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  1. Oh, I know. It must be noted that this same uncle has tons of Zep, Kraftwerk, the Clash, etc, so I think it was said tongue-in-cheek. I honestly believe everyone has their own ideas of what were the halcyon days for music and their answers will come out differently.
  2. I think for music actually recorded/released in the 70s, Zep would have to be up there. One of my more-musically-aware uncles was fond of saying that for the most part, the 70s were a musical wasteland. Disco. ABBA. What else do you need to know? Nick: Point well taken, but if you could hide "Photographs" and "It Don't Come Easy" somewhere on the second side of an LP, they'd not be nearly so annoying as they were as overplayed radio singles.
  3. Found my teaching notes; they're not terribly elaborate (which I thought I remembered) but there was a couple little notes which I think might be a little useful to you. Here goes: 1. Edom as the epitome of "what could have been" for Israel (remember the lineage of Edom is that they are the tribe of Esau; whatever happens to Edom could have happened to Israel and vice versa, if it hadn't been for Rebekah and Jacob's trickery). Maybe an extended history of Edom is worth investigating to set up this book. 2. Verses 11-14 are an interesting hook into our modern Western culture and how we enjoy kicking those who are down (cf. media frenzy over Michael Jackson's death). 3. There is the note of universal judgment to which the particular judgment refers, which also carries along with it the hope of eventual restoration. (I'll leave the eschatology up to you to work out in your own particular bent) Not sure there's 2 1/2 hrs in that, but it was enough for a 1 hr Bible Study teaching session for me a couple years back.
  4. Taking Paul, John, and George's solo albums of the 70s and combining the best of them together, yes. Easily.
  5. The beginning of Twas in the Moon of Wintertime evokes, among other things, Right Now by Van Halen. Which is to say that I love it. Did I mention the time Kelly and I sang an interweaved version of Twas in the Moon with God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen? Fun times... Was there a little squeaky feedback toward the end of that tune or is it just my crappy speakers? Love the Benedictus Agnus Dei. Very Sufjan of you. (Some time I'll have to scrape together some spare change and commission you to write a piece for me, Dale...)
  6. I'll dig out my teaching notes from when I did a Bible Study on Obadiah and get back to you on it. As I recall, however, it's a very concise example of what prophecy in the Old Testament was all about--- judgment for the enemies of God and blessings for those who love Him.
  7. There you go; the star power of Marvel Comics with the technical wizardry of Pixar. That sounds good.
  8. I still love you, even if I didn't 'like' the song the first time. As I said, I got it, I'll be getting the disk, you can't hardly expect me to be quiet about my opinions! I'm not some quiet, unassuming, polite Canuck! Not me! No! I am bold, and brash, and the Best Canadian Ever. Or not. Whatever. (I liked it a bit better the second time through.) -Alex
  9. We should shell out $8.99 because we love Dale. No other reason. I love Dale. He came to my wedding.
  10. What I am saying is that my wife has authorized me to preorder one, anyway, because I made amends with the beauteous Holly and the Ivy arrangement you posted to Twitter. Will do that after I gets paid later this week.
  11. Have to be honest; I appreciate what you did with the tune there but I'm not sure I like it. My dearly beloved bride looked at me as if to say, "What are you listening to?"
  12. I had a whole bunch of CYOA novels when I was a kid... I need to reread Great Expectations now, though.
  13. My appropriately named team, "LastPlaceGuaranteed" has now entered your league to be mocked, scorned, and spit upon.
  14. Yeah, Pip and Estella hooking up ruins the ending, but it's what the paying public longed to see in the mid 1800s.
  15. Stacey's Mom has got it goin' on... easily one of the best little pop tunes in the last 10 years.
  16. Yeah. Kind of a confusing exercise, but with the "death of the album" ... maybe this will be all we get in the future.
  17. metalfoot

    Jesus of Nazareth

    If anything, I thought Jesus of Nazareth was a reasonably reverent film. True that it doesn't go to any extremes with regards to the divinity or humanity of Christ.
  18. metalfoot


    So everyone knows, the DVD in question has now been given away. I like the idea in general; I'll hunt around and see if there are any other discs floating around here that will never be watched again.
  19. I hate abridged novels, but Les Miserables is the exception to the rule. It's the one novel that I think should be abridged. The section on the sewer system nearly did me in. I have to agree with you, except that Hugo, in my opinion, has this way of doing it that reminds me of a slightly drunk uncle, who's clearly excited but also just not quite with it. I got a hoot out of his side stories; Dickens, not so much.
  20. All Things Bright and Beautiful , "A Happiness". Anyway, side project of Lee Bozeman of Luxury. Great album, and again, the f-bomb is the only word which fits the mood, meter, and tone of the song.
  21. Dale, I utterly lost the script to [sic]... could you resend it and we can try again?
  22. I appreciate your honesty. I've never heard such from a Canadian before on this topic. OTOH, Tim himself was in fact a great Canadian icon as a defenseman for the 'Leafs way back when. I understand that he died before his time, so to speak, while getting the company off the ground after his hockey career. Actually, Tim was still active in his hockey career when he died in a car accident on Feb 21 1974. But yeah, Tim's coffee is nothing to write home about. Their cream is essential to making it taste good--the coffee is pretty much optimized to taste best as a 'double-double' (2 cream, 2 sugar). Even the baked goods aren't what they once were. Time was that each location baked their own goods on site from mix; now the goods are premade, frozen, and just heated up locally. Having said that, Tim's is a Canadian institution in the way that McDonalds is in the states--- nothing spectacular, but you know exactly what you'll be getting, wherever you go.
  23. A few that I like: Duvel (Belgian beer) Guinness Pretty much anything by Half Pints Brewing Co but especially their Humulus Ludicrous. Pretty much anything by Alexander Keith's, but the IPA and the White are very good.
  24. I don't know, I think Radiohead really hit their peak with The Bends and OK Computer; Kid A and Amnesiac were OK, Hail to the Thief is where I stopped listening. So for me you could fill that blank with a lot of different names and I'd find it more exciting. The Miscellaneous --- now that would get me excited... but I think those days are long over for Stef and co.
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