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  1. Here is info on EA Sports and there move onto X-Box live. EA Sports on XBL.More info here. This is good news for people with X-Box live and sports fans. Hopefully by E3 this year we will have actuall conformation of this.
  2. Who here is looking forward to The Apprentice 2?. I know i am i loved the first one. I hate most reality shows but something about this one that perked my intrest. I wanted Troy to win but oh well Bill will do good in Chicago.
  3. Uhhh cool to now it has a more religous tone. Yea that is a pretty good Interview, Now i'm really looking forward to seeing it.
  4. I ask why? Was the show really that popular that they need to bring it back with a movie?
  5. Haha Oh man wait tell my friend reads about this. He actually dresses up like the Satanic Bunny from time to time Oh man. I'm looking forward to seeing this though as i to liked the movie,but for my freind he stated that it changed his life. It was more powerfull that Passion of christ for him haha sounds funny. Trouble teen or Christ hmmm which one would be more powerfull meaning? Or atleast should be more powerfull meaning.
  6. Its sick,My Mom and Dad we're in Calgary at the time and they said all these Calgary fans we're running in the streets and doing other things. Ahh Why Calgary. But now i want them to win. They need to beat out Detriot so the Avs can go all the way. Avs* and Flames Western Finale Montreal* and Toronto Eastren Finale
  7. Brent_Dude33

    Star Wars on DVD

    Haha thanks Cousin. Your like my own movie pricing guide.
  8. Haha I think Lucas was Be-Dazzled by Jake loyds preformance in Jingle All The Way. Co-staring next to Arnold Shwarzenegger. Getting back to Phantom Menace. I got to say i really loved the Boonta Eve Podrace scene. The podracers looked cool,sounded cool,crashed cool. I wish they would have showin the extended version though in theaters. Maybe keep out the Racers Introduction. The podrace scene looked great to me visually,and also had some really cool sound effects. You also get to see Bounty Hunter Aura Sing for a breaf second. Not to mention the Tusken Raiders camping out at the Dune Sea Turn. Just incase people havent seen the movie yet and are just reading stuff on here. One thing i didnt like about Phantom was the space Battle. It looked cool but to me the ships just didint do it justice. Also the fact that Anakin flukes out and finds his ship in the Droid Control ship's power core (or something like that). Then he has no shields and then suddenly shilds up and Bam Bam lets 2 Proton's loose exploding the power generators causing the ship to explode from the inside. I just find it hard to believe that the i guess it would be the Republic fleet had no idea about going inside the ship and shooting it. Haha itwas kind of funny to me as to that the Republic fighters pretty much go up to space and fight for no reason. They go up there but look very un organized.Now that thats out of the way. The Duel of Fates has to be one of my favorite scenes in almost any movie invloving sword play (exept Kill Bill). Got to hand it to John Williams for making a awesome theme song if you want to call it that for the Duel Of Fates scene. That music helps make the scene more intense. One thing i didnt like in fight was how Maul died kind of cheesy, kind of neat. But why? I think for Anakin they should have made him more of a dark character. I agree Nezpop.Also a opening scene thats like A New Hope would have been pretty cool with the Jedi protecting it and all.
  9. Wow i didn't relize how low of graduation average some schools have. Living in Canada i dont here to much about NCAA news. I think they should have to set some standards for grades and atleast get 50% of a team to graduate.
  10. Brent_Dude33

    Star Wars on DVD

    Wow that sounds great. I really want to see Empire Of Dreams. PLus the added Demo for Battlefront will be sweet to. I cant wait. Has anybody seen a price for the trilogy in Canadian $.?
  11. Most people probably know this by now,But i thought i would post this incase somebody dosnt. The release date for Star Wars Episode III is Thursday May 19 2005. Here is a link for more info. Episode III Release Date.
  12. Personally i wouldnt want a movie like Troy not to be violent. Everytime i see the trailers i love it more and more. But then again i love my Violence in movies (Private Ryan takes the pie for most Violent)
  13. Haha Nice way of classing the Star Wars movies. Jason i think your waiting for the Excalibur of Star Wars movies to be pulled from the stone Eh? Episode III, Maybe? I hope your sword gets pulled out once again my friend. "Gulp" i liked Phantom and Clones. Clones better than Phantom. (Dont hurt me to much) On a side note nice to see this got moved. Kind of felt left out in the leftovers Also good to see A New Hope is keeping up with Empire. Haha i dont think we will ever see a vote for Episode I Or II.
