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  1. I forgot to post about my 1963 Olds F-85 wagon. As you can see, it's not quite finished. It has a Buick 3.5L all-Aluminum V-8. Spoiler is from a Dodge neon, I think. It will have 1959 Cadillac wheel covers with bullets in the centers. Headlights are 1998 Jaguar XJR. [attachmentid=231][attachmentid=232]
  2. Thanks. I like to paint with strong, highly directional lighting. Some, though, have told me it gives a harsh effect.
  3. They posed for the 1/60th of a second it took to take the photo. Then it took me umpteen weeks to do the actual painting from the photograph.
  4. Agreed. I guess you could say I'm an automotive recycler. Restoration is recycling. Here is a mockup of how a 2003 Mustang Cobra IRS (Independent Rear Suspension) will go into my son's 1963 Mercury Meteor. [attachmentid=225] I can't understand people who think they need to replace a whole car just because it's 40 years old!
  5. Let me know what you think of it. [attachmentid=224]
  6. Rich ... I think you're getting confused. The Time Warp is that song from The Rocky Horror Picture Show!
  7. Here is a poem that may hold interest not only for readers and writers of poetry, but for mathematicians and physicists as well. Mathematicians, because the "convertible" form in which the poem can be parsed equally well in sets of 4 or 5 iambs per line, has applications of LCM (least common multiple), etc. Physicists will be able to notice the Beat phenomenon (as in Beat Frequency, not Jack Kerouac) being manifested in the lines of verse. This 4/5 form was invented by my Orange County Anglican friend, Russ Smith. Kings and Bishops Though kings and bishops go astray To curse the Christly Law and may With pen or purse or pulpit steal The truth, and Satan's drones reveal Themselves to be; their very thrones Will cry out praise and cast their bones To hell. Until this comes to be My thoughts shall dwell most pleasantly On you, true friend, and all who call In truth on God, the joy of Paul. Though kings and bishops go astray to curse The Christly Law and may with pen or purse Or pulpit steal the truth, and Satan's drones Reveal themselves to be; their very thrones Will cry out praise and cast their bones to hell. Until this comes to be my thoughts shall dwell most pleasantly on you, true friend, and all who call in truth on God, the joy of Paul.
  8. Is there an answer to this? If there is, please say what it is; the riddle is driving me crazy!
  9. Hey, I've just discovered undeniable proof that Jack Chick reads Arts&Faith !!! Not more than a few days after posting my NASCAR-themed mock Chick Tract, I go to the official Chick website to see that JTC has written his own NASCAR tract! Read it here!
  10. This was one of the cartoons I submitted to a contest that Touchstone ran. The editor wrote me a personal letter to this effect: "When we reviewed this cartoon, their was a bedlam of laughter in the office. We agreed that it was the funniest cartoon we received. However, as some of our readers might take it the wrong way, we are instead awarding one of your other cartoons the first prize. We hope you understand." When I penned this, I didn't mean to imply that people who sing praise choruses will go to hell. Besides, isn't that part of the purpose of Purgatory? To "correct" our musical taste?
  11. And a pic of my Marauder (taking a turn at Waterford Hills Road Racing course). [attachmentid=217]
  12. That is Miss Ivy Blue, a model (formerly of metro Detroit, soon moving to LA) that I hired for a photoshoot. I'm doing a painting of her for what I call my "Goth & Gothic" series. Here is one more picture: [attachmentid=216]
  13. Original cartoon art by Paul Erlandson (ABP) ... [attachmentid=214]
  14. My cars: 1963 Mercury Meteor ... His name is Mr. Venables. Currently being re-built for my son. 1962 Mercury Meteor (Merc-O-Saurus) 1963 Olds F-85 wagon (Kustom) "Lucynell", aka "Wise Blood" 2003 Mercury Marauder (Elijah)
  15. Many remember Gorshin as the Riddler. However, my best memory of him is as one of the hot rodders in Hot Rod Girl (1956). He does a decent impression of James Cagney in that film.
  16. Heh... I'm tempted to pass that on to my parents. They're both big NASCAR fans. ← Cool ... although if they're fans of one of the fine drivers of a Chevrolet automobile ... tell them "no offense intended." NASCAR is about the only place other than church you can still hear people pray in Jesus' name.
  17. Rich, Thanks for mentioning this site to me at church yesterday. I can see I'll be spending a lot of my time here from now on!! Here is my own spoof on a Jack Chick comic ... Yours truly, Paul Erlandson "anglicanbeachparty
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