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  1. And now thanks to you I'm gonna add Paterson to my will see list
  2. #1 The Red Turtle #2 Arrival #3 Midnight Special #4 A Monster Calls #5 The Girl With All the Gifts #6 Finding Dory #7 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Leaving some room til I see Silence, Moonlight and Loving but 10 Cloverfield Lane is in there, along with Ouija Origin of Evil and the Conjuring 2 and Green Room, also Zootopia so I guess it's a top 15, oh and Doctor Strange
  3. Great review.
  4. Also very appreciative of adding in John C Reilly for comedic effect, something big budget disaster and monster movies have been sorely lacking these last few years
  5. Same universe yeah. I think they're setting up a King Kong vs Godzilla movie. Dannnngggg.
  6. It's more a sequel to The Lego Movie. But there are certain aspects of characterization similar to the Lego Batman games.
  7. Doesn't Life of Pi involve Pi dabbling in Buddhism a little? Or was it just Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam?
  8. What's so great is Lego has been at this narrative with Batman you mention in your review since the first Lego Batman video game in 2008. And each sequel has just gotten bigger and better. It becomes more of a Justice League story by Lego Batman 3, but the same stories are there, about family, and community, etc And while the games are even more beholden to the comic books than this movie I think that the two worlds fit together quite well. And I'm looking forward to the video game version of this movie.
  9. or as my friend calls it (in compliment) the Lego Bojack Movie. Really I think the subversive humor was about something else other than superhero or consumerist culture this time around.
  10. the caravan of courage the battle for endor
  11. Surprised at the lack of Silence. I woulda swapped that one in for Hell or High Water, as much as I loved that film.
  12. The Red Turtle has my vote, hands down. My favorite film of 2016 in any category.
  13. Yay 13th and I Am Not Your Negro
  14. You keep track of the strangest things Peter. So, let's speculate on what the title means
  15. Umm that doesn't even make sense...