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  1. Oh, this is most excellent news! Big Sixpence fans in this house.
  2. I'm also looking forward to the return of hockey... although I'm sure that the lack of hockey helped make my first year of marriage a lot smoother
  3. OK OK... I was a *vicar* in BC, and on the island, to be specific. Anyway, yes, I should introduce myself formally, but there's another, better topic to do that in, and in that topic I will formally explain my s/n as well. So yeah. -Pastor Alex Klages Trinity Lutheran, Winkler/Zion Lutheran, Morden MB
  4. True, although I did drop the ball on [sic] since I got busy with moving and becoming a pastor and all that jazz. Oh well. Maybe I'll exhume my 3/4 finished translation, finish it, and give you my best stab at my part in that film. -Alex
  5. I'm eagerly anticipating seeing this film and wondering just *how* wooden my performance comes off. I tried to make it more... you know... natural than a mere reading, but I suppose I'll find that out soon enough. Assuming M. Dale *did* send me my copy, that is -m
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