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  1. I was surprised that the Packers won. I thought fa sure they were going to lose. There was some good action this first week. The catch in the Lions game...Cant remember who it was. But that one handed juggleing catch was amazing.
  2. I would like to say the 49ers will go all the way...But we all know thats not happening. I wouldnt be surprised actually to see New England back in the Super Bowl. I would prob have to go with Eagles and i totally agree that the Packers are overrated. As long as Mcnabb stays healthy i think they have agreat shot. Him and TO. I have trouble following NFL tho living in Canada. Haha i just read up on this stiuff through NFL.com and team websites. Keep this thread alive so i can keep up to date with NFL lol Chow Guys.
  3. Watching the Grey Cup for most of my life... The commercials aint nothing special. They seem to localized so to say... Almost to much team specific. The NHL playoffs and the Olympics are by far the best time to see Canadian marketing at its best or in some cases its worst.
  4. I havent seen any soccer yet. Just highlights. As for fencing ive never seen highlights even. Would like to see that sport. I love the commercials for Mcdonalds. My is the swimming one. Where Ronald is so far ahead of the other racers. He looks to funny. Big feet and the red hair does it for me Haha.
  5. I'm actually surprised they would drop baseball and softball. They seem to be farily popular. Why is Basketball there then?? But i'm totally stunned that they would drop the pentathelon . Thats a great event/s Hmm sad to here. I think they should just keep the Games how they are. On another note has anybody seen Ping Pong yet?? Has it even started yet?
  6. My favorite track event is the 4x100 relay. Its a great team effort.
  7. Volleyball and beach volleyball are also very good sports. Plus Canada beet the USA in beach volleyball. But why does Canada suck so much lol I had to watch diving yesterday just to see my country get a medal. Yikes.
  8. Track and Field is the best Sprinting is just to intense i love it.
  9. When is the first game? Hopefully dosn't mess with hockey schedule.
  10. I cant stand the lakers. They seem to scripted almost. Haha if that makes sence. I dont know in my school there is a big hate for them right now. We are sick of them i guess. I wanted New Jersey to win BUt guess not.
  11. On the topic of spider-man i was just reading ESPN magazine and noticed there was a little thing about Spider-Man and MLB. I went on and read further on and noticed that ESPN has put down in words what could be the comercials for MLB staring Spider-Man. I read this little script i guess you could call it and it sounds kind of funny. MJ is also going to be in the commercial as well and Aunt May. I cant remember off the top of my head what issue this was, I will post back later on what issue and page this is on for those who have ESPN magazine.
  12. If you have the money go for it. One of my friends has one him self and it freaken rocks. Do it Do it.
  13. Hmm that would be pretty sweet movie and a pizza right to your door. Right now in my area of town a new pizzaria has moved in and they have a movie deal thing with Blockbuster which is totally awesome. Can't go wrong with a 2 for 1 coupon. Getting food and a movie is allways great and fun. So i guess thats why McDonalds has done this. Haha just seems funny to me i guess. Here in Canada or atleast Edmonton i have yet to see a movie vending machine. I wonder if they actually make lots of revenue? I think i will stick to my Blockbuster.
  14. Here is a link to a little article i read on afterdawn.com I found this very intresting and kind of strange at the same time. $1 dvd I dont know who would want to go back to a McDonalds to return a movie? Not Me? Man just imagin all the kids looking at the machine crying to rent a movie. I dont know about this.
  15. Brent_Dude33

    Star Wars on DVD

    Oh Man Thats sick. Thats got to be the worst looking thing to me. Come on why change Anakin to be young again? Stupid stupid Next there will be a ghost of an Ewok or something. Haha All i can say is Wahhhhhhhhhhh!
  16. Nice. Thanks Guys for the info. I hope everything stays smooth and silky so these dvds can come out soon.
  17. Does anybody have any info regarding if there is going to be a release of the Sienfeld seasons on dvd? I really really want the seasons.
