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  1. They were all (Sibelius, Korngold, Steiner, Herrmann, etc.) influenced by Wagner at some point in their lives, so I would say that's the common link and why Sibelius can have a film score sound to his music.
  2. Evan C

    Shine (1996)

    I'd say that's a pretty negative review, even if it's more directed toward the people he thinks are exploiting Helfgott. But I'll definitely seek out the film.
  3. Eve's Bayou is a memory driven, religion haunted film that should definitely be on this list.
  4. Just published my review of Lourdes.
  5. Evan C

    Da 5 Bloods

    I was going to post this on Letterboxd, but it's down right now, so here are my initial, mildly spoilerish thoughts: The first half is Apocalypse Now, and the second half is The Treasure of the Sierra Madre. Spike Lee tips his hat obviously to those two films, but the decision to merge homages to them presents a new view of the horror of the "American War" in Vietnam and its link to the horror of racism in America. It's an explosive link, and the two halves of the movie literally hinge on an explosion. As the four surviving members of "Da 5 bloods" search for the gold they buried during the war, pursuing their own version of the American dream just as Tim Holt, Walter Huston, and Humphrey Bogart did, the far reaching consequences of the war and America's history of racism continue to rear their heads. However, Spike Lee is such a hopeful, love-filled storyteller that the bonds of blood run deeper the anger and greed that have defined so much of America's legacy at home and abroad.
  6. I could do Lourdes, unless someone else wants it.
  7. I saw it years ago, when I was trying to go through as many Peter Weir films as possible, and this was the only one I thought was actively bad. I just thought it was all over the place with too many ideas and sloppy pacing.
  8. Has anyone claimed The Red Shoes? Even though it's not my nominee, that would be my next choice, unless someone else really wants to do it. I'm also happy to update my Phantom Carriage blurb, if need be. After that, I'd be willing to do Amazing Grace unless someone else wanted it.
  9. I posted the Amadeus blurb and started working on Babette's Feast. If no one's asked for The Red Shoes yet, I'll happily do that, but I'll cede if someone else wants to do it.
  10. I third that sentiment. Thanks again for all your work in organizing this, Darren!
  11. I could update and expand my old blurb for Phantom Carriage, if you'd like. (At least, I'm 99% sure it's mine.) I'd rather hold out for Three Colors: Blue and talk about the importance of music in that film, but if no one else wants to do Amazing Grace and Stop Making Sense, I could do them.
  12. Anything you'd like me to start working on, Ken? I've been planning to review Amadeus for awhile, so I'd happily start on that. Grave of the Fireflies is the other of my nominees not in the top 25, so I could start writing that too, if you want.
  13. I'll check after posting this. A Man for All Seasons Ordet Andrei Rublev Three Colors: Blue (as a member of the trilogy and on this list) Babette's Feast Diary of a Country Priest The Seventh Seal Gospel According to St. Matthew The Flowers of St. Francis 2001: A Space Odyssey The Night of the Hunter The Mission Wings of Desire Tokyo Story The Apostle The Burmese Harp Grave of the Fireflies Schindler's List It's a Wonderful Life Sunrise ETA: 13/20, not terrible.
  14. Evan C

    Young Ahmed

    Despite seeing the ending coming far enough in advance, I thought it totally worked both for ending the film with the strongest moment of grace (not dissimilar from The Son or Two Days, One Night) and for the way it completely knocks down Ahmed's religious extremism while exalting the charity and compassion of his teacher's religious beliefs. I'll probably write a review myself once I've had time to think about it a bit more.
  15. I'd be willing to write about any (but not all) of the following: Three Colors: Blue (1st choice) Babette's Feast Amadeus Grave of the Fireflies The Red Shoes The Phantom Carriage Lourdes
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