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    First Trailer Release Films of Kathryn Bigelow, Point Break (1991), The Hurt Locker (2008), Zero Dark Thirty (2012).
  2. Box Office Mojo Site Disappears Into IMDb source: variety.com Not much of an article, it's shown below, but there are active commenters below the article at the article link location. BoxOfficeMojo.com has vanished with the site redirecting to Amazon.com’s IMDb. The Box Office Mojo site was acquired by Amazon in late 2008. Reps for Amazon were not immediately available for comment. The free Box Office Mojo site was widely used by the movie industry for up-to-date box office results along with historical data and release dates of upcoming titles. It was founded in 1999 by Brandon Gray. When Box Office Mojo was acquired in 2008, it was operated in a Los Angeles office by Gray and Sean Saulsbury. IMDb provides cursory coverage of box office data, leaving out such information as the specific distributor, the number of theaters and international grosses. Its subscription-based IMDb Pro subscription site has slightly more information. *** from New York Times: As of late afternoon on Friday, movie data hounds were becoming more and more curious about the sudden absence of Box Office Mojo, whose address, boxofficemojo.com, had been redirected to that of its parent, the Internet Movie Database, or IMDb.com. Lucas Shaw, an entertainment reporter for Bloomberg, summed up the reaction among his journalistic colleagues. On Twitter, Mr. Shaw said: “Box Office Mojo is down, inducing cardiac arrest in every film reporter in Hollywood.”
  3. Looks like Brooke Fraser has an album due soon this fall 2014 and fans of albums Albertine & Flags won't recognize her in this new look and sound. Brooke Fraser Facebook Timeline Photos An early release track titled: Psychosocial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykJMHkmwuoc
  4. From Melissa September 4, 2014 “It is with great sadness that I announce the death of my mother, Joan Rivers. She passed peacefully at 1:17pm surrounded by family and close friends. My son and I would like to thank the doctors, nurses, and staff of Mount Sinai Hospital for the amazing care they provided for my mother. Cooper and I have found ourselves humbled by the outpouring of love, support, and prayers we have received from around the world. They have been heard and appreciated. My mother’s greatest joy in life was to make people laugh. Although that is difficult to do right now, I know her final wish would be that we return to laughing soon.” Melissa Rivers http://joanrivers.com/ Link to A&F thread Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work in film https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EcFJtAb77b4
  5. Anberlin Releases Final Album Lowborn (Tooth & Nail news Tuesday, July 22, 2014) Anberlin is an odd band for me and they just released their last album a few weeks ago. I was never sure if I liked them. So they will remain that way in my mind I suppose. I like certain songs a lot but not whole albums. My favorite Anberlin release, and can say I like it, isn't a normal album, it's Lost Songs, a compilation of demos, rarities, and covers. At the other end of taste the CD Blueprints for the Black Market was playing today and I thought, this is too repetative, and the boring stuff is also heavy, I might sell it, but then the Ready Fuels track has no equal. Autobahn & Naive Orleans tracks - both good. Different album, the track Feel Good Drag I could loop for a week. Others just drone on and on. For full albums, Anberlin collectability is dim. Since they just announced their future demise, we can pay our respects. I wouldn't mind to hear about why or what you like about Anberlin, if you do.
  6. Attatched PDF "Motion Picture Association of America’s 2013 Theatrical Market Statistics Report" US/Canada Summary • 2013 U.S./Canada box office was $10.9 billion, up 1% compared to $10.8 billion in 2012, and up 3% from five years ago. Despite an increase in films released in 3D (45), 3D box office ($1.8 billion) is down 1% from 2012. • The increase in 2013 U.S./Canada box office was due to an equivalent increase in average ticket price (2%) compared to 2012, in-line with the 2% increase in inflation as measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI). Admissions fell by 20 million (-1%) compared to 2012 but are generally consistent with recent trends. • More than two-thirds of the U.S./Canada population (68%) – or 227.8 million people – went to the movies at least once in 2013, consistent with prior years. Ticket sales continue to be driven by frequent moviegoers who, by definition, attend movies once a month or more. In 2013, frequent moviegoers represented 11% of the population and 50% of all movie tickets, a decrease of 7 percentage points in ticket share from 2012, while ticket share of occasional moviegoers tickets increased by the same amount. This suggests that the decrease in ticket sales in 2013 was among moviegoers who decreased their attendance to at least once a month from intervals of once a month or more in 2012. • Frequent moviegoers tend to own more technology products than the general population. Nearly three-quarters of all frequent moviegoers (74%) own at least four different types of technology products, compared to 51% of the total adult population. • In 2013, the share of tickets sold t0 2-11 year olds was at its highest point since 2009 and the share of tickets sold to 50-59 year olds was at an all time high. Since 2010 the 25-39 age group has comprised approximately a quarter of all cinema tickets sold, although the share has been declining since 2010. • Broader moviegoer demographic shares remain relatively stable from 2012 to 2013, with 12-24 year olds and Hispanics continuing to oversample in moviegoing versus their proportion of the population. Hispanics, 2-11 year olds, and 50-59 year olds all experienced growth in the number of frequent moviegoers in their demographic. • In 2013, 31% of the U.S./Canada population viewed at least one movie in 3D, with 3D attendance skewing towards children age 2-17. • Among the top five grossing films in 2013, Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel both attracted overwhelmingly male audiences, while the family films Despicable Me 2 and Monsters University earned a majority share of box office from the female audience. Man of Steel drew the most ethnically diverse audience, earning only 50% of its box office from Caucasian audiences and 19% from Asian/Other ethnicities. *** EXtra stuff~ Filmgoer takes stand on costly snacks, sues AMC Livonia theater March 4, 2012 Joshua Thompson loves the movies. But he hates the prices theaters charge for concessions like pop and candy. This week, the 20-something security technician from Livonia decided to do something about it: He filed a class action in Wayne County Circuit Court against his local AMC theater in hopes of forcing theaters statewide to dial down snack prices...Timothy Fells, 29, said he sometimes smuggles Gummi Bears into the theater to save money... MPAA-Theatrical-Market-Statistics.pdf
