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  1. RIP Sharon Jones Left here on November 18, 2016. Was nominated for her first Grammy in 2014, Best R&B Album category, for Give the People What They Want.
  2. Saw The Hudsucker Proxy last night. Very funny, enjoyable. Not comparatively well admired here though, to other Coens at least. I've only seen half of the films in the list. My faves are in the earlier years, adding Blood Simple and Raising Arizona to the one last night as favorites. Miller's Crossing, Barton Fink and Fargo are in the queue. The brothers took a left turn out of Fargo.
  3. What struck me after watching The Haunting for the first time last night is that it's rated G! Primarily it was fearing for your life, secondarily the horrors of sexual angst.
  4. Darn. The coupons worked for me. Both of them. After reading Overstreet's post I found a page of excluded items on B&N site. It's long. No way would all of it fit on a coupon. The words Criterion Collection is not written on the two 15% coupons above in the exclusions but it is on the long web site exclusion list, however a cashier may ignore the web list like mine did. Link http://www.barnesandnoble.com/h/terms-and-conditions/coupon-exclusions The Music Room, from India, never heard of it before, that's why this forum is interesting, such tastes around here, arcane yet noble. I may order it, my sister has three children by a man from India (divorced) and they travel there often. Seems B&N could get anything to your local store in a few days. Cutting a swath down the mid-USA, The Music Room is in B&Ns in Ann Arbor, Chicago, Detroit, Columbus, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, St Louis, Atlanta, New Orleans, Austin, Dallas. There is a The Music Room mid-USA dead zone for B&N stores in my area, that's Louisville, Nashville, Memphis, Jackson, Birmingham....country where many neighbors think the front lawn doubles as a driveway. Thanks for the idea.
  5. National Film Board of Canada is putting this at the top of their app's listings today. A 44min music documentary in 1965 visiting his hometown of Montreal.
  6. B&N 50% off Criterion starts today. November 1, 2016 With one of the coupons below you can get Dekalog blu-ray for $42.50. Less is you are a "member" INSTORE CODES -- Click for printable 15% Off Single Item (A) Store Only Exp ??12/31/2017 15% Off Single Item (B) Store Only Exp ??12/31/2017
  7. For a I do like the Po! Kung Fu Panda News updates on Dreamworks, the animation workers are being pinched and apparently pinching back ... NBCUniversal completes purchase of DreamWorks Animation; Katzenberg payday tops $390 million Aug 22, 2016 LA Times NBCUniversal to cut 200 jobs in DreamWorks Animation takeover Sept 15, 2016 LA Times (200 jobs is 10%) Animation Workers Reach $50 Million Settlement With DreamWorks Animation Oct 17, 2016 Variety In the last article "DreamWorks and other companies violated antitrust laws by conspiring to set animation wages via nonpoaching agreements." (Includes Pixar; Lucasfilm; The Walt Disney Co.; Sony Pictures Animation and Sony Pictures Imageworks; Blue Sky; and ImageMovers) Dreamworks releases Trolls Nov 4, 2016 in the US, voiced by Anna Kendrick & Justin Timberlake.
  8. Good topic for a film listing. Maybe they can be compiled at the top. Johnny Got His Gun (1971) and Days of Wine and Roses (1962). Plus I liked already mentioned All Is Lost.
  9. Thanks for the forums, mostly I read not post. Especially come here for controversial or hard to understand films. I wanted to weigh in on this odd one viewed for the first time. Someone above said the film was expensive, it did have a look of high production value, what's that, a sort of cool bling? And the director in an interview sometime said he wanted to offset the darkness with some humor. I give it production but there were not enough laughs to withstand the philosophical elevation of violence. Disappointment could be my fault for not having the right viewer frame of mind to begin with. Sometimes comedy elements or things the character did to face the problems of materialism and loneliness would shine through and it became enjoyable. But this was the first time I turned off a movie out of disappointment with a half hour left after watching the first one and three-quarters hours. It didn't seem like any ending could possibly prop it up enough. But I took in the rest the next day. The reason for watching was partly because it gets referenced a lot, popularity, Brad Pitt's youthful face with a bar of soap probably too, but particularly because I just watched The Machinist and a commenter on its thread here remarked that The Fight Club was better. But in an overall way I found The Machinist to be an improvement in the insomniac genre, given the two films differ, one toward horror the other to comedy. At a glance, The Fight Club sounds funny: [Spoilers] The Norton character attempting to deal with neurotic behaviors, aka occupational disease, becomes a funny 12-stepper who trades its anger management for a self-flogging style parking lot fight then moves to an entire lifestyle of violence that smacks of religious salvation for everyone. And I couldn't help but think of 9-11 at the end though the movie predates that.