  18. Half the time i dont even know what soccer team is playing. I cant tell if i am looking at the team logo or the manufacture. Nascar is crazy there is so much advertising on the cars. Nascar is heavy on the advertising. After Jeff Gordon won a race recently he gets out of his car and drinks a Pepsi Next thing we know hockey players will be puck shaped helmets with a logo on the top. Haha maybe not. Basketball has it pretty good in terms of advertising in the arena while they play. I dont really see to much advertising around the place mainly because there is no place to put the stuff. Haha but then i see a powerade comercial i think? and it has Lebron James shooting ball from the other side of the court. Haha its good for show though. But then again thats a commercial so its all good then. Isnt it? P.S. (Sorry for the spelling errors.)
  19. Lets just face it sports is becoming a huge way to advertise. Look at the SuperBowl advertisers pay $500,000 just for 30seconds. If you look at European hockey i meen wow their entire uniform is a add for Visa or other various things. Even the helmets have advertising on them. But all in all the worst has to be the advertising on boxers. This kind of baffles me are the boxers trying to promotse them selves or the advertising? Its almost like a battle between advertising more than it is boxers. Advertising in hockey to me is fine its not all that distracting and there is some cool sings on the bords. I dont think having spider-man logos on the plates will be distracting but still soon the entire feild will be a huge billbord. Next thing you know in the NFL there will be no more team logos in the end zones; rather there will be advertising for sports illistrated swim suit issue or soemthing like that. In the other end zone there will be beer advertising.
  20. Man i never even thought about the kids. Thats really creepy to think about Tim. I think the parents would put pressure on the kids to look their best and be thier best to cover up the flaws of beeing natural looking. It is pretty sick, Why would you want to go through all those operations just to look like something that when you look in the mirror you dont even reconize your own image. Ive got a friend who has gotten plastic surgery on her face and on other locations of the body. She sais it hurts so much to get these operations. So my question is why do it? Has our personal image become the focal point of who we are? I always thought natural beauty was better than made up beauty. Guess i'm wrong in most cases. I just dont understand why some people must cover up or cut off what they have. Its a sick thing to do and in the long wrong it only wrecks your body. Oh and trust me you dont want to see the Swan. I'll go with a Jane Doe anytime atleast i know what they really look like.
  21. I must totally agree with you on the Omarosa stuff. Man i was happy when she got fired. She was so hard to watch her and Hiedi fighting over luch and what not. She screwed Kwame in the finale task to bad for him. But then i think to my self why would he choose her second? Like really if she was that bad why choose her then. Could have taken Nick or Amy hmm oh well Bill was the better man. Yea i liked the amazing race as well; Cool to see all the different locations they travel through. I dont know when t he next one will be airing; ive hurd rumors that the show will never run again due to the increasing security involved with traveling. Which would be a shame it was very intresting show. Besides those two shows i hardley watch reality tv. One show that makes me really really sick is The Swan. Dont know if you have see it, But let me tell you Tim its so sick. For 3 months 2 women get plastic surgery and all kinds of other things and at the end of the show they choose who looks the best. The prob i have is that most of these woman are actually pretty good looking to beggin with. If they just did their hair and maybe some makeup they would be really pretty. But these woman they choose feel like plastic surgery is the only way out which is sick. This one chick was really pretty to start with but after the operatins and stuff she looked liked Shannon Elizabeths double. It was actually sick how much she changed her body. How can people do that to them selves? Oh well enough rambling for me today. Chow Dude.
  22. Wow, I didn't think Man On Fire would be number one in box office sales this week. I went to see it and liked it but my theater was pretty empty for a new release. I never thought it would do that well. Guess people like the latest tales of revenge.
  23. Haaha everbody should check this out. This is a spoof of starwars, the best part is its on the Simpsons. Good stuff. Look for funny things in the background. Like when the Fox thing come ups on screen on the bottem it sais "A division of Orange Julius" Also look for the Death Star guy waiting in line and the dog he has. Haha good stuff. Clips.
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