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  1. Ken, and everyone, my apologies for not working on this yet. I was preparing to work on my first one (The Music Room) when I had to drop everything and head out of town to be with my daughter in the hospital. After a week, when she got out, my family took a very brief vacation together and have just returned home. So I'm going to try to get reoriented and still indeed to get to the writing, but I've been derailed a bit by life events temporarily.
  2. Sorry for the late response, but I would agree with this completely. Unless you are opposed to his animation style per se, I don't think that your response to one would necessarily predict your response to the other. There are profound similarities and overlapping themes, but WoT is more accessible (palatable?) without being less dense.
  3. I'd be interested to write about any of the following that aren't taken by others: The Music Room Close-up A Brighter Summer Day 2001: A Space Odyssey The Best Years of Our Lives But I defer to anyone else who wants to do one of these!
  4. So so happy about The Music Room! I do wish a few of these had gone a different way, but it's OK!
  5. I voted your way on those Bergman and Murnau.
  6. You were supposed to ignore that! But since you asked, you should first watch The Music Room, and then vote for it. Easy!
  7. Glad someone else added My Brilliant Career - I had forgotten that in my list of 10.
  8. I voted one film, but I want to lobby hard to everyone (except for Christian, please ignore the following. ) to choose The Music Room over the (still wonderful, but to my mind less spiritually significant) Pather Panchali.
  9. I would like to bring up something that was discussed in the Zoom Chat today...if we eliminate one film for each director, I think that we should do a mini poll of voters to see which of the two films stays on the list. To bring up an example from my own preference, I think both Pather Panchali and The Music Room are worthy films, but if I could pick only one for its spiritual significance, it would have to be The Music Room. That being said, it's not my list, but the board's.
  10. Ah! Thanks for that bit of history, Joel. I think in the future we should consider a return to that. I think the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. (Also, what are the drawbacks?) Then it's more like a museum, where things are curated and displayed, but not ranked like an art competition. Even at an art competition, you often have narrow categories for subject and form. How am I to say that Ordet is really better than Stop Making Sense, for example?
  11. I nominated Kundun, which is quite meaningful to me spiritually, though I don't share the religion of the Dalai Lama. Though it didn't make headway, it is something of an outsider's look (in English, written/directed by Americans, etc.) at an Eastern religion. Looks like only 13 people had seen it though.
  12. I suppose that everyone discussing the ranking of the top 25 (an arbitrary cutoff, as all cutoffs must be on some level) sees the top 25 as a special honor. The more I have looked at lists like this over the years, the more I have begun to see the rankings as arbitrary, and look holistically at the list. I think there is some meaning at comparing what is at the very top versus the very bottom, but the more you get into the close rankings, and especially the more diversity of style and subject and form that the list has, the less and less meaningful the rankings are. [As a sidebar--I don't propose this change now--I would suggest at least discussing making future lists that are unranked.] I think a second ballot is either unnecessary, or should maybe be more expansive than just shuffling the top 25 around. I don't know how that would work though. I'm trying to think through this and I guess I'm not coming up with anything too helpful after all.
  13. I definitely nominated John Ford's The Fugitive because of the visual contribution by Toland's disciple Gabriel Figueroa. His collaboration with Ford on that picture might be the best looking Black and White film in Ford's filmography, and to me, one that has a spiritual impact due to the imagery. I would say that though Ford's justly praised work with Toland on films like The Grapes of Wrath, Stagecoach (too bad that one's missing, too!) and The Long Voyage Home is arguably surpassed in beauty by Figueroa.
  14. I'm super happy that The Music Room and A Brighter Summer Day are on the list! The first one I see up high that doesn't work for me is the Pasolini. I respected it, but talk about lacking joy. Of my own nominations, I'm most sad that Chimes at Midnight is absent. Welles gets no representation. I agree also that Lynch should be here, but that's how it goes. I can't be too disappointed about Fitzcarraldo, since at least Herzog is on the list, and with a great film, if not my favorite of his.
  15. A Westerns list would be soooo fun.
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