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  1. Yeah, I can understand Tom - I mean, it happens. I forgot Sun Kil Moon was even a 2014 album, but Benji absolutely should be somewhere on mine, too. I like Albarn's projects usually, but I didn't get into Everyday Robots much. It felt a little dull to me.
  2. St. Vincent, St. Vincent To Be Kind, Swans Lost in the Dream, The War on Drugs Invisible Hour, Joe Henry Nikki-Nack, Tuneyards
  3. I have the Gold Box already, so I just wish there was a way to trade up.
  4. I don't mind the "Jesus sells!" meme so much as grouping critics who hated this film as "liberals", and linking them with critics who gave "Noah" the thumbs up. You know, hard leftists, like Steven Greydanus.
  5. Bozell Column I don't want to live here anymore. Embarrassing.
  6. bloop

    Kelis - Food

    Enjoying Sitek's production here.
  7. Realistically, they could have been there to see "Noah". I doubt it, but the possibility is there. Our church youth group took a trip to see "Noah" after service last Sunday.
  8. bloop

    Noah (2014)

    My comment was edited, I assume by Nicolosi if she's the one who edits and moderates, then deleted by me. She has not rewritten her "review".
  9. bloop

    Noah (2014)

    I posted a comment on Nicolosi's blog. Is it normal Nicolosi behavior to edit posts away from any semblance of the original meaning? Is that what the "Nicolosi Protocol" is, a way to make all comments sound like they are complimentary? I was not saying her review was thoughtful. Just the opposite. Anyway, I deleted it because I didn't want to be misconstrued to mean she had anything of value to say.
  10. bloop

    Noah (2014)

    I'm dying, Overstreet!
  11. bloop

    Noah (2014)

    Between SDG's written review and his 60 second review turned into 2 minutes, I'm really looking forward to watching the film. On the downside, I guess I won't get the chance to hate-read Baehr's "review". I genuinely enjoy contemptuously reading his reviews that basically amount to "not Republican enough".
  12. No, I won't go that far. I don't think either band would feel at home doing what the other does, and I don't really view art as a contest anyway, but I do enjoy what they do greatly.
  13. Already the best album title of the year. Can't wait (though I guess I have to).
  14. Definitely? It lived up to my own expectations. Surpassed them, even.
  15. Time Out interview confirms what I always knew about "We Exist".
  16. Didn't Saturday Night Live do something like this?
  17. In terms of singles, I think "Reflektor", "Porno" are up there for me.
  18. I'm with you as I love it, too. Don't really care much for the long outro after "Supersymmetry", but that's what the eject button is for. I think it'll be more than vindicated as years pass.
  19. I can't imagine cutting any of it, tbh (other than the hidden track, which for all practical purposes is cut anyway).
  20. Yes. I only listened to that hidden track once, and I don't really feel a need to come back to it. Good thing the disc doesn't force the issue. Just the opposite, really. Monger's review is puzzling to me. I thought "Flaming Lips" on a track, too, but it was the next one.
  21. I like that album, but not nearly as much as Reflektor. I'll admit that instrumental albums are usually at an unfair disadvantage with me, though. Also, I think I'm quite enamored with the AF album. Neufeld wins either way.
  22. The track is hidden in the pre-track gap on the CD, meaning if you want it to play, you would need to be pretty intentional about it. I can't tell you why they chose to put it in the middle of the stream, but this information may comfort some of you. (Kind of wondering how it will appear on the 2xLP, if it's there at all)
  23. My Bloody Valentine is an acquired taste, to be sure, but I've acquired it in a big way. Mazzy Star is lovely, if a little more conventional and less surprising, but I still like it. This is just one of those things where my first reaction is "why the zero-sum game?"
  24. I liked the piece you wrote, Jeffrey. (It's on the LP1 sleeve in the vinyl edition)
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