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  1. I'm 99.9% sure Johnson's being facetious, not least of all, because 1917 blacks out for several seconds half way through when he runs up the tower and falls backward after shooting the sniper, so there definitely was a break in shooting there.
  2. I had time to write a full review: https://catholiccinephile.wordpress.com/2020/01/17/little-women/
  3. Not beyond the paragraph I wrote for my yearend list. I hope to make time to write a review both of that and Little Women.
  4. My write-up is here: https://catholiccinephile.wordpress.com/2020/01/15/favorite-films-of-2019/ Top ten for those too lazy to click: Little Women Marriage Story The Irishman Knives Out Parasite The Dead Don't Die The Last Black Man in San Francisco The Farewell By the Grace of God Frozen II That last one is not a typo.
  5. If the traditional indicators mean anything (nominated for PGA best picture, SAG best ensemble, and DGA, then Oscar nominations for editing, directing, and screenplay) then the only films to have nominations in all those categories are The Irishman and Parasite, and since The Irishman has 10 noms to Parasite's 6, that would seem to say The Irishman would be the favorite. However, for the past few years, the best picture winner has not been nominated in at least one of those categories, so Joker's 11 nominations could make it the favorite. Personally, I think best director is still Tarantino's to lose, so right now I'm inclined to say that will push Once Upon a Time ... In Hollywood to a best picture win as well. I would love to see either Parasite or The Irishman get it though. If Parasite did win, that would make it the second film to win the Palme d'Or and the Oscar, the first being 1955's Marty. EDIT: No, it would be the 3rd. The Lost Weekend won best picture and then played at Cannes in the following year and was one of 10 films to be awarded the Palme d'Or in 1946. And the other films that have won the Palme d'Or and been nominated for best picture are: Amour, The Tree of Life, The Pianist, Secrets & Lies, Pulp Fiction, The Piano, The Mission, Apocalypse Now, All That Jazz, Taxi Driver, The Conversation, M*A*S*H, and Friendly Persuasion
  6. For technically mind-blowing films about WWI that recreate the horrors of living through trench warfare, They Shall Not Grow Old is a better version of 1917.
  7. Is Tarantino not a guild member, or ineligible for some other reason? Because I figured he was just about guaranteed to get the Oscar for Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood.
  8. I'm still happy to organize nominees and send out a ballot. As long as we start after February 10th, I won't have a problem with scheduling. I will be gone one week of July, but hopefully the list will be done by then. If for some reason we go into October, I'll most likely be MIA. Otherwise, I'm open to whatever is best for everyone else.
  9. It's okay if we keep it on Wednesday; it probably will only make a difference if 1917 finishes right around #10 on the first ballot. And if 1917 is a finalist, I'll still be able to see it before submitting the ranked ballot. I also figured there was a chance some other jurors might be in the same boat.
  10. Is the Wednesday deadline for voting time sensitive enough that we couldn't push it back to Friday (1/10)? I'm asking because that's the only way I'll be able to see 1917 before voting. Depending on local cinemas, I might be able to see it Thursday night 1/9, but I'll definitely see it by Friday the 10th.
  11. HBO Now and HBO Go are streaming it. Otherwise, it's out on DVD and Blu-ray, so local libraries should have it. It's also available for $9 on Google play and Amazon.
  12. I just requested Little Joe and Wild Rose from my library. Great list, Joel!
  13. Evan C

    The Two Popes

    I wrote this kind of quickly, so may I make some edits tomorrow if I notice anything that really needs to be changed. https://catholiccinephile.wordpress.com/2019/12/30/the-two-popes/
  14. First impressions from Letterboxd: This is also the only movie I've seen twice in theaters on the same day.
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