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  1. Not a good description. One person likened it more to Being John Malkovich meets Godzilla. It's got that same trippy magical realism with little explanation but also is a kaiju related film. But really the kaiju as avatar for deep monsters within the two central characters is the real story. And it's mostly about toxic masculinity too. As Oligando put it it's sort of a exploration on the darkness of problematic relationship tropes in romantic comedies where men who stalk and emotionally abuse and manipulate are shrugged off as just being romantic and making grand gestures. So it's a relational drama, where the monsters that are inside us aren't just metaphors but are giant city destroying creatures. A kind of take on the world spanning destructiveness of our world leaders living out their destructive patterns with colossal results. A good movie but it took me a while to understand it, also to realize a certain character was a villain...if you aren't good at catching the red flags in abusive manipulative relationships you might just think wow that escalated quickly, when really it was simmering all along. Anyways, good film, one like Being John Malkovich or Synecdoche, NY is worth multiple viewings to examine it's layers within the magical realism
  2. A new Netflix miniseries that is going to be a sort of prequel to the original film, following a group of Gelflings that discover the secret of the Mystics and Skeksis and set out to try to save the world. If one remembers in The Dark Crystal all the gelflings but Jen and Kira have died. That means this prequel's gonna be rather dark. Pros, it seems like the miniseries will do its best to honor Henson and use practical puppetry effects and only cgi as little as possible. It's also being done in part by the Jim Henson Company themselves. Cons, the director of the show,, Louis Leterrier (The Incredible Hulk, Clash of the Titans remake, first two Transporter films, Now You See Me) is not really known for making groundbreaking films but is known for overindulging on the cgi...so...hmmm Here's a fun little video of Jim Henson talking about The Dark Crystal that Netflix is using as a promo for their miniseries. I also enjoyed this discussion about the miniseries on Screen Junkies News.
  3. The klingons mainly really throwing me off. Why did they feel the need to make them look like Abrams-verse Klingons and completely undermine the fact that this is supposed to be set in the same universe as Original Series etc. As it is it definitely looks Abrams verse influenced. There's even lens flare heh. I like the first Abrams movie and the third but I would rather a truly old school Star Trek feel and aesthetic than this. Which is what Fuller sounded like he wanted. But the studios wanted Abrams and his vision I guess and so they went with his aesthetic. Which means this will be even more cliche and over the top than Enterprise was. I doubt it does well.
  4. I feel very meh on this now. More excited for the Galaxy Quest like The Orville than this.
  5. David doesn't kill all the embryos for the same reason he didn't just not follow orders when Daniels had him help her with the alien on the ship. He's experimenting. He's using the humans to test whether his "creations" are as good as he thinks. You see his pleased face when they go after the alien on the ship and his disappointment when they kill the alien. He sees himself as better than humans and wants to create something that is better than him and he needs them to test his creations
  6. Future not looking good according to I09
  7. Definitely Darnielle. Maybe Josh Ritter
  8. Do you know of his main band The Weakerthans? They're great.
  9. Love your last few comments M. Leary, really support this path you're on.
  10. According to one guy at least What do you think? Does the popularity of RottenTomatoes and Netflix's new thumbs up thumbs down rating system spell the end of movie criticism? I'm not sure I agree with him. On RT I'd say they have a rather rigorous process to be considered for addition to their reviewers pool, and while I'm not really that sure about Netflix I don't really think it ever was a bastion of great film criticism to start... And he might invalidate his whole opinion to me by loathing Hail, Caesar...course that might be petty of me heh. I'm one of those guys who rarely sees a movie in theater unless it has a high RT rating (unless I'm bored, or it was something I wanted to see regardless) and they haven't steered me that badly yet. In particular I had no interest in seeing Ouija: Origin of Evil til I noticed its higher RT rating, and I was duly impressed with the film, a rare light years better sequel/prequel (TBF the original was a very meh movie on its own so it wasn't that hard to beat it)
  11. There is just as much black people waking up to their own civil rights crisis as white people waking up to it.
  12. thanks to Joel Mayward I'm making one more nomination Fruitvale Station Director: Ryan Coogler Date: 2013 Imdb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2334649/ A&F Link: Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ceVVVils8z4
  13. Under this definition then I am absolutely gonna have to nominate Fruitvale Station. Is this too nebulous a topic, or the nebulousness the point and this is more a "different interpretations make for different and varied moviegoing experiences" kind of list? Perhaps the variety enriches the list we will come up with rather than ruins it. I'm open to that. I would like some more "woke" nominations too as M. Leary describes.
  14. *Revised, and much smaller list. #1. Choir Boy - Passive With Desire #2. Weyes Blood - Front Row Seat to Earth #3. Kyle Craft - Dolls of Highland #4. Yndi Halda - Under Summer #5 Ogre and Dallas Campbell - Beyond the Infinite #6 Childish Gambino - Awaken, My Love #7 Alex Cameron - Jumping the Shark #8 Santigold - 99 cents #9 Okkervil River - Away #10 Kristin Kontrol - X-Communicate
  15. Moon is the more conventional "waking up" movie of the two I nominated, using the familiar psychological thriller with a twist format to create a narrative where we think things are one way, but as truth is revealed we realize things are very much different. The central protagonist is a character literally alone with himself who through an encounter with himself in a way realizes that reality is more than what he thinks. Ink might seem like just a low budget film, and it is, but there is so much to it. The first time director gained a cult following despite the amateur nature of the film, because it featured such a deep and well thought out story. In it a father is forced to wake up to a deeper spiritual reality when his daughter is kidnapped by the titular villain and drawn into a deeper world where stories have power and much is not as it seems. Winans uses very Gilliam-like imagery, and draws from many classic influences for what is truly a work of art.
  16. Ink Director: Jamin Winans Year: 2009 imdb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1071804/ no post about the film, unfortunately. Moon Director: Duncan Jones Date: 2009 ImDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1182345/ A&F Link: I can think of so many others (Matrix, Truman Show, A Scanner Darkly, Blade Runner, etc) but I don't wanna flood with nominations. These two are personal favorites of mine which i figured might not get nominated otherwise.
  17. Official Announcement for Sonequa Martin Green, and a name and rank change.
  18. Putting this here because the lawsuit is for the whole series. Apparently the Warrens had previous contract with the author of The Demonologist that were contingent on them not giving permission for anyone else to use their stories. This author who had the contract with the Warrens is also very likely the author whose book influenced Wan to make the Conjuring movies in the first place. Oh boy.
  19. feels like a middle finger and not a social commentary on whitewashing. http://www.cbr.com/review-ghost-in-the-shell
  20. I do sorta like the conception of The Vulture as anti-Iron Man, and also it's interesting seeing Stark try to take on a father figure role in his clumsy overprotective way. It also shows the web thing doesn't really work what with him needing Iron Man to push the pieces together.
  21. I will say I am very much in love with the song Sugar For the Pill. Beautiful song.
  22. 22 years in the making. Can pre order here, out on May 5 https://slowdive.bandcamp.com