  10. A notice posted on REDDIT saying the fall 2016 Barnes & Noble Criterion sale will be Nov 1 through Nov 28 (Cyber Monday) Reddit.com thread by The_Exit_Man INSTORE CODES -- Click for printable 15% Off Single Item (A) Store Only Exp ??12/31/2017 15% Off Single Item (B) Store Only Exp ??12/31/2017
  11. Your events at the Egyptian begin in two days. I'm jealous! Last night I watched the 1946 Killers, with Burt Lancaster & Ava Gardner. Tonight it will be the second feature on the disc, the 1964 version of the same Hemingway story which I'm curious to see Ronald Reagan in. That's the closest I'll get to Noir City this week.
  12. This film is free for download and streaming at the Internet Archive web site (www.archive.org). The common download is a 1.5GB MPEG4 file by right-clicking the link then pick save. The easiest way to play the mp4 is to save it to USB, then plug that into your TV, Blu-ray player, DVD player or PC. Link to the specific page with streaming or downloading choices: The Internets Own Boy - The Story Of Aaron Swartz
  13. Not much talk about this at my usual reading places online. I watched this movie last night and it's a worthy watch today considering the upcoming US elections on November 8th and the subject's social-political activist points of view. Aaron was born November 8, 1986, election day in the year of the Computer Fraud & Abuse Act. Overall the documentary was structured in a standard style. It was spoken from the camp of Aaron Swartz so it came off a little bit one-sided, that is no counter-point. Writer & Director is Brian Knappenberger, released 2014. If you didn't see this show but you might if you knew more about it... SPOILERS: Among Aaron Swartz better known geek accomplishments; as a young teen he helped instrumentally in the development of RSS feeds and the online Creative Commons. And later he was a co-founder of the Reddit.com site. Out of college he turned his back on corporate opportunity and became a social activist for online information freedom, while being very critical of the Federal government. He was strongly involved in the citizen protest movement against SOPA and PIPA. Also he was a fan of downloading public domain databases and some that were not so public or database's he thought should be more public. He was opposed to the information secrecy characteristic of those in power and supported progressive political candidates. To describe Aaron's direction, the documentary opens with this quote of Thoreau "Unjust laws exist; Shall we be content to obey them, or shall we endeavor to amend them,and obey them until we have succeeded, or shall we transgress them at once?" Eventually Aaron skirted proper process in his later social justice activities but didn't show very malicious intent. He attempted to download a big chunk of JSTOR database from a basement closet, without permission. JSTOR is an academic digital library that provides full text searches of almost 2,000 journals for a fee. Later on, the federal government, using an outdated 1986 law called the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act from the Matthew Broderick War Games film era, lines up a dozen or so felony charges against him and tries to get him to settle out of court. However with a felony record his political career ambitions would be over. Aaron refuses. He faces an upcoming prosecution with a maximum 35 year prison sentence. JSTOR library and MIT campus are involved in Aaron's circumstances but do not wish to be part of the prosecution. Neither do they wish to support Aaron. Aaron was in too deep for his mental strength. He snaps and takes his own life before the courts can destroy him.
  14. The Semi-Annual Barnes and Noble - Criterion Collection 50% Off Sale Begins 11/10/15. Merry Christmas Mentioned by a B&N store employee here; blu-ray.com forum thread
  15. Yikes is right, tabloid view; This was a movie I keep thinking over again. For a man who was so high in government, bright minded, to visit prisoners all his life and in the face of ridicule for it, Longford had heroic goals. And when a hard situation took an unexpected turn, as it will, he did his best for God. He challenges us to choose a better path. Back to the Quote above: "Suspend discernment". One study concerned with pattern in choosing marriage partners concluded, "we marry anybody". One time my limited perspective had to be informed by a Catholic Bishop, that female sexuality offers no advantage in the faith and moral life. It might not be the ideal but would we take on those commitments that ultimately sharpen us if in advance we saw all of the dark potential lurking?