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  1. Looking back through the thread I may have missed seeing these films listed or seconded - But "CoCo" and "Logan" are both worthy of nomination I believe. Family, sacrifice, heritage, mortality, discovery of self (and things greater than self) all shine within both of these.
  2. I'd also second: Logan Lucky War for the Planet of the Apes And would like to nominate "Logan." One of my faves of the year (for various reasons). Wade Bearden captured some wonderful thoughts about logan here: http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2017/march-web-only/logan-is-ragged-intimate-depiction-of-wages-of-sin.html I know earlier in the thread that Disney/Pixar was under consideration for boycotting, but "CoCo" is currently in my Top 15 of the year. It earned one of my highest grades. At it’s heart, it is a film about family, choices, the power of something beyond self, and remembering those who paved the way before us. An absolutely beautiful story that touches on some interesting themes and topics for adults and children alike. The animation is flawless, and in some scenes, I was literally speechless at the intricate detail. It offered truly wonderful and distinct characters, some great cameos, and tributes to real life historical figures. The film kept getting better the further along it went. Some of the scenes were so touching that even grown men were brought to tears – this is an amazing piece of cinema that I’ll revisit a few more times. I'd also like to nominate: "Wonder" - It is a story of perseverance, family devotion, courage, and standing up against oppression. This film is told from multiple character perspectives ( I loved that uniqueness). It is a marvelously wonderful family film, well-acted, topical themes, & great character chemistry.
  3. Sorry to be so late to the dialogue here - My credentials some how got wonky when trying to sign in. Here's an "under the radar" nomination: I'd like to nominate "The Bachelors" with JK Simmons & Josh Wiggins. This film follows a father and son attempting to start a new life after the death of a wife and mother. It is a film ultimately about trying to come to terms with loss, sadness and loneliness. The story question that drives the film - can a father and son move on through the pain to a better place in life - and if they can, will their relationship remain intact? J.K. Simmons is such a strong and authentic actor, His talents are so amazingly natural. Wiggins really impressed me also. This Drama with touches of organic comedy - Written and directed by Kurt Voelker. This picture offers wonderful shot selections and editing; really amazing storytelling through visual and musical montages. I Loved, Loved, loved the original music & the lighting choices for certain key scenes, It was absolutely amazing in helping to tell the story. I was truly impressed with the chemistry between Simmons & Josh Wiggins. It was truly a beautiful father and son relationship story - which is so different from many that we read about in books or see on film today. It was about finding strength to move on in life together and individually as well. One of only a few films I gave an "A+" to this year.
  4. Kubo and the Two Strings (2nd) Sully (3rd) The BFG (2nd) Capt. America: Civil War The Young Messiah (2nd)Sing Street (2nd)Pete's Dragon (2nd) Hail, Caesar! (2nd) Deepwater Horizon Zootopia Mr. Church A Hologram for the King Finding Dory Free State of Jones
  5. Yes @kenmorefield -I'm nominating Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  6. Looking over the master list again: I'd like to revisit with a nomination: Bridge of Spies, Creed, and Infinitely Polar Bear. Mark Ruffalo was astoundingly funny and depressing at the same time in "Polar Bear". The story was brilliantly written. High recommendation from me on this film.
  7. This one may sound a bit crazy to some ... but I've got to say the most enjoyable time I had at the theatre this year was watching "Antman." It was a different kind of Marvel, superhero film and had a message focused on family, and finding one's purpose (even in the most odd of circumstances). It was a creative take on redemption, sacrifice, and selflessness. I nominate this (if it hasn't already been).
  8. Ken, do we have the latest list of those with multiple nominations yet? I've cycled through the 9 pages here -and I've got a few that I don't think were on the list(s), but I may have missed them.
  9. I watched "Creed" for a 2nd time and continue to be impressed with numerous aspects of this film . The acting, cinematography, story, and design. Making something old new again is a difficult task and I feel it was done here.
  10. I screened James White and was incredibly impressed by the story, and the emotional character-driven piece of coming to terms with "reality" . Questions of "how do we face pain, how do we face responsibility, how do we face sadness" all provide relevance for critical thinking for Christians and non-Christians.
  11. I would also like to nominate: "Son of Saul" (Hungary) "Embrace the Serpent" (Columbia) If these have already been nominated and I missed the thread -count this as a second ... or third ...
  12. I second "Amy" and couldn't find "Listen to me Marlon" in the thread -that gets my vote too
  13. I second : "The Martian" "Love and Mercy" "Everest" I second "Mad Max: Fury Road"
  14. "The Walk" -Loved the visuals and the concept of perseverance and exploring the "birth of the Twin Towers" and examining the dream of a man who brought humanity to the steel structures
  15. I would also like to add: "Inside Out" "Southpaw" "Mr. Holmes" and a second for "EX MACHINA"
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