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  1. Given that the role I always associate Mädchen E. Amick with is Shelly Johnson on Twin Peaks, it's kind of weird now seeing her play a mother on Riverdale, another teenage mystery-drama set in a small town.
  2. January Lila - Marilynne Robinson, 4/5 Waiting on the Word - Malcolm Guite, 3/5 The Glory of Preaching: Participating in God's Transformation of the World - Darrell W. Johnson, 5/5 Whatever Happened to Worship?: A Call to True Worship - A.W. Tozer, 2/5 Understanding Jacques Ellul - Jeffrey Greenman et al., 4/5 Murder in the Cathedral - T.S. Eliot, 2/5 The Givenness of Things: Essays - Marilynne Robinson, 3.5/5 Pastoral Theology: Essentials for Ministry - Thomas C. Oden, 5/5 February An Ethic for Christians and Other Aliens in a Strange Land - William Stringfellow,3.5/5 When God Talks Back: Understanding the American Evangelical Relationship with God - T.M. Luhrmann, 4/5 Ninety-Nine Stories of God - Joy Williams, 1.5/5 Bill Bright and Campus Crusade for Christ: The Renewal of Evangelicalism in Postwar America - John G. Turner, 5/5 Preaching to a Post-Everything World: Crafting Biblical Sermons that Connect to Our Culture - Zack Eswine, 4/5 Preaching: Communicating Faith in an Age of Skepticism - Timothy Keller, 4/5 Who Killed Canadian History? - J.L. Granatstein, 4/5 March On Human Nature - Roger Scruton, 3/5 Finding Peace - Jean Vanier, 3/5 The Secular Northwest: Religion and Irreligion in Everyday Postwar Life - Tina Block, 4/5 Between the World and Me - Ta-Nehisi Coates, 2/5 Holy the Firm - Annie Dillard, 2/5 The Jesus People Movement: A Story of Spiritual Revolution Among the Hippies - Richard Bustraan, 3/5 City of Love and Revolution: Vancouver in the Sixties - Lawrence Aronsen, 3.5/5 The Benedict Option: A Strategy for Christians in a Post-Christian Nation - Rod Dreher, 4/5 The Doctrine of Repentance - Thomas Watson, 4/5 That New-Time Religion: The Jesus Revival in America - Erling Jorstad, 3/5 April Jesus People - Duane Pederson, 2/5 The Shepherding Movement: Controversy and Charismatic Ecclesiology - S. David Moore, 3.5/5 A Tale of Three Kings: A Study in Brokenness - Gene Edwards, 2/5 Martin Luther: Visionary Reformer - Scott H. Hendrix, 4/5 The New Asceticism: Sexuality, Gender, and the Quest for God - Sarah Coakley, 2/5 Christianity and the Crisis of Cultures - Pope Benedict XVI, 4/5 Understanding Gender Dysphoria: Navigating Transgender Issue in a Changing Culture - Mark A. Yarhouse, 3.5/5 Strangers in Their Own Land: Anger and Mourning on the American Right - Arlie Russell Hochschild, 4/5 The Triumph of the Therapeutic: Use of Faith After Freud - Philip Rieff, 3/5 Submission - Michel Houellebecq, 5/5 May On the Song of Songs I - Bernard of Clairvaux, 3/5 Imagining the Kingdom: How Worship Works - James K.A. Smith, 4/5 That Night - Alice McDermott, 4/5 Biblical Authority After Babel: Retrieving the Solas in the Spirit of Mere Protestant Christianity - Kevin J. Vanhoozer, 4/5 Confessions and Catechisms of the Reformation - Mark Noll, ed., 2/5 Discerning the Body: Searching For Jesus in the World - Jason Byassee, 4.25/5 Reformation and the Culture of Persuasion - Andrew Pettegree, 4/5 Inventing Authority: The Use of the Church Fathers in Reformation Debates Over the Eucharist - Esther Chung-Kim, 3/5 A Long Faithfulness: The Case for Christian Perseverance - Scot McKnight, 4/5 June The Fellowship of the Ring - J.R.R. Tolkien, 5/5 Loves Me, Loves Me Not: The Ethics of Unrequited Love - Laura Smit, 5/5 July The Change of Conversion and the Origin of Christendom - Alan Kreider, 5/5 The Essex Serpent - Sarah Perry, 5/5 Lament