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    Cover of my Kindle e-book, entitled "Hell, Roaring", a three-sonnet sequence ... photo of the Hellroaring Plateau in SE Montana.
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    Eclectic -- Stephen King, CS Lewis, Dickens, McCarthy, Lief Enger, Milton, Donne, Augustine, Jonathan Edwards, Jonathan Franzen ...
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    Taylor Lynde (friend), Garreth Andrews(family)

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  1. Sorry to have missed out on this conversation. Being a busy Dad to three, the author's note in my copy of Fahrenheit 451 has been pivotal in my writing. In it, Bradbury tells of how he wrote the first draft on a rented typewriter for 10 cents per half hour -- he couldn't write at home because his children kept wanting him to play with them. Reading that and knowing he managed to become an icon in American literature has helped me focus, encouraged me, and yet reminded me I need to play with my kids.
  2. Charles Dickens, Hard Time Cormac McCarthy, Suttree
  3. About an hour ago -- Toby (8) "There's cradles on the Moon" -- instantly 'corrected' by Kian (7) -- "No, they're critters!"
  4. Thanks! Ah, yes -- progress ... which reminds me of Chesterton's comment that progress is "a comparative of which we have not settled the superlative' ... I would have to disagree with your take, at least regarding a supposed necessity of any such source for the GAN. While it is certain that future GANs will be shaped by the experience of formerly marginalized groups, I find the assumptions of 'white male hegemony' reaches too far, bites off too much, etc. While I can't (and won't) speak to your particular worldview, mine is such that truth is truth, regardless of whom it is spoken or written by; and if that is the case, then the suggestion that GANs in the future "will have to" come from another cultural paradigm is simply false, unless one is to assume that white hegemonic males, however sordid their history may be, are somehow suddenly devoid of truth, and even of the powers of perception and communication. That seems a rather tough sell. MJM
  5. Just joined the forum and need to post so BB can check me out Interesting discussion. It doesn't seem, IMO, that one need belong to some marginalized group to craft a GAN, but that one must craft a work that connects viscerally with a common American experience -- one which has not been done to death yet, one which is both timely and timeless. While no small task in any sense, this paradigm leaves the field open to all comers. My .02. Later. MJM
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