofaras their voices DO NOT combine. The net effect is quite jarring, to my ears, anyway.
  9. If any of you follow me on Twitter (and why would you?! @alexklages) you will have noticed an occasional hashtag that goes as follows: #AlphaCDListenThru When I got married 7 years ago, my wife and I combined our then-somewhat-substantial CD collections into a great big CD collection, of over 1000 CDs. This makes for a lot of listening. And in a fit of dire madness, I made a vow to myself that I would not buy any more CDs (or music, in general) until I had listened through Every. Last. CD. I need from you, dear friends, either (a) encouragement to go on (currently at Canadian Brass, having listened through Caedmon's Call) or ( a sternly worded rebuke. Either way... it's been interesting listening to those CDs at the margins of the collection that I haven't sold off or pitched. And it's been very good listening to old favourites and seeing how and if they still stand up. Thanks for reading...
  10. In general, having now watched through the entire series of films, I would say that DH1&2 --as a unit-- are a satisfying movie, but neither, on its own, stands well. What I liked best of DH2 was Snape's memoirs, which made me cry. I too wish that there were a little more clarity/closure at the end of the film, and it seems to me that the films work better if you have read the books to fill in what can feel otherwise like plot gaps. I'll go back to silent lurking now. I feel hugely underqualified talking about movies, anyway.
  11. You can still get the "Infallible Proof" tract from Camping's Web site. It was free, and now it's 50 percent off. The only thing Camping has infallibly proved is that a civil engineering background is no basis for a career in hermeneutics. I hear Texas Instruments will add a warning label to its products: NOT RECOMMENDED FOR EXEGESIS. That's awesome. And I say that as someone holding both a BSc in mathematics and an MDiv with exegetical specialisation.
  12. Fair enough. Busted hermeneutical keys will do that to you.
  13. One does wish that Camping's followers knew enough Scripture to cotton on that the guy is a religious quack.
  14. The mathematical odds are strongly against the Wings, but momentum is hugely in their favour!
  15. Wow. If I had known there was a hockey discussion board hidden in here, maybe I'd have stopped in here more often than I have lately. A true Canadian as I am, I live/breathe hockey. Having said that, disappointing year for my Senators. Hoping the new goalie (Anderson) rights the ship that way. Impressed by the rapid demise of the Capitals. Impressed also by the Canucks still winning even with the Sedins pulling a disappearing act of Doug Henning calibre. Watching with bated breath to see if the Thrashers or Coyotes will end up in Winnipeg this fall; if so, I'll have to buy tickets for their game against the Sens.
  16. I'm actually on pace to finish early this year, which is a nice change. I have my wife on board as well, so we spur each other on to new heights (or lows, depending on perspective).
  17. Oh dear. That interview is just too much. I love Sufjan even more now and it pains me to have to stay away from this record because of my own lameness. (In the interest of full disclosure, what he has to say about the Eucharist is not too distant from the Lutheran view of it... and being a Lutheran pastor... yeah. Just sayin'.)
  18. The snarky side of me wants them to pack that slip in Bibles as well, but that snark is unfair and unkind. I will say, however, that the last time my wife and I were in a Lifeway, we noted that the only stuff we ourselves found interesting and worthy were the Bibles and the stuff on blowout clearance... because it's not appealing to their niche market, apparently.
  19. I know. Still a dealbreaker for me. (Lame, I know, but that's me.)
  20. Here I will prove just what a lamer I am--- I like the idea of the experimentalism and such, but the f-bomb thing ruins it for me, as it makes it an album I couldn't play with my kids in the room. So there you have it. It probably won't end up here. Maybe back in my pre-kiddy days I would have bought the album, but yeah. Limited resources and impressionable toddlers have massively changed my listening styles and preferences... (anyone want some used but good condition metal CDs? ) To clarify: I'm not meaning to accuse Sufjan or anyone of anything. Just my standards, rightly or wrongly, for what I'll listen to, have changed, largely due to having munchkins underfoot. And I genuinely appreciate knowing that Sufjan has used salty language, as it simply makes my purchasing decision easier. That's all.
  21. I guess I must admit his singing style puts me off, especially since, being in Canada and all, occasionally a song of his becomes a radio single and... yeah. He's just not a radio single kind of guy. Having said that, the Jennifer Warnes album of Cohen covers still didn't do much for me, so I guess it's just my problem.
  22. metalfoot

    Toy Story 3

    We tend to rent movies/buy DVDs. Much cheaper.
  23. Please, and I'm dead serious, enlighten me as to what the appeal is with Leonard Cohen?
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