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  1. I saw Serenity when it was first in theatres and loved it. I subsequently bought the series and enjoyed those to. I really do need to re-watch the series because I've forgotten a lot of it but it had plenty of quotable quotes, a terrific atmosphere and chemistry between the cast/characters. There are very few shows where you cannot tamper with any of the casting choices but Firefly is one of those shows. Plus, it had some great guest stars as well (Gregory Itzin and Christina Hendricks - twice [and she's hot!]). Oddly, one of my best friends wasn't too impressed with the film. Something's wrong with him.
  2. I've been waiting around for this film for the past few months - ever since I learned Bryan Cranston's supposedly involved. Then again, there's rumours abounding about Indiana Jones 5 so maybe George has his hands full in that project.
  3. I doubt the Penguins go far this season, but Shero's done a good job the last few days adding some players. Neal's a great young forward and Kovalev for a 7th rounder is basically acquiring a 50-60 point player for nothing.
  4. I think he would, but if he was cast (which he never would be) his Buck Rogers' would constantly be compared to Malcolm Reynolds. The same problem with Kevin Sorbo who I think might be a decent choice. I was recently thinking about who to cast if I was at the helm of the film. Frankly, I find it difficult to choose the male lead. Perhaps because I'm young and didn't live while the TV series was on, I tend to view Gil Gerard as looking middle-aged, plus, I don't think excessive chest hair is "in" nowadays? I think Buck Rogers should be portrayed by someone perhaps between age 30-42 and who has the ability to have a commanding presence while also being able to inject some humour in the scene ("Something's wrong with your Funk and Wagnall's!") a la some of the past Bond actors. I thought that Erica Durance (Smallville) might make a good Wilma. There are plenty of older actors who could slip into the role of Dr. Huer but I think it'd be really cool to get Dennis Haysbert (24) involved because he frequently appeared on the show.
  5. When I saw OTR in November I was hoping they would be part of the show but to my disappointment, no. Maybe they can be on the new Bill Mallonee album he wants to do this year! I actually just came from Starbucks and they were playing one of the new OTR songs. I forget which one, but no place ever plays the obscure music I listen to.
  6. That's true. And Buck Rogers' ship reminds me of a snowspeeder or even an A-Wing from Star Wars, although ESB came out around the same time as the show.
  7. I'm surprised Daniel Sedin is at the top of the scoring race, despite the Sedins consistently being elite players post-lockout. I'm thinking this is Vancouver's best shot in a while. They've got depth on defence (as evidenced by how the likes of Tanev, Sauve, etc.. are playing), a good offence, although Raymond could stand to elevate his game an extra notch, and two great goaltenders. I think one of the main keys of the Canucks' success last season, this season, and in the next few season, is the fact that they're finally getting young players contributing (Raymond, Hansen, Hodgson) and they will in the future if Vancouver keep drafting well (something sorely lacking from the Burke era). The young players also play on rookie contracts, which allows the Canucks some extra cap space to spend on areas they need improvement on.
  8. I just got Netflix. It's the Canadian version so it doesn't have as much but I watched Starman last night. It reminded me of an ET geared towards adults with a love story thrown in. I haven't seen The Voyage of the Dawn Treader because I haven't seen Prince Caspian so I borrowed the latter from the library today.
  9. Last July I went south to Spokane for a Bill Mallonee concert. On the way back, we stopped at a Wal-Mart and I founded the complete Buck Rogers In The 25th Century for $15. What a find! I notice with a lot of recent franchises, the development teams have tried to take the stories and characters down a gritty, dark, realistic path. The first two examples that come to mind are the Daniel Craig James Bond films and Christopher Nolan's Batman. I have nothing against this approach, in fact, both Craig's Bond and Nolan's Batman have been excellent films, particularly when one compares Batman Begins and The Dark Knight to the 90s Batman flicks. Perhaps it's just personal taste; I like non-Daniel Craig Bond films, I don't like the Keaton/Kilmer/Clooney Batman movies or the ridiculous 1980 Flash Gordon movie. But I do like the late 70s/early 80s Buck Rogers show. I like the series' weekly female guest star, I like the exaggerated fight scenes, I like the cheesy-looking special effects, I like Hieronymus Fox, I like Twiki. There isn't the same tone of seriousness that you find in the new Battlestar Galactica series, but it's just as entertaining. It's difficult for me to explain, I suppose, but I with rumours swirling of a new Buck Rogers movie and even a new Flash Gordon and even a new Glen A. Larson-helmed Battlestar Galactica, I'm hoping some studio will release a remake that doesn't have the same stern atmosphere of recent sci-fi films/series. But on to the main point of the thread, has anyone else seen, or like Buck Rogers In The 25th Century?
