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  1. The list has finally arisen from its long slumber, and here it is: Ikiru (Kurosawa, 1952) Rob Z Something, Anything (Harrill, 2014) Overstreet The Double Life of Veronique (Kieslowski, 1991) Evan C Spirited Away (Miyazaki, 2001) Darryl A. Armstrong Red Beard (Kurosawa, 1965) Andrew The Assassin (Hou, 2015) NBooth The Trial (Welles, 1962) magadizer The Secret of Kells (Moore and Twomey, 2009) Darryl A. Armstrong Wings of Desire (Wenders, 1987) Overstreet The Insider (Mann, 1999) M. Leary Joe Versus the Volcano (Shanley, 1990) J.A.A. Purves Arrival (Villeneuve, 2016) Joel Mayward Marty (Delbert Mann, 1955) Mr. Arkadin Malcolm X (Lee, 1992) EdB99 Cleo from 5 to 7 (Varda, 1962) M. Leary Picnic at Hanging Rock (Weir, 1975) M. Leary This Is Martin Bonner (Hartigan, 2013) SDG The Truman Show (Weir, 1998) Rushmore The New World (Malick, 2005) Brian D Fearless (Weir, 1993) John Drew Punch-Drunk Love (Anderson, 2002) John Drew Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Spielberg, 1977) Anders Pan's Labyrinth (Del Toro, 2006) Evan C Knight of Cups (Malick, 2015) Anders The Tree of Life (Malick, 2011) Joel Mayward Please keep the results to yourselves until the Image webpage is up. Greg has promised he will get on that once we've submitted all the write-ups. For requesting write-ups, priority will be given first to the nominator, then to the seconder, then to whomever asks for it first. If two people really want the same film, please discuss it among yourselves and see if one of you would be willing to take another film. A film is not assigned until it has been crossed out and the assigned A&F member's name written next to it. For submitting the write-ups either email me or use messenger here. Remember, write-ups are short, one paragraph, about 120-150 words. If you volunteer for a write-up, aim to have it completed in three weeks. Also, was it a 2 or 3 film limit per director? If 2, the next two films are Groundhog Day and Tender Mercies.
  2. I second Hunter Gatherer and 20th Century Women. I really encourage everyone to check out Hunter Gatherer; it's the sort of quiet look at misfortune, obsession, and attempting to change your life after you've constructed a rut for yourself that seems right up our collective alley.
  3. Because of your nomination, Ken, I am going to watch The Boss Baby before the nominations close. Also, I'm not sure I've seen any film this year more enjoyable than Valerian.
  4. I did write something up for Pan's Labyrinth, but I could swap it out if that meant more A&F members being included. We still need someone to do Joe Vs. The Volcano - I've tried to get in touch with Jeremy, but I've had no luck. So if it's okay with Rob and Ed, you could do that, if you rated it highly.
  5. Murder on the Orient Express (2017)

    It's not as bad as the trailers made it look, but it's really not good either. My Letterboxd review.
  6. Spammers

    From The Hobbit thread and from the top ten favorite films thread.
  7. I think this is worth discussing, even if I don't care too much what conclusion we reach. But do we, or do we not want to join in solidarity with the four film critic associations which have decided to render Disney films ineligible for year end awards due to Disney's bullying of the LA Times? That would basically mean no Star Wars, no Marvel, no Pixar - honestly, this year I don't think that's a loss anyway, and I'd be surprised if any of those films made the list. Full story here: https://www.villagevoice.com/2017/11/07/disneys-los-angeles-times-blackout-is-about-more-than-the-movies/
  8. While Twin Peaks is the best thing I've seen this year, and I doubt anything will top it in these last few months, I really think it's television and not film. I suppose if Showtime pushed it for Oscar consideration, as Christian mentioned, that would change the classification somewhat. However, right now, I'd be inclined to vote against it.
  9. A better film about...

    Now I feel as if I have to watch The Boss Baby, which I had so far been successful in not doing.
  10. I'll second A Ghost Story and Wonder Woman. And because it's about caring for all of creation, and admiring the beauty, joy, and sacredness of life, I nominate Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. Should we invite Ryan to be on the jury?
  11. The timeline is fine with me. I nominate: The Beguiled A Quiet Passion Graduation The Salesman The Lost City of Z and because I think it does deserve a place on this list, even though I'm sure I'm pretty much the only one: mother!
  12. FWIW, The Lives of Others was #28. Another Woman was second to last, right ahead of The Artist. If you want to write a blurb, I'd happily give up Pan's Labyrinth for more members to be included.
  13. You can absolutely do Malcolm X. I'm going to leave Joe Vs... another 24 hours, hoping we hear from Jeremy. But if not, Rob Z asked for it first, so I'm going to give it to him, unless he offers it to you.
  14. The New World is yours then. I've been holding Joe Versus the Volcano for Jeremy, but if I don't hear from him soon, I'll have to assign it to someone else. I'm not too worried about finding a writer for Close Encounters; worst case scenario, I could pretty easily swing something myself for it.
  15. Geostorm

    I have subsequently changed this film's Deuce factor from +1 to -1.
  16. You can look at past examples here: https://www.imagejournal.org/the-top-25-films-on-mercy/ The usual guideline is provide an extremely succinct summery of what the movie is about, and then describe why it's a fitting choice for the list, but people have always varied that slightly. If you wrote a defense of your nominations in the "discussions" thread, that would probably be a good starting place. And sorry about giving away Red Beard before you commented; I wanted anyone who requested specific films to be able to start writing.
  17. I'll write one or two. My first choices are The Double Life of Veronique and The Assassin, but I'd be equally happy with The Insider, Red Beard, or Pan's Labyrinth.
  18. The results are up! Request write-ups over there
  19. 2017 Arts & Faith Ecumenical Jury

    I'm happy to participate again.
  20. Mother! (Darren Aronofsky)

    The woman in the last shot is definitely a different actress, and I assumed the one burning in the first shot was as well.
  21. Mother! (Darren Aronofsky)

    I liked it. *runs and hides*
  22. A better film about...

    Ocean's 11 is a better version of Logan Lucky.
  23. Review Haiku

    Yes to all of them. Stalker?