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  1. I've been listening to some podcasts with Chris Taylor, author of How Star Wars Conquered the Universe and it is getting me very excited about Episode 7. I even watched The Clone Wars movie (awful!).
  2. Pierce was up in British Columbia the last couple of weeks and I caught three shows (the first was on a houseboat, I knew no one and I was the youngest by at least 20-25 years). He also played at Regent College this past Thursday with Steve Bell and Malcolm Guite (the two were teaching a class; I didn't realize there was so much collaboration between Bell and Guite). I wasn't very familiar with Bell (I'd only listened to his cover of "Absalom, Absalom") but I think the audience came out primarily to see him (but then, I feel as if the "Canadian" and "Christian" market is fairly small) and I was impressed. It was a great show! I had volunteered to help sell Pierce's CDs and Steve gave me his Pilgrimage collection.
  3. I'm not surprised. I'm on my phone right now, so I decided to take a risk and post. Plus the Newsboys released a song called "John Woo" (written by Steve Taylor) on Thrive.
  4. I wonder if it's whether or not Gandhi is in Hell - a la the kindling to Rob Bell's Love Wins (dang it, I realized I wasted a good joke last week - I could've asked why everyone was hashtagging Bell's book!).
  5. I've been reading Grant Wacker's excellent new book on Billy Graham. I've only ever read one of Billy Graham's books and the only preaching of any significant length I've heard of him is the feature they produced a few years ago that is interspersed with other Christians like Lecrae. For what little that is, I admire Graham a lot for his evangelism and for what he represents. Wacker writes that Graham represented "Heartland America" and that while he was criticized for becoming too friendly with presidents, in so doing he was also Heartland America's "vicarious representative to the White House. Hagiography over and more to the point, I think this might be my favourite photograph ever: It's a fascinating picture of two Christians widely admired within mainstream American culture. Johnny Cash more of the "prodigal," Billy Graham the upright, honest, moral preacher (heck, even the dichotomy of the "Man in Black" next to Graham in a pale suit!). I'm wondering if there are any iconic photographs for the rest of you that pertain to Christianity that stand out to you - perhaps something recent like Pope Francis comforting Vinicio Riva?
  6. Has anyone read Larry Woiwode's Beyond the Bedroom Walls? I recently picked it up (the edition is 625 pages).
  7. Just saw it today. One of the most satisfying movies I've seen in a long time. Question - does anyone know who portrayed the dwarf at the Citadel? It looked like an obese Michael J. Anderson to me but he's not listed on IMDB and hasn't been listed for anything since 2013 (will he be in the Twin Peaks revival??). Oh it's Quentin Kenihan.
  8. Good to know. And, of course, the comic takes place between ANH and ESB, so it may not even get a mention in the TFA. "I've got a bad feeling about this...".
  9. I recall a summer I spent playing "ghetto Beyblade" - plastic spin tops from the dollar store duking it out in a stainless steel kitchen bowl.
  10. I watched it in theatres and thought it was also dull. On the other hand, yesterday I watched A Thief in the Night and that fulfilled my expectations for campy fun (also, it gets kudos for having a Larry Norman rendition featured in the opening credits).
  11. I just had a thought - what happens if more Star Wars novels are written and released that are in line with the events of the new movies? Will there be a separation between the old EU and the Disney universe? Will the people who now control the rights to future Star Wars productions be more careful or more discerning about what can be released in terms of plot, characters, etc...in new novels?
  12. Well that resurrection failed.
  13. Stranger Kings released several songs over the last few years, but I was just reminded of their EP because they've released a music video for their song "America's Sweetheart":
  14. Considering how most of the answers on Facebook I received were sarcastic or didn't answer the question, I'm pleased with any serious suggestions. My own list: Elmer Gantry - Sinclair Lewis Gilead - Marilynne Robinson The Pilgrim's Progress - John Bunyan Godric - Frederick Buechner The Screwtape Letters - C.S. Lewis Perelandra/Voyage to Venus - C.S. Lewis In His Steps - Charles M. Sheldon
  15. Scenario: You are teaching an English course at a secular university on "Christian fiction" (and of course, you know "Christian fiction" is not used to described the salvific status of the novels but the general themes, issues, worldview, spirituality, etc...represented by the novels). You've assigned seven novels for your students to read - what novels would you choose? Do you include novels that aren't particularly well-written but that have proven wildly popular among Christians (In His Steps, The Shack)? Do you include novels written by unbelievers/agnostics that deal with religious characters (Elmer Gantry)?
  16. I had never heard of him until last week. I was writing a paper on television and preaching for a class and came across his work. I liked his ideas on how a sermon could be a communal activity.
  17. I would like to see an election between Francis Underwood (D) and Tom Kane ®.
  18. So a group known as Soma Games has acquired the rights to produce a Redwall game. They've made a slick video about the project (in the video they say Harry Potter had only sold 7 million books before it was picked up as a movie but Redwall has sold 30 million books, albeit with a much larger series in terms of books). Soma Games have already made quite a number of apps. http://www.somagames.com/redwall/pitch/ I don't know how it will turn out. I'm very nostalgic about Redwall. I read Salamandastron in grade 6 and my early Internet socialization was on Redwall forums and sites like Terrouge, TSOR and Rougemur. But I feel trepidation for this as well because the Redwall Online Community has vanished since its heyday in the early 2000s. In terms of comparing Redwall to Harry Potter, I don't think Redwall has quite the staying power. At the same time, a video game might revive interest in the series (as might a movie - I recall hearing Spielberg approached Brian Jacques years ago about adapting Redwall to the silver screen but I'm not sure how reliable that rumour is).
  19. The Christian Humanist podcast did an episode on Mark Heard and someone on their website mentioned Martyn Joseph. I borrowed Thunders & Rainbows: The Best We Could Find 1988-2000. I'm really digging it.
  20. Got my copy in the mail today. Bummed that the lyric booklet doesn't come with footnotes (I know they're gradually posting the lyrics with footnotes online but still...).
  21. With Twin Peaks being revived, I can see this inviting even more people making comparisons between the two shows. At least before Twin Peaks was twenty years in the past but now these two programs will be shown within months of each other. http://twinpeaksfans.com/2015/02/19/many-people-comparing-wayward-pines-twin-peaks/
  22. For those who pre-ordered, they sent out some of the new music, most notably an EP of 5 covers (Lana Del Rey, The Pixies, The Waterboys, Delta Spirit, Peter Gabriel)
  23. I went to see it on St. Valentine's Day. The theatre was sparsely populated. Next door, 50 Shades of Grey was sold out. I liked it in the same way I liked John Carter. But then, my favourite movie of all time is Starcrash.
  24. Here's my review. Nice review. I sure do hope it's not the last album (but I really want to hear Wedding Feast of the Lamb: Second Movement!). Who was the former theology prof? Matt Hinton. According to his bio on the website for Awake, My Soul, he taught religion at Morehouse College. He also runs an apparently excellent burrito restaurant. Ah, very cool. I didn't realize he was the one who worked on Awake My Soul. I love Lee's rendition of "China, 163b" (and now looking it up, I see that that's where Woven Hand's harrowing cover of "Behold the Servant of the Lord" is from). Sacred harp really captivated me ever since I saw Lawless; I took out some albums from the library but the audio quality is awful.
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