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  1. Before Rottentomatoes my main way of choosing if a movie was worth seeing was first *if my friends/family said so, then *trailers and whether *actors I liked were in it or its a Studio Ghibli film, and more recently if it had a good review on the DVD jacket by Roger Ebert (or Peter Travers used to be, which now I feel somewhat embarrassed by), but Rotten Tomatoes has made it a whole lot easier, and I do often read through the review blurbs, seeing why people gave a Rotten or Fresh score. Sometimes I've still chosen to go see a movie even if it was a low score and sometimes it turns out just as bad a said, or my own low expectations help me enjoy it more. I'm probably more of the average joe, I don't have favorite film reviewers since Ebert died (other than some of you like Steven Greydanus and Jeffrey Overstreet who I often google their thoughts on a movie if I'm up in the air about it), and I do tend to use review aggregates as a litmus test. Even on Netflix for a time I just picked a movie if it looked interesting, and then I started noticing that I had been watching a string of really bad movies and noticed that most of the ones I did like had higher star ratings (with some exceptions), so I just started picking what to add to my list based on star ratings and if it looked interesting to me. I still follow some of my old rules too, and it all works out usually. but that's what works for me. I don't expect it to for everyone.
  2. According to one guy at least What do you think? Does the popularity of RottenTomatoes and Netflix's new thumbs up thumbs down rating system spell the end of movie criticism? I'm not sure I agree with him. On RT I'd say they have a rather rigorous process to be considered for addition to their reviewers pool, and while I'm not really that sure about Netflix I don't really think it ever was a bastion of great film criticism to start... And he might invalidate his whole opinion to me by loathing Hail, Caesar...course that might be petty of me heh. I'm one of those guys who rarely sees a movie in theater unless it has a high RT rating (unless I'm bored, or it was something I wanted to see regardless) and they haven't steered me that badly yet. In particular I had no interest in seeing Ouija: Origin of Evil til I noticed its higher RT rating, and I was duly impressed with the film, a rare light years better sequel/prequel (TBF the original was a very meh movie on its own so it wasn't that hard to beat it)
  3. Not capturing me like I'd hoped it would. Perhaps I'm still sad that Vin Diesel isn't Shadow lol
  4. Trailer: International Trailer: Very straight 90's action flick
  5. Psh. I loved it. Best fun I've had at the movies in a long while. A true blockbuster giant monster movie. Felt like Jackson's King Kong but pared down, less heavy, more free to have a sense of humor.
  6. Jason Isaacs will play the captain of The Discovery
  7. Effeminate being gay is one of the worst stereotypes. I had many fully straight male ballet dancer friends in college who were somewhat "effeminate" and it opened my incredibly uncultured eyes at the time. But of course that won't stop the fundies boycotting the movie... I just think it's funny a story that is essentially a Stockholm syndrome fairy tale is being attacked for its least controversial aspect.
  8. I don't think I said anything about lacking empathy. Jeffrey is one of the most empathetic people I know. Which is why his statements on the character of Chiron as seeming boring and one dimensional cause all he does is suffer sort of surprised me. I grant that, as usual, I could have worded things better. I follow a rather large group of social justice bent lgbtq bloggers and from what I read in their Facebook statuses and comments Moonlight resonated with them deeply and felt -real- which is why if the character truly does seem to not have one moment untinged with sorrow that actually makes me feel more empathetic to his character if it's telling a story like that of my friends and in turn pushes me to desire to do better as a straight cis person in their lives.
  9. I'm gonna go out on a limb here, in response to Jeffrey's review. He says that Chiron seems to lack character because we only ever see him suffering. Perhaps this is an artistic choice as Holy Moly says or a mistake on the writers part, or perhaps it's just the truth. Perhaps what makes one uncomfortable is the idea that for some people, certainly for a black gay man growing up in poverty and segregation in New Jim Crow Era America suffering is all they know. That there are few if any moments of grace, joy, or peace, perhaps this character is the sum of their suffering and that is what makes them them. We need to ask ourselves why this character resonated so deeply with the Black and gay community. He felt real to them. They could say, yeah that's me. If our assessment is this character seems one dimensional and that dimension is pain perhaps we need to examine why that dimension exists so totally in the real world of our black and gay friends. Maybe life hammers at them til it leaves only one dimension. And I'll just point out that it weirds me out that a character whose one dimensionalness was suffering invoked boredom rather than deeply felt empathy. Like sheesh stop hurting so much...life isn't that bad...oh right...well...maybe for us it isn't. And yes I'd feel the same way if the character had been white and straight.
  10. His review of Moonlight, yeah he's still around
  11. And now thanks to you I'm gonna add Paterson to my will see list
  12. #1 The Red Turtle #2 Arrival #3 Midnight Special #4 A Monster Calls #5 The Girl With All the Gifts #6 Finding Dory #7 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Leaving some room til I see Silence, Moonlight and Loving but 10 Cloverfield Lane is in there, along with Ouija Origin of Evil and the Conjuring 2 and Green Room, also Zootopia so I guess it's a top 15, oh and Doctor Strange
  13. Great review.
  14. Also very appreciative of adding in John C Reilly for comedic effect, something big budget disaster and monster movies have been sorely lacking these last few years
  15. Same universe yeah. I think they're setting up a King Kong vs Godzilla movie. Dannnngggg.