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    John Tavener is an amazing composer. If you haven't heard his work yet I highly reccommend it. A number of Christian themes as well!
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    The Lord of the Rings, Spider-man, The Ring, The Others, Harry Potter, Final Fantasy, Frequency, We Were Soldiers, Lilo and Stitch...I could go on for a while
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    Popular: Norah Jones, U2, The Corrs, Bobby Darin, Diana Krall, Sarah Brightman, Josh Groban, Bon Jovi, OAR Christian: Peter's Keys, Jars of Clay, Brotherhood of Hope Classical: Mozart, Beethoven, Wagner, Chopin, Bach, Stravinsky, Verdi, Monteverdi I play: Piano, Voice, Guitar, Harmonica, Flute, Clarinet and Sax
  1. No one's mentioned Phantom yet... Despite being some of the best music ever written for the stage, Phantom suffers from a lack of a really good overall recording. The original, of course, features Sarah Brightman, who is almost too perfect to be good in the role. Sounds wierd, I know, but the musical perfection detracts from the emotion at certain points, especially "Point of No Return." Michael Crawford, quite simply, is the Phantom. 'nuff said. Steve Barton is a somewhat over-the-top Raoul, who is at times laughably overdramatic. The movie soundtrack, despite its superior sound quality and
  2. <i>Geisha</i> is also John Williams. He even got Yo Yo Ma to help him out with that one.
  3. Wagner did his own libretto, as he pretty much always did. In Wagner's version, Isolde orders Brangaene to prepare a cup of poison, which she asks Tristan to drink with her. Brangaene instead gives them the love potion. Wagner makes a motif out of love and death - in his opera they are interchangeable. In the end, the only way Tristan and Isolde can be together is if they both die. ~MJE~
  4. I do find it a bit ludicrous that Silas, an Opus Dei "monk," dresses like a Franciscan.
  5. They darn-well better wrap a heckuva lotta things up by the time this season is over. There's still a lot from seasons three and four that just doesn't make any sense. I, for one, would like to know for sure whether ~MJE~ EDIT: Oh, and BTW... Thomas Grace and Rachel Gibson = Lousiest. New. Characters. Ev-UHR.
  6. AnchorMan86

    Get Smart

    The Alias fanboy in me is toying with the idea of Jennifer Garner in this role. She's got the talent, but she has a history of being cinematically misused (most notably in Elektra). They'd probably just make her yet another Trinity clone, with skimpy leather clothing and martial arts prowess. I could definitely see her in the character - but the director would have to take it in the right direction. I've never seen Parker Posey in a film, but she certainly looks the part. ~MJE~
  7. AnchorMan86

    Get Smart

    And the trend of basing movies on old TV shows continues with Get Smart, starring Steve Carrell (The Forty Year Old Virgin) in the title role. Peter Segal has signed on to direct. Get Smart was always one of my favorite shows, and has a lot of potential if they're fairly true to the source material - which isn't likely if this film goes the way of Bewitched or The Dukes of Hazzard. I'm particularly concerned about the casting of Agent 99 - she was a truly great character, and I don't think I could stand another disaster like the Jessica-Simpson-as-Daisy-Duke travesty. Hopefully they won't red
  8. I was pleasantly surprised to hear about the opening of Andrew Lloyd Webber's new musical, The Woman in White, in New York City last month. It's based on one of my favorite books, and I'd be thrilled to see the adaptation. I've got kind of a love/hate relationship with Webber though - I love Phantom, Joseph, and Requiem, but I'm no fan of Jesus Christ Superstar, Cats or Starlight Express. I'd appreciate it if anyone who has seen it could comment. ~MJE~
  9. "...the rumors of Final Fantasy VII to the PS3..." Sadly, these are nothing more than rumors. A tech demo featuring the opening scene of Final Fantasy VII was shown to demonstrate the graphical power of the PS3, but Square has already said that a full remake will not happen. Similar rumors started when Square did a tech demo for the PS2 of the ballroom scene in Final Fantasy VIII. But back on topic...I'm glad the Final Fantasy series came up, because it's a great example of how some games (specifically today's cinematic RPGs), while still interactive, do have a great deal of authorial contro
  10. I read the books over the summer waiting for this movie to come out on DVD and I loved them. When I finally saw the movie, I got the sense that they just got tired of making/editing it towards the end. The very beginning is brilliant - I almost died laughing when I saw the singing dolphins for the first time. After the first half-hour/hour, it gets exponentially worse. I thought Arthur, Trillian and Marvin were well-cast and well-acted for the most part. Ford and Slartibartfast were OK. Zaphod was tragically bad - not at ALL like I'd imagined him. And the whole thing with losing his second he
  11. I saw the trailer before HP&tGoF. Maybe it's because the last computer animated film I watched on DVD was Final Fantasy, but I thought the animation was very poorly done. The movements were a little like Lego pieces! It didn't seem very funny either. ~MJE~
  12. There are those that may disagree but I'll have to go with... Elektra (2005) - featuring Jennifer Garner as a sulky Amazon/Greek myth figure/Marvel super-hero in spikey heels and a rather *ahem* restricting red silk battle costume; Goran Visnjic as a...pretty boring, ordinary single dad-type guy for the most part; Terence Stamp as a blind supposed super-warrior who does nothing more exciting than to hit Elektra with a pool cue; and (perhaps the greatest tragedy in an already tragically bad film) Jason Isaacs appears in an uncredited role as...a guy who gets killed (worthy of note is that the
  13. I think I remember that scene being in the original book. ~Mark
  14. I'm probably going to have tomatoes thrown at me for saying this, but I really didn't think Black Hawk Down was well-edited at all, much less that it deserved an Oscar for film editing. I spent most of the movie wondering who was who and who got shot and whether the good guys were winning or not. To this day I don't remember anyone other than Josh Hartnett and Ewan McGregor actually being in the movie. Maybe the editors were actually going for a "fog-of-war" type effect, but it really hindered my enjoyment of the film. ~Mark
  15. The trailer's visually astonishing, no question about that. I like the artistic design. I'm interested to see if they'll keep all the little scenes during the hunt for the Golden Tickets that we saw in the old movie (the one that sticks out in my mind is the lady whose husband is held for ransom... ). I'm wary of Johnny Depp in this role - he's pretty ditzy. Gene Wilder just seemed crazy, not stupid - always very sure of himself, even when he was putting shoes in a vat of candy. I noticed that they've got Mrs. Beauregarde accompanying Violet in the factory, rather than Mr. Beauregarde. Not s
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