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    Theology (Christology mostly), hermeneutics, Kierkegaard, Merton, Art, Kanji drawing and calligraphy, oil painting and writing: farce, non-fiction, a novel, essays and humor. I am interested in community with depth; in kindness and serving the disenfranchised. I am experimenting in podcasting. I am a Webby-nominated Content creator and site architect (maverickssurf.com), inventor (eGuides for Random House) and worked with Robert Redford on the 4-part PBS special "Saving the Bay" about the saving of the San Francisco Bay watershed.

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    Creative Content Monster
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    The Iconoclast
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    Bladerunner, Babette's Feast, Wings of Desire, The Mission, Shawshank Redemption, Highlander, Good Will Hunting, Chocolat,12 Angry Men (both versions), To Kill a Mockingbird, LOTR II, A Good Year, Stop Making Sense, New York Stories, Hannah and Her Sisters, Love and Death, You ONly LIve Twice, Braveheart, Betty Blue, Mishima, Chariots of Fire, The Runaway Jury, Rob Roy, Stranger Than Fiction, The Pillow Book, Stripes, The Natural, The Princess Bride, Mindwalk, The Boondock Saints, White Squall, The Year of Living Dangerously, Fearless, Jean de Florette, The Seventh Seal, The Meaning of Life and Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
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    VAST, Tool, Evanescence, U2, Nirvana, Joy Division, The Cure, The Psychedelic Furs, The 77s, Lost Dogs, Aimee Mann, Bird York, A Perfect Circle, Leonard Cohen, Johnny Cash, Nick Drake, Nick Cave, Liz Phair, T-Bone Burnett, Pitbull, Madonna, Stng, Michael Roe, Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois
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    Walker Percy, Anne Lamott, Christopher Moore, Kurt Vonnegut, Hemingway, Mary Oliver, Pasternak, Tolstoy, Solzhenitsyn, Flaubert, Endo, O'Conner and currently John Steinbeck.
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    Heavily influenced by Wayne Thiebaud, Van Gogh and my mentor is J. Rod Swenson. I like Fujimura's work. Matisse.

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  1. Yeah I would like to discuss the Borg/Wright differences.
  2. Yes, I agree. It is quite good and swiftly to the point. Having watched the episode several times (well all six actually) it plays out. I wonder what her thoughts are on Sherlock and Molly's relationship? In my view Molly is the most Christ-like in that she counts herself as nothing yet speaks her mind continually. In his greatest moment of crisis ("The Reichenbach Fall"), it is Molly that Sherlock turns to in order to save him from death and to make it possible later for him to "come back from the dead". We do not know how it was done, for we see Sherlock dead (or are supposed to) yet we know he is not and Molly is the key. It's the best series to come along in a great while for crisp writing. I think Mark Gatiss (who plays Mycroft) is a genius.
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