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  1. Sure, I'd be interested. I think Facebook would probably be easiest.
  2. A Cure for Wellness - a letter is dated July 18th. A photo also has a date on it, but I didn't see anything beyond the year.
  3. I'm with SDG. It's fun and entertaining, but the subversive brilliance which made The LEGO Movie so great is substantially weaker here. The send-up jokes of the Batman-franchise work the best, and I loved the opening scene which manages to spoof both The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises in the same sequence. I appreciated Batman's trajectory and the critique of arrogant superheroes, but a lot of it felt like it was rushing through the standard beats (contrast The Incredibles for a superhero suffering weightier consequences for his arrogance.) And honestly, the pull-out-all-the-toys finale came across to me more as giving into franchise and corporate interests rather than critiquing them. I'm aware pulling all of one's toys out of the box into a mega-universe mix is very much a way that kids play, and one of my favorite aspects of The LEGO Movie was that the narrative had the logic of a kid playing with LEGOs, and I really liked that element of the over-the-topness of the opening sequence, but trying to upstage it in the finale didn't entirely work for me. But still, it was a lot of fun, and I'm glad I saw it. P.S. For the record, my Man of Steel rating is D+, so I thoroughly support trashing it.
  4. Quick first thoughts: extraordinary framing, wow this movie is timely, and phenomenal portrayal of a cinematic saint.
  5. I was never the biggest Shyamalan fan, so take this with a grain of salt, but I thought this was his best film since Unbreakable. McAvoy and Taylor-Joy are clearly having a blast, and they do a great job playing off one another. The story was a littler darker than it needed to be, but the tension and pacing is pretty sharp, and Shyamalan is smart enough not to take his central concept too seriously. Also, spoilers in white text: I now really want a sequel to this and Unbreakable where Bruce Willis fights the Beast, because I burst out laughing in that same spot Peter mentioned.
  6. Shows what I know.
  7. Is it a metaphor for marriage and putting your faith in God? Or am I thinking of the wrong film?
  8. There's actually another similarity between New York, New York and La La Land which that video doesn't mention: the former features a fantasy sequence near the end which was directed by Vincente Minnelli, and the latter features a fantasy sequence paying blatant tribute to Vincente Minnelli.
  9. Well, Park was a producer on Snowpiercer, so he might have had a little artistic input there. Anyway, I second everything M. said. Park is the sort of director you either really dig or you hate, and I don't have any argument with anyone who hates him.
  10. Updated. The question now is: will Stone beat Portman, and will Gosling beat Affleck?
  11. Leonard DiCaprio plays the US president.
  12. Could someone compile a list of all nominated themes? If I'm keeping track we have: Idealism vs Reality Small Towns/Villages Waking Up Coming of Age Crime and Punishment Films About Government At this point, I'd lean toward Crime and Punishment, although Small Towns intrigues me a lot too (mostly because we definitely need Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me on at least one of our lists.)
  13. My top ten (plus more) with write-ups. Silence The Witch Cameraperson Paterson The Handmaiden Our Little Sister Hell or High Water The Edge of Seventeen Love & Friendship Certain Women Tower Jackie The Fits Right Now, Wrong Then The Innocents Arrival A Monster Calls Sing Street Eye in the Sky The Young Messiah 13th
  14. I've seen it twice, and I didn't notice any problems either time.
  15. I think this is the longest review I've ever written, and there were still things I wanted to discuss but didn't get to. Anyway, I hope I managed to convey some semblance of coherent thought. I also quote Peter, SDG, and magadizer. https://catholiccinephile.wordpress.com/2017/01/14/silence/