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  1. It's difficult for Catholics to see the 'best' in the Protestant Revolt. There were problems in the institutional church, which some attempted to repair. But faced with Luther's outright revolt, as it developed year by year, they rallied back to the cause. So there was an actual reformation. But Protestant historians insist it wasn't that, and will not call it that. And the genuine reformation, from within, as all reformation is, was had at the Council of Trent and that which immediately followed. Anathemas were directed to some of those things which putatively infuriated Luther. But Luther hi
  2. Speaking as a Catholic, one is struck by a diversity of images, icons, statuary, at a Catholic church, if not many of the more 'reformed' type of Catholic. You will find the adorned statue of the child Jesus. You will find St. Joseph. You will find Our Blessed Mother. You will see Our Lord depicted in the eastern iconography, perhaps largely influenced by the wood painting of the Madonna now in Poland, reputedly painted by St. Luke, himself. You will see the stations above. You might see the Saints depicted in the stained glass. You will see the three altars, one to each side of the ornately f
  3. I was never much of a fan of Springsteen. I did appreciate the competency of his backing groups, of his composing and performance. He was very much a pro. But if anyone recalls the 'rollout' for the man, a couple of decades ago, one can remember that the word - hype - was frequently used. Billboards in Hollywood proclaimed him the 'latest thing'. Bruce who? He would start, and start again. Finally, after it all, he sort of caught on. But I would compare the 'launch' of Springsteen more to American Idol than the way in which say, Clapton, came on the scene. Springsteen was an industry promotion
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    But. This is one Catholic who would only be repeating himself to say that - evolution - is a concept, and does not appear to be a science. It appears to be even a superstition, as it must be believed, some believe, but cannot be consistently described or defined in any way that would satisfy scientific clarity. Ones attempt to scientifically state, as it were, evolution runs head on into someone else's statement. It's more than mere disagreement. It's more than just a few major competing theories. Few seem to agree even on the basics. One could perform the same scientific test in this very for
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    To the contrary, one might agree that one of the 'beauties' of Darwinism is that, today, so few call themselves Darwinists. In the same intellectual pride, they imagine themselves better and more 'advanced' that the father of the field, themselves lacking any better theory, fact, definition or whatever else. There is certainly an anti-religious bent in Darwin himself. For he argues, even at his best, the theory of the disinterested Creator - God set in motion certain things in a quasi-deterministic fashion, a quantum yet somehow stilll mechanical universe, 'design' implied in the 'levers' and
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    There are fields more scientific than others under this rubric of evolutionism. But the broad statements of theory, particularly from those who think they know, are a horrible and self-contradictory mash, often confusing fact with theory, theory with fact, and science with a sort of anti-religious cult. Now there is science in genetics. Fr. Mendel was onto something. And it borrows the formulas of sampling, and can explain and predict to a limited degree - as is true of actual science. There is science in biology, as not just an observational science, but also as one of experiment based on pra
  7. There is a tendency to call any new book important when you agree with it, and to call it a classic when you agree with it entirely. [Rutler, Rev. George William.
  8. In 'another', he is conceivably arguing for the same obscenely long period of copyright protection, but just not necessarily for the original copyright owner or descendants. Why is there fairly little appreciation of great art? A) museums and classrooms might be figurative wastelands, preferring the 'ugly art' of the anti-artist. But copyright for masterpieces apparently resides, by international agreement, with whatever gallery happens to house the work. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but if Gallery A in Oviedo, just to pick one, has an old Goya, then any effort to reproduce it must be app
  9. Maybe if not put off by the braggadocio of the man, but Hank's son does play real country on occasion, as do Skaggs and various others. The tendency among more of the touring groups is like that of Hank Jr., a blend of hard southern rock n roll among the old Hank Williams songs. I think, to be fair, you'd also have to include the southern electric slide blues, typ. of TX like SRV (and Tinsley Ellis, Ronnie Brooks, and too many to name), up to and including ZZ Top in that range of country music. Or is that what you meant by real country, as perhaps against country 'mall-pop' of assorted female
  10. It's interesting you'd phrase that in terms of nationalism. People might point to the US as being as split, or 'balkanized', as ever. But in the past, all these groups came together on behalf of the nation, in an emergency. But musically, I don't see such nationalism, or those borders. Country music is the last really dynamic and vital pop music in general play, in the US. And it has included Mexican mariachi themes for as long as there have been such. Reduced more to niche, R & B 'hip-hop' may have borrowed some things from techno/dance-pop. I don't know, but it wouldn't surprize me. Cer
  11. If you mean the old on-air melodramas, or even audio feeds of television programming, it's a good question. If you mean talk radio, of course, there are seemingly hundreds of archives and live streams, from around the world, on the www. Even in Spanish-speaking countries, or the middle east, perhaps even in far east, you might find many in English, presumeably while such broadcasts are allowed to remain. Oops, got one, now let me just - jjjsssssssssss.
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    Odd that you don't see so many religious jokes. One can always borrow another and force fit it to suit; that is, as it were, old jokes and older jokes: -------------------------------------------------- A lawyer died, same day as the Pope, and both went to heaven. But then the lawyer was given better clothes. He was given a mansion in which to live. He was given a five course meal. The Pope was given a room in a nice hotel, and a continental breakfast. So the lawyer said to the angel, "There's been some confusion. This man who was Pope gets standard fare. And, myself, who's been a lawyer,
  13. As I understand it, there's a lot of confusion and debate surrounding burial, and this burial, in that period. The Bible says that the tomb was new, and intended for another, but that the man who owned it and got the permission from Pilate prepared a sindon, which is also the word for the shroud; and I believe the root of the field itself, sindonology. There appears to have been a smaller face cloth, said to be in Oviedo Cathedral, in Spain, a saudarion. They believe it would not have been buried with the corpse, but only was applied at the cross to hide the face of the battered victim, as app
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