  14. I actually had a chance to see the Star Wars holiday special about a year ago. I have to say it was kind of neat but only because of Boba Fett. Other than that it was really hard to wactch. It reminded me of that one star wars reunion comic run It was hard to read just as the Christmas special was hard to watch. I just watched A New Hope tonight and i'm hopeing some time soon to watch Empire. I'm actually hopeing to have a Star Wars movie night then i shall watch all three in one night something i have yet to accomplish with out falling a sleep during Jabbas palace. On another note has anybody read The Tales Of The Jedi comic run. It includes Titles like The Sith War, Golden Age Of The Sith, Knights Of The Old Republic. I'm just wondering.
  15. I personaly every day am in conflict in which Star Wars i like the best. I will have to go with.... A New Hope, I really do like it. I think it's prob my fav because it was the first one i saw and has always stuck in my head as being Star Wars.
  16. Haha true i guess i never thought of it i that way;But still the presence of steriods is there. I dont know i'm just really against steriods. I dont think super stars should have to take steriods; I would love to know how many high paid super stars in any League (MLB,NHL,NBA) Take steriods. It would be intresting to see how many there is out there. I would really like to find a web page that can get into real good detail about the use of steriods. If anybody here knows of such site please pass on the link.
  17. Ok man that officialy freaked me out. Thanks for the link i finaly herd it. Its scary almost "There was a toolshed where he made us suffer,Sad Satan" Creepy man, i wonder if they planted that or it was really just luck that it sounds like that. You know anything about that Peter?
  18. Alright ive been listening to Led Zep iv for about the last 2 weeks. One of my freinds brought it to my attention that if you listen to StairWay to Heaven Backwards you can here different Lyrics. I have not been able to find any body who has the Album on Vinal and so have not been able to try this out. I was wondering if anybody knows if this is true or just a myth? Also if somebody does know about this do you know what they? Ive serched on the web for info regarding this but just end up on dead ends. I'm very intrested. Thanks. Rock On.
  19. Man ive got this great picture of Barry Bonds. But for some reason it wont work when i try to post it. But man you should see this pic, Its Bonds Rookie card haha the guy is like 4 times the size now adays. I must Totally agree with that. Steriods are making the sport of baseball crazy. Guys are so big its insane, It seems to me the League only questions the guys they feel need to be questioned about steriods. Its bad enough that Steriods do damage to your body over time. But also the fact that kids see their favorite Baseball star Belting Home run after home run and then they think, Wow hes so big no wonder he can hit those balls so far. Then the kids later on in life do steriods or look at steriods as being a way to get big fast and easy. I would almost rather have the Baseball players use Cork Bats atleast its not hurting their body. Its sad to me when a player gets ridiculed for using a Cork Bat. But yet that same player could be using steriods and they would look past that But Oh No he used a cork bat. It was prob an Accident. But w/e In the end Steriods are stupid and i think itswrecking the good game of baseball.
  20. Just asking. I think it could be good. It dosnt seem there is a spot on the Forums anywhere yet to post stuff about video games. I would love to start a discussion about games like Manhunt and how parents are letting kids jump right into games like that.
  21. People talk about hockey players making to much money and that they dont put their skills to use. Well how about Baseball recently the big deal in MLB was A.Rod going to the Yankees a team that has pretty much all the money in the world(so to say). A.Rod will be making 22.5Million a year i believe for 4 years. Man we complain in hockey when a guy wants to make 8 million. I really do think MLB needs a sallery cap teams like the Yankees and Arizona have so much money. Look what Florida did awhile go they had money so they bought a wining team. Now nothing wrong with getting a winning team after all sports is all about winning the big game is it not? Now what really makes me mad is when teams(I'm going to pic on the Yankees some more here) They have this raw tallent on the field and they cant win a world series. Somethings wrong with that coaching maybe? When a teams like the Angels make the World Series and the Yankees dont you know its trouble. Maybe with a sallery cap teams would be able to be more balanced and every season each team has a fair shot at winning or atleast making the playoffs. I like teams like the Cubs not to big on the payroll but they have their star player Sosa. Then you look at the Yankees almost every palyer is a star. If those star Players could be distributed through out the MLB i think teams would be better evenly matched. I dont know about you guys but Sallery cap in MLB would be very smart. Exept to say the players would probebly have a walkout or soemthing cause Oh noo there making $10-$20million a season. Man i would love to just make $100,000 playing a sport.
