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  1. I had never seen an Ozon film before, and I wanted to catch Frantz before it left town. I was not impressed.
  2. In that both are films about healing after World Wars and personal betrayals, and both involve music as a crucial plot point, Phoenix is a better version of Frantz.
  3. Second Almost Famous and The New World.
  4. I recognized the cameos when I first saw the trailer, and while I would have preferred the surprise of discovering them when I saw the film, it was still my favorite scene of the year. It's also what I was referring to in the last sentence of this short review.
  5. At the risk of speaking for Peter, it seemed quite clear to me that "thing" referred to the idea there was no meat at the Last Supper, not your faith. And the Gospels do contradict one another at various points. That doesn't mean Christianity is a contradiction; it means the Gospels were written down by human beings who recalled things differently. As to the film itself, deviations from minute details of the Gospel are valid artistic licenses. They don't make it blasphemous; it would need to profane Jesus and somehow suggest he wasn't the Son of God to be that.
  6. Could we have a running list of all nominated films along with which ones have been seconded?
  7. I'll second The Edge of Seventeen
  8. Not sure I'd call it good, but I definitely liked it more than I expected.
  9. Title: The Assassin Director: Hsiao-Hsien Hou Year: 2015 Language: Mandarin IMDB YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKFtNsQ78oI A&F Thread
  10. Here are my cases for the films I've nominated so far. Edward Scissorhands - The presence of the title character forces the citizens of the town to wake up and either to recognize the humanity and dignity of one who is different and turn away from their inherent selfishness or dig into it. Last Holiday - Basically Ikiru as a comedy with Alec Guiness, a man receives a diagnosis that he only has a few months to live, and for the first time in his life begins to appreciate the beauty and goodness in the world Holiday - Cary Grant is awake to the beauty of the world, but his stuffy fiance despises his childish notions; however, he manages to convert her sister who believes the same as he does. Pan's Labyrinth - The faun wakes Ofelia up to both good and evil and her newfound spiritual alertness helps her confront the evil Alice - One of Woody Allen's more religious films, when Mia Farrow has a midlife crisis, she turns to every worldly solution she can think of before finding happiness in waking up to the joy of sacrifice and putting others before her. This Is Martin Bonner - As a conversion story, both the title character and the released prisoner he helps rehabilitate have to rebuild their lives, and in doing so they wake up to the harm their past choices caused, but they also wake up to appreciate the goodness that they and others can bring to the world Amelie - After trying to play God, the title character wakes up to realize the presence of grace and learn that she can't control everything. Eyes Wide Shut - This is more about waking up the reality of evil, but both Cruise and Kidman know they need to wake up and abandon that evil, but their fascination with it makes it impossible for them.
  11. Seconds for The Double Life of Veronique, Totoro, Adam's Apples, and The Lives of Others.
  12. Title: Edward Scissorhands Director: Tim Burton Year: 1990 Language: English IMDB YouTube Title: Last Holiday Director: Henry Cass Year: 1950 Language: English IMDB YouTube Title: Holiday Director: George Cukor Year: 1938 Language: English IMDB YouTube Title: Pan’s Labyrinth Director: Guillermo del Toro Year: 2006 Language: Spanish IMDB YouTube A&F Thread Title: Alice Director: Woody Allen Year: 1990 Language: English IMDB YouTube A&F Thread Title: This Is Martin Bonner Director: Chad Hartigan Year: 2013 Language: English IMDB YouTube A&F Thread Title: Amélie Director: Jean-Pierre Jeunet Year: 2001 Language: French IMDB YouTube A&F Thread And since waking up, or conversion, is about eyes opening, I hope we seriously consider: Title: Eyes Wide Shut Director: Stanley Kubrick Year: 1999 Language: English IMDB YouTube (spoiler and NSFW) A&F Thread
  13. I wouldn't quite put this on par with Summer Hours or Clouds of Sils Maria, but I thought Assayas still did a pretty great job, and Stewart is phenomenal. Marginally spoilerish first impressions.
  14. I really liked it.
  15. Finally saw it. Wow, was that incredibly stylistic. The kinetic energy is intensified by Woo's choppy editing, which made it a heck of roller coaster ride (which I enjoyed). Not sure what to make of the ending. I appreciate Woo's willingness to go as bleak as he does in a sort of "cost of violence" way, but Li shooting the triad leader seemed to be giving into audience vigilante bloodlust, especially by preceding it with that flashback. As to the religious imagery, I really don't know how deep any of it is; I'm inclined to say not very. Chow's sanctuary (the church) being destroyed by his violent lifestyle seems to be a very obvious piece of symbolism, as well as him losing his sight, and thus losing the ability to restore the one thing he wanted to for the whole film (Jenny's sight.) The idea of true friendship being willing to lay down one's life for another was subtle enough that I felt it was woven into the film pretty well.