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    Andrei Rublev (1966)

    God is a dialog. It is a dialog between what it has been and what it is. One god thing FOR EVERYBODY is a hoax. Padres domines et spiritus sancti FOR EVERYBODY is a hoax. Different territories - different winds, different waters, different trees, different people. Horses in Tarkovskij's dreams are similar to the horses in my stables. They are not like horses in America. They share different history - these people and these horses. What you call pagan I call people. I was able to establish a dialog with what i saw. That is my history. And being of other territories (I presume by the writ
  2. I find Tarkovsky's images sincere. I find Tarkovsky's view, a view not prone to wishes but feelings. Just started reading his book Sculpting in Time. I could write a short essay about it later in time, if there is somebody interested. Regards, Darjan.
  3. I thank you very much for your time and your answer. Nostalghia.com is actually the site from where I got linked to this forum. I have sent an email to webmasters just before posting my first post here. Regards, Darjan.
  4. I'm intrested in whather Tarkovsky travled to Japan, China before making his movie Solyaris. Thank you for your informatin, Darjan.
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