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  1. It's hard to tell from the length but it could be great! I hope your festival run goes well! Don't give up!!!
  2. I was wondering about this myself. He used to do a small class called, I think, the Rogue Fllm School, and I was interested in that a few years ago. But Herzog is incredible, especially in his deep desire to explore truth in his work. So, I think studying him and his technique is a good idea, as a Christian filmmaker. I was wondering though if this is just a short seminar, how useful it would really be, since he has spoken about his work at festivals numerous times, and he tends to simply reiterate much of his technique over and over. He will probably do the same here, since the cost is fairly small. But this is just my guess.
  3. How is everything going so far with your submissions? I'm on the verge of finishing a short as well. Albeit it's not a Christian short, but a 19 min comedy short. Are there any niche Comedy genre festivals anyone knows about??
  4. Hello my friends! I have to agree with many people here in saying that the 'simple answer' this is best because it truly answers the question without the extra fluff. That is to say, this is the answer of how ANY believer does their work as unto the Lord and does it well. Simply live out and work out your faith in fear and trembling, and seek to make better work. Work as unto the Lord. Because His grace is sufficient for us. And I should say, that is how to be a good plumber, a good teacher, a good pastor, as well. It is no different for an artist. It is simple because it's true. As it comes to the nature of making good art, in particular, it is required, more than almost ANY other profession, to be obsessed with discovering and delivering TRUTH through the medium. So learn the truth and deliver it well, through the medium. Worrying about what happens AFTER your work is digested by an audience is a fools errand, and it is not very helpful to an artist in making better work. Rather, it can muddy the waters for an artist, and contribute to allowing a lack of genuineness to taint the work. This must not occur, and it is a very dangerous place for an artist once he/she starts to let the relationship with his/her audience to become more important than the relationship with the Master. THAT is what matters. Now, maybe the Lord cares about marketing, maybe not. We can't always know this. But we CAN listen to, and obey HIM above all. An artist does their best work when they can focus on the essential, the true, and the initial calling to make art, instead of on the marketing, the money, the fame, the audience... and if these other people are 'pleased' with the work. These are all symptoms of loosing your moorings as an artist. So continue to keep the real essential simple things as the main things, or rather, keep your relationship with the Lord as the more important impetus for the art. Pleasing men instead of God is NOT a desirable attribute of living a good Christian life, nor does it improve one's work, which ought to be done 'as unto the Lord.'
  5. This concept sound well realized. I really like what you've come up with here! Let us know how your progress is coming! I hope it does well and is a great success!
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