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  1. I do love the cover of "Let The Day Begin". Sounds much better than the original.
  2. I loved this. Just finished the series. I think I'm going to check out House of Cards next.
  3. I've seen this play advertised several times in Vancouver but I've never gotten around to watching it.
  4. I recall seeing the DVD at Blockbuster's when I was younger but I never got around to watching it until I realized it was available on Netflix. I loved it. I love how second-rate all these fantasy movies look like compared to the LOTR trilogy.
  5. Does anyone else watch the show Suburgatory? I decided to watch it one time after Modern Family and enjoyed it. It's a lot quirkier than a lot of the comedies I'm used to watching. I like Alan Tudyk and he's one of the main cast members.
  6. It's my last semester of undergrad and my last sociology class is Society and Religion. Instead of writing a traditional research paper, the professor is having us read a novel that deals with religion and how it affects the characters (the only book I heard of that she recommended was The Poisonwood Bible). I had some ideas in mind; one friend recommended Gilead and I have also wanted to read Johnny Cash's The Man In White but I love GKC too much not to read one of his novels. I read The Man Who Was Thursday and Manalive fairly fast. I did not enjoy them as much as his other works, but part of that may be because I rushed through them. I'm reading The Ball And The Cross for this paper. I went to a lecture at Regent last year given by Ralph Wood (who has written a book about GKC entitled Chesterton: The Nightmare Goodness of God .) and he recommended reading The Ball And The Cross before any other GKC piece. I am being particularly mindful of symbol in the novel because that's what the professor wants to focus on.
  7. I really don't like the idea of spin off movies in the Star Wars galaxy. I think they should keep them as trilogies. "I have a bad feeling" that a spin-off just won't be any good. But it'd be entertaining to see a movie about Rosh Penin because everybody hates that guy.
  8. Will Disney re-release The Star Wars Holiday Special?
  9. I was thinking about that. Lately there seems to be a rise in the number of police-related shows that attempt to solve a complex story (The Killing, Deception, etc...).
  10. The Following aired its pilot last week. Did anyone watch it? The promo with the scantily-clad woman who has her body all marked up with words reminds me a little bit of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I enjoyed the pilot but I wonder how long the show will last?
  11. I'm nearly finished season 1 watching Dollhouse on Netflix. I started watching the show when it originally aired, but I lost interest. Returning to it, I'm actually quite enjoying it. The only other Joss Whedon-helmed show I've ever seen is Firefly and I still think that's Whedon's best show. Aside from Topher, few of the characters on Dollhouse ​have that likability that virtually all Firefly main characters had.
  12. Maybe we'll see Hurley's revision of The Empire Strikes Back after all...
  13. I would have rather had Joss Whedon (and this would have avoided the flood of Star Trek/Star Wars comparisons) but I think the Force is strong with J.J...
  14. BRMC covers "Let The Day Begin":
  15. The title sounds like something from an Asylum movie.
  16. Just watched it on Netflix and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought it was a slick action flick and Mel was in fine form.
  17. Sounds like I may have to check out some of the albums from last year (maybe Damien Jurado and the Welcome Wagon's). My favourite albums of 2012: Woven Hand - The Laughing Stalk Bill Mallonee - Amber Waves Lovedrug - Wild Blood Andrew Peterson - Lights For The Lost Boy Mumford & Sons - Babel My top 20 2012 songs: I Believe In You - Buddy Miller Give God The Blues - Shawn Mullins Come Healing - Leonard Cohen Live Like A Warrior - Matisyahu The Drug That You Can't Take - Cush Voice Of The Lord - Charlie Peacock Radio - Sixpence None The Richer I Will Wait - Mumford & Sons Babel - Mumford & Sons Strange Girl - The Choir Premonition - Lovedrug Great Divide - Lovedrug Carry The Fire - Andrew Peterson The Cornerstone - Andrew Peterson Once Your Heart Gets Broken (It Just Keeps On Breaking) - Bill Mallonee One Kiss At A Time - Bill Mallonee Fakin' - Lecrae The Laughing Stalk - Woven Hand In The Temple - Woven Hand As Wool - Woven Hand
  18. It's available on Netflix.ca. It reminded me of Cloverfield though that's because it's shot in the same style. I thought they did a good job of displaying both the dialogue of high school students and how they react when they receive their powers was believable. Dane DeHaan looks like Mark Hamill to me.
  19. Thanks SDG. That's a lot of good resources to look in to. I have heard of Mark Shea (I think it was his explanation on some minor controversy that exploded for a week when the Internet got hold of it) but I have not heard of the others, although Evangelical Is Not Enough sounds familiar.
  20. I think he does mention something about Anglican priests who have married and then joined the Catholic Church, or at least, I heard that somewhere.
  21. Oh yes, of course, but I suppose my next question would be, if it was as late as Jesus being two years old when they visited Him, would Joseph and Mary have stayed in Bethlehem for those two years? That seems very unlikely.
  22. Chesterton's book to me read more like (and I don't mean it in a derogatory sense) a rant about how old Catholicism is. His sole argument seemed to be the longevity of its existence. I was hoping for specific defenses or explanations of things such as the Apocrypha, Purgatory, the veneration of Mary, the intercession of the saints and so on, but none of these were really addressed. The Coren book I enjoyed much better. Although not all the topics I am concerned with are addressed, I think he did a good job of explaining, for instance, why priests are unmarried and he offers a convincing defense of the Catholic Church and history (people complaining that the Pope didn't do enough to fight the Axis during WWII, people complaining about how terribly Galileo was treated, etc...).
  23. I've become interested in Catholicism over the last couple of years. It's not so much that I think I am on the road to Rome; rather, I grew up never hearing much about Catholicism save for criticisms from Protestants. One of my friends even suggested that the Catholic Church be entirely disbanded because of rampant corruption. I do not share his negativity towards the Catholic Church but I find myself wanting to study it in order to deepen my understanding of my own faith. I've been looking for a sort of "Mere Catholicism" akin to C.S. Lewis' Mere Christianity. The only books I've read on Catholicism that are distinctly Catholic are Why Catholics Are Right by Canadian journalist Michael Coren and The Catholic Church and Conversion by G.K. Chesterton, which I was sorely disappointed by. I know that Ian Ker (who has written biographies of John Henry Newman and Chesterton) has written a book called Mere Catholicism but I have also heard that Ronald Knox's book The Belief of Catholics is a very good book explaining Catholicism. Has anyone read it who could offer their input?
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