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  1. That happens with JD McCoy, too. He would have still been the Dillon quarterback when East Dillon goes back to play them, but he's not with the team. Maybe he transferred. The disappearance of JD and his father in particular was unfortunate because they, particularly the father, provided the show with its greatest villain. Since Wade Eichmann is no longer the coach of West Dillon presumably he and the McCoys relocated.
  2. FNL was released onto Canadian Netflix a few months ago and so I just finished watching the series tonight. I agree with everyone else's praise of the show. FNL's depiction of Christianity feels authentic (by the by, I'm wondering what denomination the Taylors are; Methodist or Presbyterian is my guess?) and I'm very impressed by it. I found that I preferred seasons 1-3 over the last two. I think that's largely because I think we get to know the football players in more depth (season 1 had 22 episodes and all the following seasons only had 13). Partly that's because I also liked Matt Saracen and Landry Clark (what an uncanny pairing of Glenn Morshower and Jesse Plemons as father and son) the best. With the East Dillon plots, we get to know Vince very well and Becky and Luke have their storyline, but a lot of the characters are left untouched (for instance, why in the world is Grey Damon cast as a regular in season 5 when his character literally does nothing at all?). I thought Epic's plot was basically a rehash of Tami and Tyra's. Also, the unexplained disappearances of characters was annoying (Waverly, Santiago, etc...). Interesting, according to Wikipedia, Gaius Charles (Smash Williams) went to Drew University to pursue a degree in theology after his time on FNL ended.
  3. I think a classmate of mine in high school made this into a short film for a class.
  4. Pierce Pettis, along with some fellow collaborators, are going to be releasing a new album under the moniker the New Agrarians. http://newagrarians.net/
  5. One of the comments on YouTube was interesting...over the last few years it seems like there are a lot of shows picking up on the Twin Peaks legacy. The Killing focused on the single murder of a girl for over a season while Hemlock Grove (and I suppose perhaps even Eureka) are shows about the bizarre happenings in little towns.
  6. Yes, it has the lyrics printed onto the inside of the cardboard case. The lyrics should also be available online by now?
  7. I don't think the article deserves a separate thread and I see it as somewhat similar to the original post: http://www.relevantmagazine.com/god/practical-faith/dangers-being-christian-culture-snob
  8. Ughh...I'm getting impatient waiting for this album and Steve Taylor's new one. I hope the insert for Trophies will be like the one in Health & Sport. I loved having all the footnotes to the lyrics.
  9. Watched this on Netflix a couple of times. I thought it was great!
  10. Might be my favourite track of 2014 (though I haven't purchased a lot of music lately).
  11. I've only seen the first Expendables which didn't impress me that much, but I totally dig the spirit of having all of these old action stars get together to kick ass.
  12. I want to read The Book of Bebb at some point this summer (at least the first novel in the set) but I'm trying to get a hold of Elmer Gantry first.
  13. http://nukethefridge.com/2014/05/06/possable-scoop-max-von-sydow-play-darth-plagueis-star-wars-episode-vii/ I know a billion rumours will be flying between now and Ep. VII's release, but I'm intrigued by the suggestion that Max Von Sydow might potentially play Darth Plagueis, the Sith Lord alluded to in Revenge of the Sith as Palpatine's master. I believe his backstory is more fully fleshed out in some EU novels (but then again, the EU isn't considered canon). The connection between the rumoured title The Ancient Fear and Plagueis' ability to use midochlorians to extend life is intriguing...
  14. This is gonna be the cinematic event of the century!
  15. I'm nearly finished the first season. It's very good - reminds me of House of Cards, although the premise seems more similar to Breaking Bad (both protagonists face the prospect of succumbing to illness).
  16. Has anyone been watching this show? It airs on the CW but also releases new episodes immediately onto Netflix (at least the Canadian one). I've followed the whole first season - the first few episodes were very much like a soap opera with characters being quickly introduced and then killed off but the body count's started to settle down. It's a fun series.
  17. I always hated the Raimi Green Goblin because his costume made him look like a villain out of Power Rangers. Plus I always liked Hobgoblin more.
  18. --so "in Canon but out of Continuity" would be the idea for all pre-VII EU. That is, they'll treat the old stuff exactly the way Lucas treated A Splinter of the Mind's Eye as far as the timeline goes, but they'll treat it like he treated the rest of the EU as far as cribbing stuff that works. But the new stuff is in continuity. Huh. According to Wikipedia, Splinter of the Mind's Eye was written as a low-budget sequel should the 1977 film have performed poorly.
  19. Has anyone watched this? It arrived on Netflix a few months ago and I'm about half-way through the first season. Carlton Cuse, the showrunner for it, cites Twin Peaks as a prominent influence and I think the show definitely has some of that vibe.
  20. I've enjoyed: Unbelievable? - My favourite apologetics podcast. I don't enjoy apologetics as much as I did three years ago, but the guests are top-notch. They've had atheists/skeptics such as A.C. Grayling and Bart Ehrmann on as well as inter-Christian debates about theology. The most memorable show was when Mark Driscoll was on and he berated the host, who's wife is a pastor. Thinking In Public - Albert Mohler's show. He always has some interesting interviews discussing new books. Beeson Podcast - Timothy George is one of my ecumenical heroes and there's a good variety of sermons, interviews and lectures.
  21. There is a new video of Woven Hand playing one of their new songs: Also, Glitterhouses' website has some interesting facts about DEE and Woven Hand. #10 is interesting!
  22. Having invested a lot of time reading the EU, this is disappointing. Some of the stories were awful (the Jedi Prince series comes to mind...) but I honestly don't like the idea of bringing back any of the old characters to begin with. I would have liked J.J. Abrams to start afresh in another time period entirely, either during the Old Republic or in the future a la Star Wars Legacy. And then he becomes Dengar's best man!
  23. The Laughing Stalk is my favourite Woven Hand album, but two heavy records in a row makes me wish DEE would return to the early sounds of Consider The Birds or even 16 Horsepower's twang.
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