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  1. Though I'm not participating in the voting this year, I can help get screeners from studios and distributors, if they are willing to send them.
  2. I'm in for Noirvember as well. In speaking with Ryan and Nathaniel about it, the film we thought would be a great place to start is Welles' The Lady From Shanghai.
  3. Jeff, I visited your page and added some thoughts to the conversation. I think @M. Leary did enough beforehand to alleviate that commenter's befuddlement, so I just piggybacked and supported his response. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.
  4. Looks like Salt of the Earth should be The Salt of the Earth, btw.
  5. Ah, right. @kenmorefield, are we proceeding according to EST?
  6. So, just to clarify: the nominating window closes on the 28th? And voting ends on the 3rd?
  7. Yup. This film is quite a marvel. Just left the theater and I want to go back in for a second screening. Alas, time. I just went to log this into my diary on Letterboxd and chuckled at the synopsis given on the film's page: A female assassin during the Tang Dynasty who begins to question her loyalties when she falls in love with one of her targets. I mean, this one is hard to follow certainly. There's a lot of political detail, similar names and faces (for a backwoods Southerner like myself, especially), and Hou's clearly intent on creating an entrancing, incoherent experience. But really, that last clause: "...begins to question her loyalties when she falls in love with one of her targets."
  8. I can understand your concerns with this film, Michael. I certainly lack the experience and exposure to this genre that you possess - an issue which I will attempt to rectify this next year - but I found the formal and narrative approach absolutely effective. The structural awareness is so keen, allowing the stations to impose meaning directly onto Maria's path. Its widescreen tableau presses a sense of inevitability right through the screen. And it strongly mirrored liturgy itself. Its commentary on sacrifice seem more specific than to just point out the absurdity of it all. What's absurd is that when we assume sacrifice must be equivalent to austerity, yet Christ's exacted sacrifice redefines the nature of human sacrifice. Actually, my review of it at Reel Spirituality just posted this week: http://www.brehmcenter.com/initiatives/reelspirituality/film/reviews/stations-of-the-cross
  9. Brilliant! I was very near to buying/renting this one. Time Out of Mind should be coming to Netflix on the 15th as well. Oh, and Guy Maddin's The Forbidden Room will be on Fandor starting tomorrow, if anyone is so inclined.
  10. What's the release date on that? You might wind up the only one of us to see it.
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