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  1. Yes to all of them. Stalker?
  2. I don't know, but the first thing I think of when seeing the Jennifer Lawrence poster is this, which would be a very interesting take on mothering:
  3. Yeah, that's one of the few places where it briefly stalls, but Laureline's love monologue is easily better than Anne Hathaway's in Interstellar. Anyway, I wrote a second short review detailing all the aspects that make it work so well for me.
  4. I was back and forth throughout, admiring the ambition and intensity but unsure how I felt about it thematically or formally, until the climax thoroughly won me over, convincing me that Nolan's approach to making the audience survive the rescue mission was a masterstroke. My review: https://catholiccinephile.wordpress.com/2017/07/24/dunkirk/ And for the record, while I admire the scope and ambition of Interstellar more than any Nolan film except Dunkirk, because of the clumsy third act, Interstellar is hands down, my least favorite Nolan film. So, make of that what you will regarding my opinion of Dunkirk.
  5. Chungking Express - the first section of the film concludes on May 1st, and we see a calendar change to April 29th and 30th leading up to that.
  6. This one is pretty good.
  7. I agree with Film Crit Hulk's take wholeheartedly, both in terms of its strengths and weaknesses, and especially about how it suffers from the "Marvel fatal flaw." I think my biggest problem was the first hour was basically a repetition of the same idea: Peter want's to be on the Avengers, so he blows off his friends and chances to do anything at school, over and over and over and over and over again. Honestly, I felt at least half an hour could have been cut without any real loss. As regards Keaton's line about "Native Americans," I believe the preferred term has actually gone back to being American Indians, because Native Americans more accurately refers to the Inuit, or that's what I was told by scholars studying music traditions of American Indians, so in addition to the line not making sense in context, it was dating itself as well. The one scene that really stuck out to me as pointless and out of place was the gym scene where the three girls are playing Marry, F*ck, or Murder with members of the Avengers. I'm sure high-schoolers play that parlor game, but I'm equally sure that the high-schoolers who do don't censor the f-word when they play it, which of course had to be done to keep a PG-13 rating. And since that's the case, why script it in the first place? And speaking of needless crudity, I'm sure every middle-schooler with the name Peter is really going to hate the film, or at least the party scene at Liz's. On the plus side, Keaton is one of the best Marvel villains, the tie into Civil War was well done, and Holland is a very likeable Peter and Spiderman.
  8. Charade was at the top of mine, but I couldn't find the Blu-ray anywhere in the store, even though the computer said it was in stock, so I figured I'd wait until next sale.
  9. Sorry for the topic diversion, but since I had a generous gift card, which I had been saving for the sale, I picked up these as well.
  10. I went with these two.
  11. May he rest in peace. This will always be my favorite of all his performances. (NSFW clip)
  12. Well, I'm seeing it Wednesday, and I chose this screening over Dunkirk.
  13. I didn't start reading your blog until 2009, so no, I wasn't.
  14. Like last time, I'll do a series with a uniting theme, which will apply to this one as well. Jerry the Nipper, The Leopard Gang; they're no match For Swinging Suzy. An aging mother Confronts her crazy niece and Her son's troubled end. Sailing a steamboat Down the Nile proves a chance to Rise above nature. Two married lawyers - The worst kind of inbreeding - Argue the same case.
  15. I'd never even heard of this film before. And apparently, you're the only Letterboxd friend I have who's watched it.