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    Fury (2014)

    Hey All, I have been a lurker on these forums for a while, and through a mixture of frustration and maybe desperation, have finally been driven to post in hopes that other thinkers of faith can help me out. I talk a lot about the end of the film which is why most of this is marked as a spoiler. I have been haunted by this film since seeing 4 days ago, and have barely stopped thinking about it since then. I’ve been baffled that critics seem to largely disregard it--at best I’ve seen folks write it was an incredible 2 acts followed by a floppy 3rd. At risk of exclusivity, and my theory as to why it has largely fallen flat in the world of film criticism, is that I believe this is a film only a Christian can digest. Unlike most War films, this one does not seem to be about Man vs. Man, Man vs. War, Good vs. Evil, but about Wordliness vs. Other-worldliness. After the first battle in the film, there is a scene in which Don “Wardaddy” Colliers is by himself staring out over a field. More than in any other film I’ve seen, I felt desperate to know what he believes in--to whom or what is he praying? Am I totally misreading it?
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