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    I like Video games and food and girls and and and...??

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    All the star wars movies. Indiana Jones. LOTR Trilogy. Waynes World. Saving Private Ryan. Moulin Rouge. Star Trek:First Contact. Gladiator. Kung-Fu Movies.
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    Beatles.Rock.Classic Rock.Meatloaf.Led Zeppelin.
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    Halo Books.Batman.Spider-Man.Superman.Fantastic Four. Superman/Batman.Streetfighter. Star Wars Comics and books. Many other Comics.
  1. Brent_Dude33

    NFL Begins

    I was surprised that the Packers won. I thought fa sure they were going to lose. There was some good action this first week. The catch in the Lions game...Cant remember who it was. But that one handed juggleing catch was amazing.
  2. Brent_Dude33

    NFL Begins

    I would like to say the 49ers will go all the way...But we all know thats not happening. I wouldnt be surprised actually to see New England back in the Super Bowl. I would prob have to go with Eagles and i totally agree that the Packers are overrated. As long as Mcnabb stays healthy i think they have agreat shot. Him and TO. I have trouble following NFL tho living in Canada. Haha i just read up on this stiuff through NFL.com and team websites. Keep this thread alive so i can keep up to date with NFL lol Chow Guys.
  3. Watching the Grey Cup for most of my life... The commercials aint nothing special. They seem to localized so to say... Almost to much team specific. The NHL playoffs and the Olympics are by far the best time to see Canadian marketing at its best or in some cases its worst.
  4. I havent seen any soccer yet. Just highlights. As for fencing ive never seen highlights even. Would like to see that sport. I love the commercials for Mcdonalds. My is the swimming one. Where Ronald is so far ahead of the other racers. He looks to funny. Big feet and the red hair does it for me Haha.
  5. I'm actually surprised they would drop baseball and softball. They seem to be farily popular. Why is Basketball there then?? But i'm totally stunned that they would drop the pentathelon . Thats a great event/s Hmm sad to here. I think they should just keep the Games how they are. On another note has anybody seen Ping Pong yet?? Has it even started yet?
  6. My favorite track event is the 4x100 relay. Its a great team effort.
  7. Volleyball and beach volleyball are also very good sports. Plus Canada beet the USA in beach volleyball. But why does Canada suck so much lol I had to watch diving yesterday just to see my country get a medal. Yikes.
  8. Track and Field is the best Sprinting is just to intense i love it.
  9. When is the first game? Hopefully dosn't mess with hockey schedule.
  10. I cant stand the lakers. They seem to scripted almost. Haha if that makes sence. I dont know in my school there is a big hate for them right now. We are sick of them i guess. I wanted New Jersey to win BUt guess not.
  11. On the topic of spider-man i was just reading ESPN magazine and noticed there was a little thing about Spider-Man and MLB. I went on and read further on and noticed that ESPN has put down in words what could be the comercials for MLB staring Spider-Man. I read this little script i guess you could call it and it sounds kind of funny. MJ is also going to be in the commercial as well and Aunt May. I cant remember off the top of my head what issue this was, I will post back later on what issue and page this is on for those who have ESPN magazine.
  12. If you have the money go for it. One of my friends has one him self and it freaken rocks. Do it Do it.
  13. Hmm that would be pretty sweet movie and a pizza right to your door. Right now in my area of town a new pizzaria has moved in and they have a movie deal thing with Blockbuster which is totally awesome. Can't go wrong with a 2 for 1 coupon. Getting food and a movie is allways great and fun. So i guess thats why McDonalds has done this. Haha just seems funny to me i guess. Here in Canada or atleast Edmonton i have yet to see a movie vending machine. I wonder if they actually make lots of revenue? I think i will stick to my Blockbuster.
  14. Here is a link to a little article i read on afterdawn.com I found this very intresting and kind of strange at the same time. $1 dvd I dont know who would want to go back to a McDonalds to return a movie? Not Me? Man just imagin all the kids looking at the machine crying to rent a movie. I dont know about this.
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