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  1. Very interested to see what everyone thinks about this project. I haven't been able to watch [no cable]. Aside from the inaccuracies, I was wondering about the production value and performances. New to this board and can't post a new topic - so pardon if I highjack the thread for a moment... I've been working on a project with Bill O'Reilly for the past year - Legends & Lies, The Real West. Our production company is out of Montana [known for reality show Mountain Men]. This is our first forray into the [semi] scripted world, and my first venture as a writer and Supervising Producer. The show premieres tonight [4/12]. As someone who has a passion and desire to impact culture through TV - I was very hopeful I could get some critical feedback on the show. Looking for some very honest and sincere opinion on the good, the bad and ugly of it all. Working with FoxNews and Bill O'Reilly was actually a very positive experience for me - not at all what was to be expected. They were gracious and complimentary with no alterior motives, other than telling a great story and entertaining an audience. I know there will be several issues of competing thoughts on historical accuracy, but we attempted to stick as close to the documented truth as possible - thematically at least, if not literally possible. So, please, if the opportunity presents itself - I would so appreciate your professional feedback, as candid as possible. [hopefully that's not inviting too much trouble] I really value the open dialogue that I have seen on this forum and could really use a Christ-centered perspective as I work toward more creative and fully-scripted projects. Again, pardon the topic high-jack.
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