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  1. Just belatedly chiming in to say that I hope this idea continues to move forward. I would be interested in contributing if it was desired.
  2. Joshua Wilson

    Paris, Texas

    I thought you all might appreciate the experience I had tonight, seeing PARIS, TEXAS at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Hunter Carson, the Mydolls (a band which featured in a cameo upstairs at the "Peep show" location) and a couple more crew members were on hand for a post-screening discussion. Highlights of the evening included: *Mydolls band members reminiscing about doing odd jobs during the production, like picking up rental cars and driving them to El Paso, and about riding out Hurricane Alicia in Downtown Houston, with Claire Denis on her very first visit to the US! *Crew members giving anecdotes about filming and how they would run out of money and Wim would have to return to France to get more. *The casting/Texas location director who was on hand talked about how hard they worked to get this local Mexican singer, who had an astonishing long-bearded appearance to be in the film, even convincing him to cross the river illegally on his burro. The scene was cut from the film. *He also talked about how Robby Mueller had crafted a perfect looking shot by breaking all the lighting rules in using flourescent light, etc, and then intentionally not telling the film lab how he had shot it, knowing that when they processed it it would turn out the way he wanted it. *They said that they watched the daily rushes and worked on the script in the very theater we were in. *The audience was very appreciative—clapping at names during the opening credits! And really responsive especially to the funny moments, which brought out to me just how much humor is in the film in addition to the great pathos. *Something Hunter Carson said about how the film has changed for him over the years, or more properly, how his viewing of it had changed as he got older: He said that what affected him most now on recent viewings was the scene where Travis is trying to determine how to act like either a rich Dad or a poor one. He saw it in the light of being a dad himself now, and watched Harry Dean Stanton acting as his character's dad in the film, while imagining his own Dad, Kit Carson, writing the scene. Lots of layers of meaning! *For me, it was interesting to see Hunter, the character in the film, watching old home movies of his younger self, while at the same time I was looking at Hunter Carson a couple rows ahead of me, watching this old movie of his younger self... *And here's a tidbit for you Criterion nerds—the lady in front of me had the same idea as me to get him to sign the disc booklet, and while he was doing it, he said he'd never seen the Criterion Disc before!
  3. Joshua Wilson

    Criterion sale at Barnes & Noble

    Nice, Evan. I'm holding out for the sweet MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS release at the end of the month. If I can swing another title, I will go with something on my long list of coveted favorites...
  4. Joshua Wilson

    A&F Site News -- Please Read

    My time here has been brief, and my participation sporadic and of doubtful value to the community, but I've enjoyed the contributions of you all, and I'm glad that this site will continue. Thank you, Ken.
  5. Joshua Wilson

    Examples of "Cinematic Parables"?

    Posted this on Facebook—just thinking out loud, but a few that come to mind, but may or may not meet your definition are: NETWORK THE MOSQUITO COAST Pretty much any Panahi film Maybe BARRY LYNDON
  6. I'd be interested to participate!
  7. Joshua Wilson

    Criterion sale at Barnes & Noble

    I was only going to get one disc due to financial prudence, but due to an unexpected refund, I was able to get the Dietrich-Von Sternberg set and ONLY ANGELS HAVE WINGS.
  8. Joshua Wilson

    Student inquiry: Films about sexual violence and responses to it

    I know this is probably too late, but seeing that Evan responded with thoughtful remarks on ANATOMY OF A MURDER reminded me that there that film depicts serious concerns regarding rape, social views of victims of sexual assault, and how it is treated in the criminal justice system. Check the thread on that film for both his and my thoughts.
  9. Joshua Wilson

    RIP Milos Forman (1932-2018)

    Definitely prioritize RAGTIME.
  10. Joshua Wilson

    Mowgli (aka The Jungle Book)

  11. Joshua Wilson

    Criterion sale at Barnes & Noble

    I see that this post is from last summer, but I can't agree more. There's a book out there of Kurosawa's painted storyboards for RAN also, which I really need to just buy some time.
  12. Joshua Wilson

    24 FRAMES

    I finally put together what I hope are some more coherent thoughts on this film. I really look forward to seeing it again. Even if you don't read my post, I urge any Kiarostami fans to watch the video that I embedded. It's a Q&A between Ahmad Kiarostami (Abbas's son, who completed 24 FRAMES) and Godfrey Cheshire. It's Kiarostami gold, I assure you. Anyways, here's the link to my essay: https://fforfilms.net/2018/02/16/24-frames/
  13. Joshua Wilson

    24 FRAMES

    That really speaks to the kind of film it is, doesn't it? It's more of a concept than a film in the traditional sense. I'm still thinking about whether I want to try to write up something more substantial about it. I don't know that I have the right tools at my disposal, but I think I'll try. There are already some interesting things written about it, some of which I have tweeted out links to, and including our own Melissa Tamminga's review.
  14. Joshua Wilson

    24 FRAMES

    I got to see 24 FRAMES last night, unfortunately as I was drowsy from physical exhaustion. It's definitely food for thought, and a fascinating new variation on themes that Kiarostami has explored on very different ways before in his career. My initial notes towards a coherent thought on Letterboxd: https://letterboxd.com/magadizer/film/24-frames-2017/
  15. Joshua Wilson

    Star Wars: Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

    It occured to me that the complaints about Luke's character in this film (which I don't recall hearing after TFA) really have to be laid at the feet of the conclusion of TFA in the first place. There had to be a plausible reason for Luke going into hiding, and we already knew that it was connected to his failure in training Ben Solo. That was the scenario that had to be resolved in this film. Besides the fact that if you criticize Luke's character for this action, you have to be just as upset at Obi Wan and Yoda for doing almost the exact same thing after the old Jedi order was destroyed.