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  1. Is Premiere CS4 too ancient to discuss in here? Should I start a thread called "Really old versions of Premiere Pro" before I start asking questions? I just feel like my questions are a bit too amateur to ask on the big Adobe forums.
  2. Interesting... Sounds like I need to more research. Thanks, Neb
  3. Despite the overwhelming response to my question, our group went ahead and purchased a nice Panasonic upper end domestic use hard drive camcorder. So far so good. We're going to have to buy some special editing software because it saves footage as .mod files, and the converter I tried significantly reduced the quality. It's going to get us started making shorts, though. Cheers, Neb
  4. As much as I hate to add to the "I haven't seen it, but..." kinds of replies, I'm going to do it anyway. We're going to a "Deadwood" themed party this Friday night. Neither my husband nor I have seen an episode or ever intend to. When the show first aired, many of our historically-minded friends were all atwitter over it...then plunged into despair and disappointment after a few episodes. They loved the look overall, the props, the costumes, etc., but what I kept hearing was "too dark!", "too vulgar!", "nasty language!" (and these comments are from some pretty earthy characters, mind you). Yes
  5. I know this is probably beneath most of you, but our performance troupe (Warhorse Guild) is looking for a hard drive camcorder to record gigs and do a bit of promotional work for our outfit, and I was wondering if anybody had opinions on the new generation of hard drive camcorders. Right now it looks to me like the Panasonic SDR-H18 (30gb, expansion slots) is the way to go. I see a lot of folks complaining about difficulty in low light situations, but then we'll be shooting in broad daylight most of the time due to the inclusion of horses in most of the work. Not too many ponies around the tab
  6. Yes, and yes. As Bruce Campbell says, you can be an actor anywhere (paraphrase) and community theater is an option. It really does give Joe Average a chance to literally get in the limelight. He also says that you shouldn't do it if you don't enjoy it. Right now I'm dealing with a leading man who is so nervous that he's nauseous before he goes on, and is a mass of nervous ticks on stage. He's NOT having a good time. I asked somebody on production why the director didn't hold second auditions when the original leads backed out, she said "She does hold auditions! We just can't get people to sho
  7. Yous guys are great! Thanks! Sorry I've been slow to respond to your replies. First dress was last night. It was an adventure if nothing else. My "Shep" was his usual unappealing self, PLUS he couldn't go a page without completely losing his mind and forgetting whole chunks of lines. I spent so much time feeding him his lines that, if I got paid by the word (ha: if I got paid at ALL...but that's another subject) my take home for last night would have fattened by about 15%. MrMando: Poison in the coffee is starting to look really good. After tech rehearsal Sunday I came home and grumbled to m
  8. Hey all; I'm in a bit of a pickle. I'm playing Gillian Holroyd in a small-town production of "Bell, Book & Candle", and I've been saddled with a "romantic" lead who is anything but romantic. He's a bit older than me, I'm 44 and he looks like late 50s-early 60s, but that wouldn't make any difference if he had any kind of charisma at all, which he does not. I know it's all about ACTING, and I don't need to "feel" any romantic inclinations for my fellow thespian, but this guy actively repels me. He's nervous, wooden, hesitant, and clumsy. I wasn't expecting Cary Grant, Rex Harrison, or eve
  9. Well, we're a few years down the road and I'm looking at cameras again. The price on a new DVX100a has dropped considerably, so what's a good price on a used one? I just got my ProVidFilm e-newsletter and all of the ads for the DVX say "make offer". Any of you guys have thought on what a good offer would be? Thanks so much, Neb
  10. Just saw this request on the blog of my current favorite comic strip (Wondermark, by David Malki): "As you may know I've been making a movie for a while, and it's getting real close to being done. After the New York show next weekend I hope to have the time to start posting some trailers and clips online. But right now I'm asking for a little bit of help -- there are some special effects shots that we're trying to finish, and I'm running out of hours in the day. Are you good at rotoscoping and compositing in After Effects or Shake? Or photo-realistic matte painting? Drop me an email if you're
  11. Just watched it: nicely done! I'm bemused by the "comments" on the site. What's with the guy annoyed about having "propaganda crammed down my throat"? I guess I missed that part of the film. Neb
  12. I'll play the part of Dr. Frankenstein today, and resurrect this ole' thread. Re. the last post: I had a similar experience in 7th grade. My teacher circled the word "imprecation" in a short story of mine, declaring "That's not a word!" Well, it was a word when Edgar Rice Burroughs used it in a John Carter story. Maybe it was discontinued by 1977...who knows? On another note, I had an acting job this last weekend for a Japanese TV show. Usually these Japanese (or Chinese) shows have somebody with a rudimentary grasp of English do the script translation for us English-speaking types. I just
  13. By Tom Horn. Has anybody read/reviewed it? I'm interested in his thesis (transgenics, etc.), but the excerpt I read on his web site was... difficult. His prose is awkward at best, and I don't think I could stand reading the whole thing. Just curious! Neb
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