  7. A list of 19 successful big budget films since 2008 that would be domestic failures without foreign sales. But with foreign sales accounting for about 70% of all sales, these films grossed at least twice their production budgets, most by comfortable margins. Foreign Percent Of Total Lifetime Grosses (non-exhaustive list as of 3-1-14) 2008 Burn After Reading 63.1% of sales came from foreign markets 2008 The Day the Earth Stood Still 66% 2008 Quantum of Solace 71.3% 2009 A Serious Man 70.6% 2009 2012 78.4% 2010 Gulliver's Travels 82% 2010 The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader 74.9% 2010 The Tourist 75.7% 2010 Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time 73% 2011 Rise of the Planet of the Apes 63.3% 2011 The Rite 65.6% 2011 Kung Fu Panda 2 75.2% 2011 Puss In Boots 73.1% 2012 The Amazing Spider-Man 65.2% 2012 The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey 70.2% 2013 The Wolverine 68% 2013 Pacific Rim 75.2% 2013 (still playing) The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug 72.1% 2013 (still playing) Thor: The Dark World 67.9% Sources: http://www.boxofficemojo.com and http://www.imdb.com *** Some Reasons: (see attached pic also) 1) a cinema boom in the emerging world, 2) a concerted effort by the major studios to make films that might play well outside America and 3) a global marketing push to make sure they do. Source: "Hollywood goes global: Bigger Abroad" The Economist Feb 17th 2011 http://www.economist.com/node/18178291 *** A or B? A] The influence of the foreign box office will result in Americans adjusting their standards for movies. B]This only provides another definition of what a bad movie is.
  8. National Velvet is a first rate movie. I saw that last night for my first Liz Taylor film, not knowing the child actress was Taylor before a month ago, thinking it was just another children's film mostly for girls that a female friend and mother told me was good. It's too good for the poor image DVD it's on, hard to believe this isn't redone onto Blu-ray. While growing up, if Taylor was mentioned in media, my mom would bring up her many marriages in an unfavorable tone. That's all I knew. Now I'm hoping to watch, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and A Place in the Sun, sometime down the road. She made me think of Judy Garland. The child leads from Wizard of Oz & National Velvet into alcohol & drug abuse, love affairs, multiple marriages. Is film fame too dangerous? It's a little upsetting.
  9. I found Darkman in a used DVD bin for $1 and picked it up this week though never heard of it before, doing so based on its cool looking DVD cover, low price, and one review looked up at the time in a VideoHound's Golden MovieRetriever volume I carried (bought used too). Smart phones with wifi would come in handy in those situations to get film reviews but you can't buy used smartphone service so what good is it? Don't think too hard about that. Later I discovered the film is directed and written by the same guy who directed and wrote the Spiderman trilogy 2002-2007, Sam Raimi. So that made me more surprised I never happened to hear or read of Darkman before. Rated R for violence. Watched it last night. It had sprinkles of what hit me like Ozploitation, maybe due to a slight low budget or dated look which was perhaps intentional, combined with, to quote someone's review of it, "exquisite violence". Visually it was slightly uneven but that's no way a deal breaker, that maybe enhanced it in a retro sort of way depending on taste. The action portions were really exciting and filmed interestingly. Avoiding spoilers...the helicopter & steel tower scenes near the end are great edge-of-your-seat action. Overall I liked it, but a review site I like said it was over the top and too offensive to admire. Due to violence I assume. To me it was less offensive than a zombies-eating-people-alive film I watched recently which the same film site accepted. For me it was pretty cool for $1 but maybe I'm misguided. Your take on Darkman? IMDb summary: 96 min - Action | Crime | Fantasy - 24 August 1990 (USA) A brilliant scientist left for dead returns to exact revenge on the people who burned him alive. Director: Sam Raimi Writers: Sam Raimi (story), Chuck Pfarrer (screenplay) Stars: Liam Neeson, Frances McDormand, Colin Friels, Larry Drake
  10. Today is MLK day in the USA. Seems a worthy day for the film Mississippi Burning 1988, Gene Hackman, Willem Dafoe, directed by Alan Parker who is British. I found no thread or comments on it. I borrowed it from a library and thought it was excellent. Very engaging. It won an Oscar for Best Cinematography, director of photography Peter Biziou. The British Academy Film Awards gave BAFTA Film Award wins to Editing, Cinematography and Sound. Numerous nominations for acting and directing. Overall 19 wins and 19 nominations. Has anyone seen this civil rights film, if yes, what do you like or dislike? I wanted to buy it and usually go to WalMart or Amazon, and it's only found through third parties on Amazon. It's reasonably priced today but only by unknown dealers like DVD & Media Express and not long ago it was over $80 for a DVD. Why do they let good films go out of print and where do third parties get big name studio copies of them?
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