for a Son - Nicholas Wolterstorff, 5.5 Making All Things New: An Invitation to the Spiritual Life - Henri Nouwen, 4/5 The Crucifixion of Ministry: Surrendering Our Ambitions to the Service of Christ - Alan Purves, 2/5 Who Is Jesus? - Darrell Johnson, 4/5 The Unintended Reformation: How a Religious Revolution Secularized Society - Brad Gregory, 5/5 August Accompany Them With Singing: The Christian Funeral - Thomas G. Long, 3/5 War Against the Idols: The Reformation of Worship from Erasmus to Calvin - Carlos M.N. Eire, 4/5 Pious and Secular America - Reinhold Niebuhr, 2/5 The Myth of Religious Violence: Secular Ideology and the Roots of Modern Conflict - William T. Cavanaugh, 5/5 Open Secrets: A Memoir of Faith and Discovery - Richard Lischer, 5/5 Jesus and the Disinherited - Howard Thurman, 2/5 Twentieth Century Catholic Theologians: From Neoscholasticism to Nuptial Mysticism - Fergus Kerr, 4/5 The Scandal of the Incarnation - Irenaeus/ed. by Hans Urs Von Balthasar, 4/5 The Once and Future Liberal: After Identity Politics - Mark Lilla, 4/5 Lion Country - Frederick Buechner, 2.5/5 Hermeneutics: A Very Short Introduction - Jens Zimmermann, 4/5 September How To Be A Conservative - Roger Scruton, 4/5 God's Province: Evangelical Christianity, Political Thought, and Conservatism in Albera - Clark Banack, 2/5 Narratives of a Vulnerable God: Christ, Theology, and Scripture - William C. Placher, 3.5/5 The Christian Tradition I: The Emergence of the Catholic Tradition (100-600) - Jaroslav Pelikan, 5/5 The Prophetic Imagination - Walter Brueggemann, 2/5 The End of Protestantism: Pursuing Unity in a Fragmented Church - Peter Leithart, 3/5 From Glory to Glory: Texts From Gregory of Nyssa's Mystical Writings - Gregory of Nyssa/ed. & intro. by Jean Danielou, 3/5 Open Heart - Frederick Buechner, 2.5/5 The Enchiridion on Faith, Hope, and Love - St. Augustine, 4/5 October The Pastor: A Memoir - Eugene Peterson, 3.5/5 The Mercersburg Theology and the Quest for Reformed Catholicity - W. Bradford Littlejohn, 4/5 The Late, Great Planet Earth - Hal Lindsey, 1/5 The Christian Tradition II: The Spirit of Eastern Christendom (600-1700) - Jaroslav Pelikan, 5/5 Jacob Arminius: The Man From Oudewater - Rustin E. Brian, 3/5 Arminius and His Declaration of Sentiments - edited and translated by W. Stephen Gunter, 4/5 November The Christian Tradition III: The Growth of Medieval Theology (600-1300) - Jaroslav Pelikan, 4/5 I Kissed Dating Goodbye - Joshua Harris, 2/5 The Christian Tradition IV: Reformation of Church and Dogma (1300-1700) - Jaroslav Pelikan, 5/5 The Christian Tradition V: Christian Doctrine and Modern Culture Since 1700 - Jaroslav Pelikan, 4/5 The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho, 1/5 Love Feast - Frederick Buechner, 2/5 December Treasure Hunt - Frederick Buechner, 2.5/5 The Heavenly City of the Eighteenth-Century Philosophers - Carl Becker, 4/5 On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons From the Twentieth Century - Timothy Snyder, 4/5 Contend With Horses - Grace Irwin, 3.5/5 People of the Book: Christian Identity and Literary Culture - David Lyle Jeffrey, 2/5 Faith Alone: A Daily Devotional - Martin Luther, 5/5
  3. Canada has lost one of its best storytellers.
  4. I see the Twin Peaks influence. I'm especially of reminded of it because Mädchen Amick play's Betty's mother and the role I personally always associate her with his Shelly Johnson. In fact in the second episode, there's a scene that shifts from Betty and her mother to Veronica's mother working in a diner as a waitress in one of those retro waitress outfits. This is true and disappointing. Unnecessary and exploitative.