  22. For all those guys out here who like hockey and Ken Dryden. You should the Awesome book in which Mr.Dryden wrote him self. Its called The Game. Its his look on the game. Its a great book a must read for hockey fans. Its an easy book to find as a new Hard Cover Edition recently came out. Go Avs Go
  23. Nothing Can stop the all mighty power of an Avalanche. Specially one with guys like Forsberg and Sakic riding down it with fiberglass sticks. Plus i dont about you but Abby is playing pretty good in Net. But i miss Patrick Roy. Also Turco is bad in playoffs and its showing again this year. Haha Oilers next year? The NHL next year? Whos anything can happen. 8)
  24. Hey Dudes and Dudets, Alright i found proof that Leia is Anakins kid and Padme's kid. This is strait from the character archives at starwars.com "It was common knowledge throughout the court that Leia was adopted into the Royal Family. What wasn't common knowledge was that Leia was born to Anakin Skywalker, a Jedi pupil who succumbed to the dark side and became Darth Vader. She was one of a set of twins, born in secrecy and protected from Vader and the Emperor. The Jedi hero and general, Obi-Wan Kenobi, secretly transported Leia and her mother to the planet Alderaan, where she was to be raised by Kenobi's friend Bail Organa. The boy, Luke, was taken to the distant world of Tatooine. Leia has few memories of her true mother, PadmeAmidala. All that Leia can recall is that she was beautiful, but sad". I'm trying to find info on luke to if they say he is fa sure Padmes kid?. It adds up now that luke has no memory of Padme because he was taken away when he was born. Yess but still why does nobody ask him about his mother. Luke never really talks about his mother or if he remembers her? On Endor he does talk to leia about if she remembers her mother;which is lukes mother i suppose. He then sais he cant remember a thing about her? I think this might help i also got this from the starwars.com Databank "Luke was born during the chaos as the galaxy transitioned from Republic to the tyrannical Empire. He and his twin sister, Leia, were secretly spirited away from his father and the Emperor. Luke was taken to live with Owen and Beru while his sister was taken to Alderaan to be raised by Viceroy Bail Organa" They state that luke is infact a twin brother with Leia. It also sais they were "spirited away from his father and the Emperor" So how does Vader know of luke? He learns of Leia through lukes emotions but how does he find out about luke? Thanks 8)
  25. Hey Dudes and Dudets Alright guys i must say i'm sorry about the fan boy stuff. I got carried away talking about figures and other things star wars. I hope to keep this thread going as long as possible. Hey Jeff thanks for bringing that to my attention, i never really thought anything of it when i was typing. Thanks and once again i'm sorry. Alright this is how i think Ep3 is going to go down and the fall of Anikan to the dark side. I have noticed that Anikan does not really rebel against the jedi order but meraly does what he feels is right. He can also in my mind see the truth behind the council. They are trying to control the young guys and even the older jedi by fear. Even Yoda fears the dark but yet he condones it almost by going through with the clone wars army. Fear keeps the jedi order in line so to say. BUt with this fear they are intrested in what its like being dark and all. Not many jedi choose the dark path but Anikan see's that the Jedi council is dark in its own way in that they try to control everything and its there way or your lost forever. So with the help of Palpatine Anikan see's his potential away from the jedi order. With some help of events that we will have to see in Ep3 Anikan will leave the order only to hunt down and destroy the jedi until he dies. Anikan prob gets tired of being lied to by the council about what peace is when the started the clone wars. The council starts one of the biggest wars and kills many people and things. Yet the say its fine because there doing what the force has told them. So whats the diiference between the Jedi starting war or the Sith starting war? In the end Jedi still die people die and other species die as well; are they not doing the same thing? Thats what i think is the downfall to the Light side they will kill thousands in an act of war but if the sith do it; man watch out lets go kill them all off then. I think Anikans fall to the dark side will be a sad one. Most likley Luke and Leia will be born in this one or so i think. BUt i also think that the Republic is going to bombard the planet that Amidala will be on and kill her. This will send Anikan into an uprage and confront Obi-Wan asking why she had to die and all the innecent people. Obi prob just say it was the order of the council and had to be done to save the Galaxy from the sith and then Anikan will get mad pull his lightsaber and so forth. I think thats how its going to go down. Then Palpatine will take Anikan under his wing and give him the freedom of the dark side and the power Anikan wants to crush the Jedi order. Well thanks Dude and Dudets and once again i apologize for the fan boy stuff. 8)
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