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  1. It's more like heavy intellectual marveling and wondering, actually lifting then it's a diferent matter...
  2. January Moby Dick (Herman Melville) Never Let Me Go (Kazuo Ishiguro) February War and Peace (Lev Tolstoy) Anna Karenina (Lev Tolstoy) Memórias Póstumas de Brás Cubas (Machado de Assis) March Ulysses (James Joyce) The Iliad (Homer) The Odyssey (Homer) April The Magic Mountain (Thomas Mann) V. (Thomas Pynchon) The Book of Disquiet (Fernando Pessoa) Petersburg (Andrei Bely) Finnegans Wake (James Joyce) May Dom Casmurro (Machado de Assis) Swan's Way (Marcel Proust) Doctor Faustus (Thomas Mann) Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus (Wittgenstein) Wittgenstein's Mistress (David Markson) Gravity's Rainbow (Thomas Pynchon) June Philosophical Investigations (Wittgenstein) July Buddenbrooks (Thomas Mann) The Recognitions (William Gaddis) As I Lay Dying (William Faulkner) Hunger (Knut Hamsun) August Infinite Jest (D.F. Wallace)
  3. I was not all clear, sorry. I was referring to the mother on the quote. Instead of just trying to make her son or herself to stay away from the 'bad movies' she should ask herself: what kind of person I am (or my son is) that he/me like the 'bad stuff'? Edit: they are projecting the problem outside them, the bad culture will ruin my son, well not if he doesn't want to be ruined. (i.e. the problem is always us, and we have to change that first.)
  4. Honestly, I don't think this book was published because the author really thinks people needs 'soul detox', this is all about affirmation of identity and denial (which the same thing). You run a subtext based on if/then.: if we are contaminated by culture, then we are naturally clean, we are good people that just consumed the wrong stuff. Or : if it is the culture that its ruining me, then I just need to get away from that and will everything be okay. But this culture only exists because you will connect with it, because you are who you are. Those guys who make movies don't have to lie to you, you are being lied to, by yourself. If you want to change it, now you know where to start.
  5. I'll feel myself obliged to bump this topic to post the best fake celebrity interview ever done: My name is NotMichaelBay, and I just... *Contains some strong language also.
  6. So, even though this generation hasn't lost completely the ability to read a book we can all agree that they (most of the time) only read bad literature. But, I don't think the problem here is that the books they read are only pop and/or bad stuff (though that doesn't help), the reason why I think they are so damaging is that the readers of those books create a affinity with those specific works but not of reading. Lots of people read those books and never read another book again. There is no logical progression from, I don't know, Twilight to any other kind of reading. An interesting (unscientific) research would be to grab a bunch of random people to see if are they better able to tolerate an entire football game with teams they don't know, or a novel written by an unknown.
  7. What astonishes me about the Gulag Archipelago is how sometimes the Soviet regime is so over-cruel and senseless that looks like a satire:
  8. And people there complaining about 'writer's block': From the third volume of 'Gulag Archipelago'.
  9. The voice-over could be a very welcome addition to a movie indeed. In Badlands, for example, Malick uses the 'trick' of using a woman's narration to distract us (to a certain extent) of Kit's insanity so we don't see him as inheretly violent all the time, but someone who chooses to become evil as he goes along.
  10. An interesting piece about 'lazy' VOs: What do voice-overs in movies really tell you?
  11. As bad as it is, we have to count that this type of narcissist thinking is normal at that age (mid twenties), its a developmentally appropriate trait. What we should be asking is how the 40 year olds got this way, and why it's happening to the society as a whole, not just Christianity.
  12. "The Second Story Of Echo And Narcissus": The whole article is worth reading, it's not a nice one but the useful ones never are. I think this shows how the study of fiction (films, books, etc) are so important, so that we can look at us, our projections and reflections, from a 'outsider' perspective and perhaps use them to grow and change.
  13. Pierrot


    He grasped: partialobjects.com/2011/09/drive-is-the-best-david-lynch-film-not-actually-made-by-david-lynch/#comment-7155 In other words, it's about a narcissist man who finds out he's not the only kid on the playground. Great.
  14. And of course, this social agenda pamphlet disguised as truth totally ignores that people believe in God(s) for a totally different reason in western Earth today than they did 6000 thousand years ago. At the moment we developed a culture, a civilization and allowed other people to influence us how to think and how to behave all bets were off.
  15. Oh, oh, I'm no biologist but I think that's not how evolution works. What they want to be true with this article? It wants to be true that people's behavior can be affected by the mere belief of a God, so the heavily atheist readership can justifies to themselves: "oh there's a scientific reason those nuts accept unskeptical costumes after all".
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