  5. It's a good time to read William Stringfellow's An Ethic For Christians & Other Aliens In A Strange Land.
  6. This deleted scene appeared in my feeds. It's another nod to the comparisons between A New Hope and The Force Awakens. Two cantinas, two dismembered alien arms.
  7. Regarding the dilemma of whether or not to "apostatize" and trample, a friend of mine pointed out John 12:43-44 to me: 42 Nevertheless many, even of the authorities, believed in him. But because of the Pharisees they did not confess it, for fear that they would be put out of the synagogue; 43 for they loved human glory more than the glory that comes from God. As my friend pointed out, the Pharisees (as always!) are portrayed in a fairly negative light, but at the same time the text doesn't explicitly deny or question their faith.
  8. I admit to only knowing about him through reading Watership Down. I fear his passing will be neglected with Carrie Fisher's tragic death. This last week of 2016 has been hard (not to mention the passing of Leonard Cohen and Thomas Oden, at least for me two personally significant figures).
  9. Good point, I don't think it did. That seems odd.
  10. I actually did that this year. I preferred Silence. Russell does an excellent job at describing alien culture (the hierarchy, linguistics, etc...) but she's poor at painting a visual picture of the Rakhat world (unlike C.S. Lewis and his wonderful descriptions of Malacandra and Perelandra). But I also thought Russell's "God" was more-or-less a generic modern Western God and not the God of Christianity. The Jesuits don't seem to meditate on things you'd expect missionaries to reflect on, like if the Rakhat are "fallen."
  11. I thought so too. Also, speaking of resemblances, Alistair Petrie (General Draven) looks a helluva lot like Kelsey Grammer. I saw it again last night. I think I did indeed see Biggs, though he's only on screen for a second.
  12. I hadn't read that. I was pretty good about avoiding spoilers for this one. Apparently appearance was announced months ago but I didn't know about it until the eve of my viewing Rogue One.
  13. Maybe Dr. Evazan had the death sentence in the Jehda system and had to get off-planet fast? Saw it late last night at 10 pm. The theatre was surprisingly empty, only about 8-10% filled. I had gone in thinking I would like Rogue One more than The Force Awakens but I was disappointed.
  14. I saw this last Monday and really enjoyed it. Of the eight films I saw in theatres thus far this year, it's been my favourite (second is Hell or Highwater).
  15. Well they did change the original ethnicity of Liz Allan.
  16. According to Wikipedia, she is Liz Allan. Also, apparently Shocker is in this as a villain alongside the Vulture. I totally missed that in the trailer.
  17. I suppose they are based on already existing characters, but Peter's friend and new love interest are characters we haven't seen in previous films.
  18. For Christian hipsters, Mary Oliver is to poetry what Marilynne Robinson is to literature.
  19. Interesting. My manager commented that, to the best of our knowledge, Tolkien doesn't seem to have a magisterial biography a la Ian Kerr's book on G.K. Chesterton, for instance, and there are a host of C.S. Lewis biographies such as Alister McGrath's and at least three biographies of the Inklings group.
  20. 1) It's ironic because the GOP primaries don't have super-delegates and with an expected Trump defeat, party officials were thinking about introducing super-delegates to the primary process to ensure Trump couldn't happen again, whereas a lot of angry Bernie voters wanted super-delegates dropped from their party's primary system. 2) Yes, Hillary lost key demographics compared to Obama. Also, a lot of Millennials voted for Gary Johnson, who gained, at least 2-3.5% in some states like Florida and Wisconsin. Not all of Johnson's supporters would have voted for Hillary, but he swung a lot of key votes away.
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