  10. I don't have the newest Aradhna album but I've got 4 previous CDs. As for Over The Rhine, I'm part of the camp that doesn't like the new direction they've gone over the past two albums. I haven't given The Long Surrender a thorough listen but I doubt it will be my top album (then again, I buy maybe 5-10 albums a year so it could be). I've got the new Iron & Wine and The Civil Wars but also haven't listened to either of them very much except for "Barton Hollow". Me, I'm thinking the three new Violet Burning albums will top my list.
  11. (I searched "Goyer" in this thread and nothing came up) I was looking up David Goyer on Wikipedia a few months back and noticed one of the shows he is credited with co-creating. It's called Sleepwalkers and it aired on NBC in 1997 for one season. According to Wikipedia: I never heard or watched the series but given that Goyer has worked with Nolan in the past, most notably on the Batman films, it's interesting that his show and Inception shares some basic plot elements.
  12. I was hoping for The Riddler myself ( or EGGHEAD!) so I'm a bit disappointed by Bane and Selina Kyle but I have faith Nolan will be able to do a great job finishing up his Batman trilogy.
  13. Funny, I invited my friends over on Thursday to hang out during reading break. We watched some movies and the hockey game and I got to use my free trial of Netflix. We watched Taken which everyone really liked. It was the second time I'd seen it. Despite his comments regarding Aslan which annoyed me, Liam Neeson is still one of my favourite actors. The next day one of those friends and I saw Unknown. I enjoyed the film too and it was very good, but I prefer Taken. The cast in Unknown was great; I've seen Downfall but I didn't realize that Bruno Ganz had portrayed Hitler in that film. Frank Langella looked very familiar but I'm not sure what I've seen him in. For me, the ending killed Unknown. Actually, both endings were weak, but overall I like Taken better.
  14. I've only ever caught snippets of Glee. I think I almost watched one full episode but musicals are low on my list of favourite genres. But I recognize how popular the show has become among my friends and with the broader culture (didn't it just surpass The Beatles and Elvis for most songs on the Billboard 100?). I do keep up with the latest Hollywood chatter so I was kind of surprised to hear that the show's creator wanted to add a Christian character: So they cast Kathy Griffin in the role. Great. What a joke.
  15. I just started reading Godric - a bit of a shock at the outset in terms of the style of writing but so far it's been good. I'm only about two chapters in. The only other Buechner book I read was The Hungering Dark which I enjoyed. I was especially moved by the part where he writes about war and how there are events in war that even Heaven can be proud of (he was referring to a soldier throwing himself onto a live grenade to save the rest of his platoon/squad).
  16. The film's plot reminds me of the trailer of the third Transformers before they reveal that it's about robots.
  17. (I don't think there's a thread on this or it would have probably shown up higher than the last playoffs topic) Does anyone else here follow hockey? It's really the only sport I keep up with. I'm a big Vancouver fan, although I also cheer for the Predators, Capitals and yes, even the Flames (Iginla's my favourite player). But the past few days have been filled with some pretty big trades including the most recent STL-COL deal. Anyone have any thoughts on the trades or on the season so far?
  18. I was playing New Vegas until the fall semester started. I didn't finish the game but I almost maxed out the character's levels. Just as good as its predecessor and I like the companion system a lot more.
  19. I've only seen the brief trailers for the show but AMC consistently produces quality series (although I wasn't too fond of Rubicon).
  20. I wasn't impressed overall with V last season but I thought it was much better than ABC's other sci-fi drama at the time (FlashForward) but this season has improved the series and the past two episodes in particular have been season-finale worthy in terms of excitement, action and suspense. (My friend's family used to live in Erica's house)
  21. There are some commercials by a Dutch insurance agency called Centraal Beheer which are very funny. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6I_ff_wDIc
  22. I can't think of another children's author who inspired me more than Brian Jacques. I picked up Salamandastron in grade 6 (my friend told me salamanders were in it) and I fell in love with the series. At the time, it didn't really bother me, or perhaps I didn't notice, that the books all had the same basic storyline (a quest, a riddle, poems, feasts) but I started writing my own Redwallesque stories. I think the last book I read was Rakkety Tam and there has only been about 4-5 books published since then.
  23. I've only got the Twenty Twenty compilation but I'm enjoying it. I kept noticing him on film credits (Cold Mountain, O Brother Where Art Thou?, etc...) so I decided to buy the double album. Unfortunately, it seems a lot of his albums are out of print, hard to find, or extremely expensive to purchase.
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