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  1. I know I'm rather late on this, and you've already written your article I'm sure, but as I've recently read the story and it really stuck out to me....Teufelsberst from The Cruel Painter by George Macdonald.
  2. I think JAA Purves has it right in how he describes O'Connor. In all depiction of depravity there must be a measure of grace as well. A point to look up to as how we should then act in such a situation. In the movie Jeffrey refers to, there is actually moments of this, in the way the teenage boy reacts and the way the elderly janitor does as well. My problems with the movie came less from how the scenes were depicted and more to the heavyhandedness that the director was using to push his moral of the story. I like it when stories step away from darkness in a sense without being afraid to depict it. Camera angles and all that. I hate it when directors use darkness to push a certain kind of light without any sense that they actually understand how that darkness should be depicted. Compliance was an instance where the moral of the story became more important than the story itself. Possibly the only artistic part of the whole story is at the very end, but by then it's too little too late. He adds nothing to the story that I didn't already get from reading the newspapers. And that is why the movie fails. Another story that I think reflects the idea of depicting evil, but showing intense light in spite of it is Leo Traynor's blog on meeting the troll who had harassed his family for months. I think the light of his act of forgiveness loses it's intensity if not for his descriptions of the truly evil acts of the troll. But even then he knows when to "pan away the camera" so to speak. And that is what makes one person an artist, and another simply someone retelling a story but adding nothing to it. http://www.traynorseye.com/2012/09/meeting-troll.html?spref=fb (link to the Troll story. I'd like to see a movie made out of this.)
  3. true, but remade with a distinctly American take on them. And I am one to usually say that the original ones are better, but I've learned to see value in remakes as well as being their own stories. As my writing professor said at Belhaven, "There are no new stories under the sun, just our own individual takes. And that makes them original."
  4. Looper. Rian Johnson impresses me every time. Can't wait for this one.
  5. A remake doesn't mean it's bad. I like remakes, usually. I consider any story that involves a measure of terror as part of the main theme as a horror, even if it's mixed with other tropes. I'll give you Prometheus (although Wikipedia labels it as horror, and most people consider Alien a horror.), but I definitely see Pitch Black as a horror. The underwhelming Chronicles of Riddick was pure sci fi...but Pitch Black is not.
  6. yeah, i knew i'd accidentally get some foreign ones in there...had to make myself not put in 28 Days Later...I cried a bit about it.
  7. I'll have to check that out M. Leary, thanks.
  8. Good question.... Didn't find any from 1995..1996: From Dusk Til Dawn, Scream (the whole trilogy is great), 1997: Event Horizon (movie still freaks me out a bit), 1998: The Faculty, Apt Pupil 1999: Sleepy Hollow, Stir of Echoes 2000: Final Destination (the only one that should have existed), Pitch Black, 2001: Session 9 2004: Saw, (the first one was great, and then they crapped it up by making more), 2005: The Amityville Horror, Dark Water, Exorcism of Emily Rose, 2006: Slither, When A Stranger Calls, 2007: I Am Legend, The Invasion, The Mist, 2008: Cloverfield, Quarantine, The Ruins, The Strangers, 2009: Carriers, Drag Me To Hell, The House of the Devil, Zombieland 2010: The Crazies, Let Me In, Tucker and Dale VS. Evil 2011: Apollo 18, The Innkeepers, The Thing (not too bad for a remake though the original is far better) 2012: The Cabin in the Woods, Dark Shadows, Prometheus (sci-horror I guess) sure i missed some
  9. My favorite show on television right now, only read a part of the comics. To be honest I find em melodramatic, and dumb. Show is great though, somehow it works.
  10. Pretty disappointed in this. I've given up on there ever being another Abrams show as good as Lost. He should stick with movies.
  11. I'm impressed by the musical tastes of people on this board. Mono is probably my most favorite post rock band. Listening to Hymn To The Immortal Wind on vinyl is quite the experience. Anyways, I like their new one For My Parents. But then I'm a huge post rock fan so I love even the crappy stuff.
  12. my bad, I clicked on see last unread post, and thought I was on page 24...my apologies. yeah I feel like a complete newb now. Oh well, every forum has their own setup and new people have to learn how it works.
  13. wow so no one has talked about this since it came out. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say I felt like what Nolan did here was more of a deconstruction of the superhero genre than a celebration of it. He took the character of Batman and exposed his flaws, while also showing how no one can truly take up the mantle of a hero without there being some darkness that comes with it. My only reason for not completely agreeing with my interpretation of this is the ending of the third movie... but then it could be that he is saying the temptation is too strong, or he is saying that Blake, since he cared about raising heroes from normal people...is the only one who could be trusted to protect the meaning of Batman without giving into the darkness. gonna have to go back and rewatch the trilogy with this thought in mind.
  14. He definitely seems like one of the new faces of horror. I hope Hollywood doesn't eat him up and spit him out. I was really impressed with House of the Devil, and The Innkeepers was fun. Too many horrors nowadays are not willing to be campy, instead just focusing on scares, and far too much seriousness. Not that there's no room for such a horror, but when it seems like that's all there is...and even the serious ones, it's like they only care about scaring, not about asking questions.
  15. haha I'll give you that. It's honestly my most favorite tv show of all time...but it's not an easy show to get into.
  16. Okay so I know a lot of people didn't like this movie. I think I got it though. In fact to me it's a lot like that show Lost. Time limits at libraries are no fun or I'd go more into that. Basically the idea of going to a place looking for all the answers, realizing that none of the answers are there, and moving on to another place. It's a bit like life really...
  17. something about it made me think of Empire of the Sun...I think it will be pretty good.
  18. Excellent movie, I'm hard pressed to find one I've seen made this year I like more. Jeff Who Lives At Home might be a close second. Secret World of Arrietty...yeah...I think this tops both of those even. I was almost hoping throughout that they would never be found. But then I realized that was not right...the whole ending scene, the adoption etc. I kinda saw it through new eyes after that. Children in a world full of adults who act like children will themselves try to act like adults. It's an interesting contrast I even see in myself, when I was a boy all I wanted to do was grow up, fall in love, get married. Now that I'm older I look back on those days with a certain nostalgic fondness. But then there's the music...and that's exactly something I thought to myself the other day...as I've grown older the stories I love, the music I listen to, the art I appreciate has only deepened and broadened. I can't see younger me loving this movie half as much as older me does. Anderson seems to reflect that in his musical choices. Boy...I've liked a couple of Anderson flicks, Life Aquatic and Darjeeling Limited really, but none of the others really stood out to me, but this one sure did. I think it was cause of the music. Also because of the loss of childhood/regaining childhood theme. I noticed the whole leaving and cleaving aspect someone else mentioned too, though I definitely don't think the scene on the beach was really supposed to be sexual, I think it was supposed to be children once again, trying to be adults. All around a great story...
  19. JustinH


    thanks Christian! I wrote a review for the site I write reviews for, hopefully it will be up soon. I'll link to it here when it is.
  20. Sera Cahoone's new one is a real gem. Still up at NPR I think. Also rather enjoying this band out of Washington called Wickerbird that have a stream up on Spinner. Sounds like an ambient Fleet Foxes.
  21. JustinH


    First post... I had strong feelings about Cosmopolis. Basically a tale of meaninglessness in a world full of people seeking meaning. Very powerful story. I feel like I need to watch it a few more times to develop a more coherent reaction.
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