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  1. Future not looking good according to I09
  2. Definitely Darnielle. Maybe Josh Ritter
  3. Do you know of his main band The Weakerthans? They're great.
  4. Love your last few comments M. Leary, really support this path you're on.
  5. There is just as much black people waking up to their own civil rights crisis as white people waking up to it.
  6. thanks to Joel Mayward I'm making one more nomination Fruitvale Station Director: Ryan Coogler Date: 2013 Imdb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2334649/ A&F Link: Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ceVVVils8z4
  7. Under this definition then I am absolutely gonna have to nominate Fruitvale Station. Is this too nebulous a topic, or the nebulousness the point and this is more a "different interpretations make for different and varied moviegoing experiences" kind of list? Perhaps the variety enriches the list we will come up with rather than ruins it. I'm open to that. I would like some more "woke" nominations too as M. Leary describes.
  8. *Revised, and much smaller list. #1. Choir Boy - Passive With Desire #2. Weyes Blood - Front Row Seat to Earth #3. Kyle Craft - Dolls of Highland #4. Yndi Halda - Under Summer #5 Ogre and Dallas Campbell - Beyond the Infinite #6 Childish Gambino - Awaken, My Love #7 Alex Cameron - Jumping the Shark #8 Santigold - 99 cents #9 Okkervil River - Away #10 Kristin Kontrol - X-Communicate
  9. Moon is the more conventional "waking up" movie of the two I nominated, using the familiar psychological thriller with a twist format to create a narrative where we think things are one way, but as truth is revealed we realize things are very much different. The central protagonist is a character literally alone with himself who through an encounter with himself in a way realizes that reality is more than what he thinks. Ink might seem like just a low budget film, and it is, but there is so much to it. The first time director gained a cult following despite the amateur nature of the film, because it featured such a deep and well thought out story. In it a father is forced to wake up to a deeper spiritual reality when his daughter is kidnapped by the titular villain and drawn into a deeper world where stories have power and much is not as it seems. Winans uses very Gilliam-like imagery, and draws from many classic influences for what is truly a work of art.
  10. Ink Director: Jamin Winans Year: 2009 imdb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1071804/ no post about the film, unfortunately. Moon Director: Duncan Jones Date: 2009 ImDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1182345/ A&F Link: I can think of so many others (Matrix, Truman Show, A Scanner Darkly, Blade Runner, etc) but I don't wanna flood with nominations. These two are personal favorites of mine which i figured might not get nominated otherwise.
  11. Official Announcement for Sonequa Martin Green, and a name and rank change.
  12. Putting this here because the lawsuit is for the whole series. Apparently the Warrens had previous contract with the author of The Demonologist that were contingent on them not giving permission for anyone else to use their stories. This author who had the contract with the Warrens is also very likely the author whose book influenced Wan to make the Conjuring movies in the first place. Oh boy.