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  1. Just came back from an early free screening tonight. Wonderfully shot and scored, with great direction by Branagh. Might be the best live action Disney fairy-tale film yet. I had some problems with the story though. Feel free to ask me questions about the film. I'll leave a couple excerpts from my letterboxd review: Full review
  2. New Teaser Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1t0A_tZGrYw
  3. I went into this film hoping that it would be better than the first(I liked HTTYD1, but thought it was overrated), but instead found that it was stale and uninspired (except for the re-kindled romance between Valka and Stoick). Quite honestly, it made me appreciate the first much more... As for the line "that implied" Gobber being gay, it went unnoticed by most of the audience in attendance at my screening...
  4. Reminds me of Super 8 too...
  5. From the early reviews it seems like the general consensus is that the plot is overstuffed with story threads, reminding me of the somewhat entertaining but also over-complicated Spiderman 3.
  6. I agree, I felt the same way watching the last 30 minutes of Avengers. Blowing up CGI futuristic ships gets old after a while. Although I must admit, I too loved the hand-to-hand combat sequences. It helped with adding a realistic feel to some of the movie's action scenes. Cap and the Winter Soldier fighting reminded me of the Dark Knight Rises when Bane and Batman deke it out.
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