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  1. That is probably the best "about me" synopsis i have ever read. Thanks!

  2. Thanks. Those last two posts have encouraged me to continue visiting this site. It's a funny thing feeling 'needy' and being transparent about it. It's something I've never been before. I find that when people sense this about someone, they tend to back away, asuming that the person is a trouble causer after attention. Thanks for not doing this, you may have saved me from a future in crime...
  3. Thanks for the kind words about my work and sharing the link to your website. I enjoyed looking at your work. I can tell you love color as much as I do.

    I have seen some of your other posts and it sounds like you have had a bit of a hard time of late. I try to remember(although not always successfully)that all things in my life come from the hand of God and that God is good. Regards...

  4. As you might guess from the tools and the remote, Simon's a fan of Bob the Builder.
  5. I Love your artwork. Surprised you have time for gardening...

    I hold a similar view about the need for the christian artist to reveal the transendental

    my website is http://www.emilygarces.com

  6. These things amaze me. The only thing that would amaze me more is if he's right... The man's 90 years old. A lot of people that age still have their wits about them. He's obviously lost a few. Someone should have a kind word. In my experience obsessing like this can be a sign of mental disfunction. May God have mercy on his soul.
  7. I've always liked Kierkegaard's distinction between Christianity and Christendom. Me too Looked into the books (Amazon) The one about evangelicalism was a little over my budget (I am a poor artist, and my husband is in a band) I liked the look of Mere Churchianity, but then read this review: "for those who have been hurt by their experience in the local church, my concern is that this book would become a tool to nurture any lingering resentment that may exist in their hearts." I want to read things that challenge me to change, not make me sit smugly in my eronious mentality. 'I
  8. I like you people. I do really. I'll read the books you recommended. I know my attitude to church is pretty screwed up. Was good to hear good things said about it. Especially the historical stuff. I'm pretty hurt and am frustrated that wounds take so long to heal... 7 years ago I left the mission field after 5 years in South America with a bad case of burnout. Thought I'd be OK in 12 months, but nope. The journey's long and uphill it seems. Sorry for posting before joining in with other posts a little more, that was obnoxious. But born more out of desperation that arrogance. But I'm
  9. Thank you. It is my artwork. I agree with what you say. I don't necesarily agree with all that I said. I wrote it a while back and I guess how I feel about things changes from day to day I love that you talk about keeping an open mind and to consider other denonimations. It is refreshing when people talk like that. I'm going to an Anglican church from time to time now... there is a Woman Vicar with a wicked sense of humour. My mind is very open at the moment; perhaps even too much so... What did you think when I said that Church and the kingdom of God are not necessarily the same thi
  10. Wants to meet real people on the internet who want to help each other out; not push each other down with interlectual superiority...

  11. Sorry about the paragraphs. I pasted it and tried and failed to put them in. You are the first person to reply to any of my posts. The first response to my attempts at being open about my feelings and opinions. I have tried recently to go back to church but no one bothers to connect with me. Hiding instead behind flashy worship and playing quiz games in home groups. I see this forum as somewhere I hope to be able to connect with people in openness. It had, until your comments, given me hope. I plead with you to be gentle with me and not to shoot me down. I'm clutching onto straws here. Ser
  12. The church through history has hurt more people than it has loved and won more wars than hearts. It's painful to think about; but it's history, right? We can't change it. What then do we do if we realise that today is tomorrow's history? That maybe there's still time to change it? Will the war in Iraq be viewed as we now see the Vietnam war in future years? Will the errors of the modern church become more evident in a couple of centuries? I know that the underground church in the East undergoes real suffering. That it forced out of sight to preserve its freedom from the control of government r
  13. So happy to have found this site. I'll be looking out for your acts of defiance and quite subversion...

  14. I'm glad Charlie Peacock snuck in between Queen and Wilco. Hope he's happy there.

    I'm new to this site and am very excited about it!

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