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  1. Interesting video, makes some good points and now I'm interested in what this Nicholas Meyer project is.
  2. Yeah, theyre bad. I'm waiting for dvd.
  3. Some of y'all appreciated Angelica Jade's review of The Beguiled. Well I liked her review of Detroit a lot. http://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/amp/detroit-2017
  4. Thoughts from people who liked this movie on the recent criticisms of whitewashing since there was at least one large Indian regiment at Dunkirk that is not featured in the film, as well as I guess in order to give his soldiers a feeling of facelessness and uniformity all his cardboard cutouts were white soldiers. It's a valid criticism, but I wonder too if it would have taken away from the more artistic nature of what Nolan was trying to do...which it seems to me this movie is less about the historical battle of Dunkirk and more about using that as a backdrop for a meditation on the hellishness, brokenness, and facelessness of war.
  5. Dehaan is a great actor, I'm blaming the script for his characters lack of charm or anything. A hornier less funny or charming Han Solo. Yes that opening sequence was beautiful and so hopeful. Nothing about the story itself was new, I think that's why I find it less interesting than the characters and effects. You're right it was a pretty straight forward story, but it didn't feel fresh. The effects felt fresh, and the characters like Laureline and Bubble felt fresh (especially Bubble).
  6. I'll see this I'm sure when I'm feeling less burnt out on war movies. Honestly they feel all too real these days, like "winter is coming"
  7. Now see, I loved the novel, but I'm also a full on nerd...who thankfully never got pulled into 4chan/gamergate gamer culture that became part of the Internet conception of gamers. I love the 80's references, and stuff that I loved as a kid, as well as some of the other things that I love more now as an adult. That said my love for the novel, and the portrayal of some characters has mellowed over the years, and Cline's second novel is just really not that good, instead just a rehash of Ready Player One 80's culture references with plot from Last Starfighter/Enders Game and far less interesting characters. Not a fan. It's kind of that thing where you love a thing before thinking about it too much and then you read a lot of valid criticism of it, and you almost feel a little bitter...but know they're right. You kinda want to rebel and still love it a little. And I do. It's a good story. Not as great as I once thought, but not terrible either. IMO
  8. Comic Con Trailer So I'm hoping this will be fun, it -looks- a lot of fun, but also it looks badly lighted and not very colorful. Also just perhaps a complete assault on the senses of pop culture icons fighting other pop culture icons. Could just be the trailer is not very well made since it is just for Comic Con. Felt somewhat Zach Snyder meets Michael Bay for a minute or two. But I'm trying to hold out hope it has good story and plotting and isn't just cgi assault since it's Spielberg. Don't flop this Spielberg, please
  9. Laureline was way better than Valerian, but Bubble was best. And yes definitely made to see in theater. Truly an awe inspiring special effects experience.
  10. Yeah I'd forgotten about Hellboy 2 when I posted that, meant to edit. Also not sure how I completely forgot Del Toro directed Pacific Rim. Good catch. I stand corrected. I also intend to give Crimson Peak another try eventually, I might find I like it better on second viewing. I think my expectations were too high.
  11. Although one could argue Del Toro hasn't made a great movie since Pan's Labyrinth (Crimson Peak was good, but kinda fell apart in its last act) The Shape of Water looks like a nice return to form, and since it reunites Del Toro and Doug Jones I'm truly excited to see it. Actually now that I remember Jones was also in Crimson Peak as the ghosts, honestly the best parts of that film. The trailer may give away more than you'd like to know, so just a short summary of the story. "In 1963, in a hidden, high-security government laboratory where she works, lonely Elisa is trapped in a life of silence and isolation. Elisa's life is changed forever when she and co-worker Zelda discover a secret classified experiment," Doug Jones plays the experiment, a very Abe-Sapien like underwater creature who Elisa bonds with. Sally Hawkins is Elisa, Michael Shannon is the head of the laboratory, Michael Stuhlbarg is a doctor, and Octavia Spencer plays Elisa's friend Zelda. A great cast, and looks like will be a good movie.
  12. That was a brilliant one, pretty funny. I love Honest Trailers. Have managed to watch every single one.
  13. I can understand if disagreeing for biblical reasons, I used to think that way as well.
  14. Well count me as one of the rave reviews. I'm still sitting in the afterglow of this one that left me speechless much like walking out of Arrival last year. Really i feel the best review of this film would be one done in sign language because it's truly at its best in its subtitled moments when face capture or the incredibly talented Amiah Miller (as the human war orphan Nova, a name which is homage to the similarly mute human woman Heston's Taylor meets in the original first film) say SO MUCH with just facial expression. To the actors who played Maurice (yet another homage, first name of actor who played the orangutan scientist Dr. Zaius in the original films) and Rocket and Luca and even freakin Steve Zahn as Bad Ape who manages to turn some hard moments into a respite of laughter. But really as everyone says the star of the show is Andy Serkis, who creates a character that is so real and vital and yes even human that we can't help but feel his every emotion as he feels them. And with just that, as it kinda felt the second film Dawn was, it's still an incredible film. But on top of that we are offered some of the most humanistic morals of the whole film with mercy and forgiveness winning out over revenge and hate. I could should will say more but behind a spoiler gate. Suffice to say I share Jeffrey Overstreets thoughts on zombie films that I feel this one treats similar situations with a lot more grace. And it truly is Caesar's trilogy, we see him grow from a young ape in the care of humans to a ape leader who tries to be better than humans to an aged wise war weary king who realizes that there is really very little difference between apes and humans and both come with flaw and beauty. And those last moments really evoke something like Ben Hur or The Ten Commandments. Even just the lighting and setting feels like you're watching an old biblical epic. But my second favorite part of this film is Nova. If they make more movies the next one, or trilogy, should be her story. It's a shame Amiah Miller probably won't come back to play her again but man can that girl act. I didn't hate -anything- about this film, at one point I found myself interested at the juxtaposition of the somewhat patriarchal culture of the apes and the novelty of seeing female soldiers in The Colonel's army. But then I realized first they're apes with different instincts towards family structure than humans, and two they're a species in the midst of social evolvement, give em a couple hundred years to grow up. That's really another thing, these movies truly seem about social evolvement. We see them as cynical since it's apes vs humans, but if we also see our own origins in the apes (I mean we evolved from apes so...) We are in a way seeing our own history playing out perhaps up against the extinction of say, the dinosaurs. If science tells us anything this cycle is natural, species evolve and sometimes die out and other species rise to dominate. To consider ourselves the center of the universe and think it won't ever happen to us is hubris at best. But that Reeves manages to make the Apes act so human is humanistic. That Caesar makes human mistakes and uses human terminology like "wife" is in a way watching a mirror of ourselves but on the face of an animal. I mean it's hard to anthropomorphize in order to garner empathy without making the animal basically a caricature of humanity but Reeves raises it to an art form and Serkis and the other actors are brilliant. So truly an epic film and a need to see. My favorite of 2017 so far. And one of my most favorite movies ever seen.
  15. Film Crit Hulk had some glowing words. https://mobile.twitter.com/FilmCritHULK/status/885018540557950977