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  1. I love to paint from thin-depth-of-field photographs, so that the background is blurred.

    That's exactly how I was seeing the work. Your approach also has a way of affecting the flow of observation. For instance with "Ever Love" you seem most detailed with the dress. I wandered around and followed the dress first and then branched out from there. Her shoulders, chest, calves and ankles also seem to have a higher level of photo-realism than her other body parts (principally around the tattoos, it seems). Then the further away the less detailed, such as the grass in the background vs the grass in the foreground.

    But that is also based on how it looks on my computer. Wish I could see your work in person. Even in thumbnail size it had an interesting quality.


    Thanks for taking the time to explain that, Joe! It makes sense. Thanks.

  2. Interesting where you choose to be sort of hyper-realistic or detailed and where you don't, such as in"Ever Love".


    I guess if I had my way, I'd be as realistic as possible everywhere throughout a painting. But what is "realistic" is up for debate.

    When I can find (or take) them, I love to paint from thin-depth-of-field photographs, so that the background is blurred. I think it is more representative of the way

    we actually see things to not have everything in a painting be in sharp focus.

    Which part(s) in that painting do you consider to be less realistic or less detailed?

  3. I know I haven't posted in this thread for a long, long time. I'm just stopping by to say that I plan to enter another bodybuilding contest in July, 2013, just after my 55th birthday.

    I actually tried quitting bodybuilding for a while, to become a beer connoisseur, but after several months, I missed the discipline and structure of the bodybuilding lifestyle, so I made plans to enter another contest. I'm no good at it, really, but doing it helps me be better in other areas of life.

  4. Wow ... it has been about two years since I've posted anything in this thread. I've been busy making more paintings, and I will now share some of them with you. One of the most exciting things that's happened to me is that I've started showing my work publicly again, and have won 2 major awards so far for my paintings.

    Here's a fairly simple oil.



  5. I wonder if I saw you, ABP. Maybe. The Arnold Classic is my favorite time in Columbus, mainly because there are thousands of people running around looking like The Incredible Hulk (who was really there! I saw him!), drinking whey shakes and bench pressing Volkswagens and whatnot. Good times.

    It's quite possible. I saw so many people.

    I tell people that the Arnold is the best $10 of people-watching anywhere on the planet. Or, actually, free ... if you just want to sit outside the doors in the hallway and gawk.

  6. No, its funny. My spotter is catching more crap than me (deservedly so). But all the teeth are intact. I have to drink with a straw while my lip heals up, but other than that, and wounded pride, not too bad.

    Ouch! Glad the teeth are intact.

    Glad to see that this thread has not died. I entered another bodybuilding contest in July, 2009. I have one coming up (in Detroit) on March 27, so I'm getting pretty lean right about now.

    As a warmup, I entered a "Masters Challenge" sponsored by one of the bodybuilding websites, and held during the Arnold Expo last Friday, in Columbus, Ohio. There ended up being only two of us competing, though initially seven people had committed to do it.

    The video is amusing, because the MC was like a carnival barker. He liked to talk a lot, so the actual posing doesn't begin until about 3:00 minutes into the video. I'm on the right, in light blue trunks.

  7. I don't mean to sidetrack the thread, but I'm shocked. This is the first instance I've found in my 54 years where individuals have traveled to Toledo, Ohio willingly.

    Toledo has an excellent art museum, a very good zoo, and a fine paved oval stock car track.

    I go there often!

  8. I was skimming Hemmings Motor News yesterday and discovered an opportunity to feed an addiction of mine. The Meadowbrook Concours and Auction seems to be having a Chrysler theme this year. No real full page ad or anything. Merely a subtle placement of two perfect '34 Airflows in the classifieds with no price, just the declaration to offer at the auction on Aug 1. any other Mopar folks left out there?

    Eliot and I are Mopar fans. Though mostly from the Virgil Exner "Forward Look" era, up though 1971.

    Six or seven years ago, I saw a huge display of Airflows at the Walter P. Chrysler Museum. The Airflow club had some sort of gathering there, and they were parked all around the entrance. Beautiful cars.

  9. For all my cars, I try to get the official Ford shop manual from Helm, Inc. They tend to be a bit costly, however.

    Link here.

    You can navigate by brand and see what they have for the 1996 Fiesta.

    (I sat in a European Fiesta on Friday - neat car - very luxurious interior for a B-car.)

    Any of you auto buffs know how to find a manual (official or aftermarket repair guide, like Haynes) for a 1996 Ford Fiesta (european version) Diesel? My inlaws bought one (the car not the manual) and thought it would be helpful to have the manual too.

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