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    Greatest movies of All Time #1. The Passion of The Christ 3he Sevinth Seal
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    Favorite musicians: Lester Young, Charles Mingus, and Miles Davis, (could be a lot longer but that's the top three.) as far as styles i enjoy classic jazz and Jazz in genral
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    Faviourte Books: The Divine Comedy, The Stanerd works of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterdy Saints, My Utmost for His Highist, Favorite Authours: Dostoyevsky, Mevilie and Dante
  • Favorite visual art
    Mark Rothko, Jackson Polick Gustave Klee, Pablo Picassio and Fredia Khalo

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  1. nice work intresting pick becuse St Simeon Stylites is my patron saint by birth actuilly small world is it not.
  2. Bach's St. Matthew Passion it's the most buietfull represintation of Christ's suffering death and resurection.
  3. Man that's preaty mean spirited but thean again Maher has alawys been a litile mean spirited if the acusations of his supoused misgoney are to be used as an example.
  4. Just heard the single off of his web site it is preaty good makes me wonder what the entire album will sound like.
  5. I would rather read the book it is a book so it is designed to be read not made in to a movie and watched.
  6. O.k fine but some times to just be blunt isbest i dont want to sit here and get in some long drawen out descuson over the asthetich value of a film some movies are just offensive period. ← I understand how it could be offensive, but I think discussion can draw out(I know Ive made initial bad judgements on this until I discussed them with others) whether the filmmaker was actually being offensive or that he made a movie that happened to have offensive aspects in them. Where this movie fits is obviously up to you, and communicating why could create some great dialogue. ← Well come on the adultury with the main charchters wife the drug abuse the voyerism come on this isnt something that can just be swept under the rug of oh it's relistic and i have a right to be artistic a good example of this weould be i apolgize for getting off subject but the mvie the piano teacher that is one of the worst movies from a moral prespective ever made period.
  7. O.k fine but some times to just be blunt isbest i dont want to sit here and get in some long drawen out descuson over the asthetich value of a film some movies are just offensive period.
  8. Well he is batized now i would like to know what this new music of his sounds like whean he records some of it as i said before good for him and i hope he grows in his faith.
  9. Frida KAhlo is one of my faviourte artestetss of all time i had a friend in high school who even wore a small self portrit of Kahlo around her neck like a relgious icon or medal what i like is the raw emotinalism of her art work it has an aresting lyrcism to it that just leaves me breathless what are yoru views postive or negtive on her art work.
  10. I dont hate Kinkade's art work the one thing i dont like is did anybodey catch that 60 minutes interview where he slammed Picassio that is probilly the main reason i dont like him that and the whole image looks so contrived and sachrine but the guy sells so who am i to judge i dont really like it and it's not my cup of tea but if he likes it go for it.
  11. I am curentlly reading The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ by Anne Catherine Emmerich (i am not catholic i am actuilly a member of the LDS chruch) and i find this book to be very up lifting and eddfiing i would like to know has anyone else here read it and what did they think about it.
  12. The movie saved wasent all that sublte in it's atack on christianity but it was very anti- christian
  13. Al Pichno the guy is just too much of a hamm bone actor he just goes on and on.
  14. Aaron

    The Village

    Shyamalan's a hack who does not deserve any of the kudos he is getting.
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