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    Film, Music, nature, hiking. I play the drums and some guitar, and have been drawing cartoons for over 20 years.

    I also have a deep interest in experiencing, and comprehending God, and believe that one of the ways to do this is through the arts. This is a thing that Christianity has sometimes lost sight of .

    This interest often leads to a theological quest.

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  1. Attica

    Goodbye. Have a good one.

    Just to clarify. My issues were never primarily political. Rather they were primarily that people's political bents and consequent interactions with what has progressively become an obviously corrupt media (at least certain factions of it - and a lot of people have come awake to this), was (and is) serving to blind them to seeing certain spiritual and earthly realities. Anger is often the result of grief.
  2. See my apology in the short parking section. I shouldn't have decided to walk away from this community. People should be able to follow any interests and political pursuits they chose (within reason of course) without fear of rejection.
  3. Attica

    Goodbye. Have a good one.

    Okay. I've calmed down a bit. I apologize for my idea of walking away from this community. People should be able to pursue whatever interests or political concerns they wish without fear of rejection. I was wrong in that.
  4. I'm leaving Artsandfaith. I am horrified by how many people here are treating the American election. Some of you are jumping all over "accusations" (some of which have been proven false) against Trump when you have been writing off "accusations" against Clinton of rape as a "conspiracy theory" (when they are saying that Hillary help cover it up). I am very angry about this kind of behaviour. (for the sake of fairness not everyone who has made the accusations against Trump has made the claim of "conspiracy theory", but some have. While I'm at it, can some of you please explain to me how Hillary could have "stumbled" to the SUV AFTER they say that she had "fainted". That's one helluva trick. I'm also wondering how someone can "stumble" to a SUV, when their f*cking feet are dragging behind them? N Booth, perhaps you can explain to me why it is a "conspiracy theory" to say that someone is being dragged to an SUV (and not stumbling) when their f*cking feet are dragging behind them as can CLEARLY be seen in the video.? WAKE UP. The mainstream media is corrupted, almost completely in the can for Hillary, and they have basically even admitted it (spinning it that they are fighting against the so called "evils" of Trump, when it is their job to inform you and let YOU decide.) This bloody well Orwellian. Anybody who can't see what is going on by this point, is a fool. I've been pointing it out for months, and some of you have mocked me for it. Trump is a flawed person, but not nearly as bad as some of you are seeing him as being. Look outside of the mainstream media... see what people are saying. Misunderstandings, spin in the media, and a good dose of demonic influences are working to make him out as being 12 times worse than he is for some. The real threat to America is Hillary. This is one of the biggest threat that your nation has ever had in my opinion. Please look into what is being said, and quit writing these people off as nut bars. I pray that God will open your eyes. Have a good one.
  5. I'm leaving Artsandfaith and won't be taking part in this discussion any longer. Enjoy the film.
  6. Yeah, they did a lot of neat tricks with him. The part of him jumping out the window the way it did was fantastic. Goofy, funny, yet also entirely creepy. Yeah there was so much going on there.
  7. Right. They also manage to make the character frightening, but then at times kind of like able, quirky, and fun. His singing in the apartment comes to mind, he was having a great time. My favourite scene with him was the scene where he got slapped. Such fine acting. I had to rewind it several times. Welcome. Remember, this was made under communism. I'm surprised that it had what it did. I think it could have been integrated further in the sense that connecting the dots of the connection between those variety of things might be a leap for some. Not sure if that would have made a film which can be too obvious in places, too much more obvious. Yeah, that really showed different sensibilities. The same with their choices of the music that went along with the humour. That field and song scene was one of the "weird" parts I had mentioned. But really, what a neat scene, he was so weird and goofy, but at the same time and partially because how this was handled, the character came across as so unnerving.
  8. Attica

    Star Wars: Rogue One

    IMO Suicide Squad wasn't too "light", so far as that goes. My biggest complaint is that the middle section started to drone on with basically the same unchanging story, and then started to become garbled when it jump from scene to scene with no apparent rhyme or reason. I found myself wondering if I had phased out and missed some transitional shots, but then I realize that I hadn't, it just kind of jumped there. That's almost certainly in part to do with the reshoots. But it's also almost certainly to do with a lack of editorial control in piecing them together. Or maybe they just didn't realize that they would need to reshoot any needed transitional shots. It almost certainly comes from straying from the original script's roadmap. Surely this film will be able to avoid some of these problems.
  9. I'm re-watching it in sections.
  10. I'm pretty sure it does. Although I think it's fairly clear that there are other aspects to the character which are a bit hazy to us. Oh, yes. It is great. The ideas surrounding it are fantastic. I love that this part of the film gives such an interwoven commentary on science, faith, the arts, communism, culture, history. etc. So much of which is depicted in those images. When I think about it, it's pretty much all there. There also might be little bit of a 1950's type sci-fi/horror flick thrown into the mix. There's a lot to dig. You might not have made it into the more surreal (and weird) stuff yet. There's some great cinematography coming up.
  11. Attica

    Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015)

    I'd like to know the extent to which it is done.
  12. Our interaction with "the world" really is a tricky thing. I happen to think that some things in the world and secular culture can be of benefit and can speak to us, and even correct us, but other things.... not so much. I've always been a big advocate of engaging culture with intentional discernment, but it seems that some people have more of an ability to be discerning than others. I can also see why, at least a times, some would want to quit worrying about discerning things all of the time, to just give it a rest. To be honest, last night when I read through the thread I was a little baffled with the idea of being driven out of the church because of the cultural wars. This just hasn't been my experience. I mean I've been plenty annoyed by the lack of understanding often found in regards to the arts, but I think that is a slightly different thing (although this lack of understanding could have roots in the cultural wars). Then upon further reflection I came to thinking that what is going on is probably coming from a difference between the American church and the Canadian church, where the "cultural wars" don't seem to be as prominent or intense. Over the years I just haven't heard as much of a squabble about these things. Maybe Peter or other Canadians here are more aware of something that I may have missed????
  13. Attica

    Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015)

    Seems to me that he was practical effects with some CGI tweeking.