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  1. I will admit Willow is one of my most favorite movies and my most favorite Val Kilmer role lol
  2. I don't know what Ron Howard's idea of a science fiction universe really looks like...or what kind of individual aesthetic he'll bring to the film, but it seems to me it will be "serious Star Wars", and honestly I don't want Star Wars to just be serious, or epic, I'd also enjoy a couple films that are just fun space romps like Guardians of the Galaxy, which I'd kinda hoped Lord and Miller could bring to the table, even with Kasdan doing the script. There are some elements of that in original trilogy, and Force Awakens, but I think it would have been cool to see Lord and Miller's more comedic touch on the films.
  3. Honestly I feel like if any Star Wars film needed comedic elements it would be a Han Solo movie. He's basically Star Lord or something like that. Lord and Miller were good choices. Hope it's not too serious come re edits.
  4. I wonder what the creative differences were? I like their aesthetic
  5. According to his spokeswoman in a statement to Variety it is, but you never know...maybe he changes his mind eventually. Of course he could be like Sean Connery, who actually kept his retirement surprisingly.
  6. Daniel Day Lewis' last movie?
  7. Based on a little googling I can confirm that yeah it is Trevorrow writing the script with Derek Connelly too, not Johnson. And yes they did start over after Fisher died as he had intended her to be at the center of the film but now it looks like Episode 9 won't even have her in the film. Maybe they'll shoot a death somehow for her in Episode 8 or something, but if Luke dies too that is gonna be heavy. Lastly he is talking about making Episode 9 more a movie for the kids...so...kind of still following the aesthetic of the original trilogy in a way. Course that could come out feeling like Phantom Menace too...yikes... *crossing fingers*
  8. Is it sad I barely remember the original enough to know if this feels like a reboot or a sequel? I need to watch that film again apparently
  9. Can one believe in the beauty and wonder of seeing the world like a child...I remember how I saw the world and honestly miss it sometimes, and also get something out of that in my interactions with children and also understand that children aren't perfect little angel beings and some are even capable of murder?
  10. It wasn't better than Jurassic Park...on par with Lost World and definitely better than JP3. But I'm in the minority of even liking those two films so yeah...
  11. Strong Finding Neverland vibe. Not sure if that's a good thing.
  12. That would be pretty cool. I wouldn't mind Duncan Jones either, despite what happened with WarCraft I think he has a better track record for science fiction. Or Denis Viilleneuve. or Joss Whedon? Neill Blomkamp? Alex Garland? Heck even Gareth Edwards... Well, we can hope Trevorrow directing a Rian Johnson script will look good. If anything he's good at keeping continuity of aesthetic, so he probably won't go too far off the track of Abrams/Johnson look
  13. I'm sure Rian Johnson can write a better script than Gregg Hurwitz and still have time to eat breakfast and go for a morning jog any day, and Colin Trevorrow directs well, I doubt that's the problem with this film. If it is, well...everyone has gotta have their Fan4tstick/Warcraft But really I am not worried at all about Star Wars Episode 9. (Maybe I'm just in the minority for thinking Safety Not Guaranteed is a brilliant film) Also I could tell from the trailer that this film was a mess...schmaltzy kids movie meets dark revenge flick?
  14. In her society walking around like that with a sword was normal. Just because she doesn't understand a different cultures customs or folkways is not the same thing as naive and innocent. Also let's not assume she's never had any sexual experiences. Maybe not with a man but that certainly doesn't translate to automatically naive about sex. Honestly I read that whole scene as her kinda laughing at him for being embarrassed of his attraction to her and not thinking he could control himself while sleeping by her. I think we have different definitions of self sacrifice, but okay. I do remember them having some fairly compelling evidence that the guy she tried to kill was Ares, even though for us in the audience of course we knew it was the other guy all along. And I don't think we can blame Diana so much for being taught wrong, that's not her fault.
  15. Dude I didn't even think of that! Course I've been doing my best to forget the Hobbit movies as best I can. Though the first one was actually not that bad.