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  1. I just saw your request, so you probably already know this by now, but I completed the entries for Grand Illusion and 7th Heaven about a week and a half ago.
  2. Ken, Thank you for this insightful and hopeful message of where A&F is headed concerning diversity. I just started a new topic on the main "Film" page about the Criterion Channel's Pioneers of African American Cinema collection. During the process of making the top 100, our discussions included the channel's collections of films directed by women. They also currently have a collection available now for Pride month. So, I want to express my gratitude to the Criterion Channel for helping us "crawl towards diversity" to and encourage us all to use these collections to impact our conversations and future lists.
  3. I was pleased to see the new collection on the Criterion Channel earlier this week. Pioneers of African American Cinema provides a unique view into film history that joins with the #BlackLivesMatters cries through the statement that Black Films Matter. I began with Oscar Micheaux's 1920 landmark film The Symbol of the Unconquered: A Story of the Ku Klux Klan. It offers a strong and stirring rebuke of The Birth of a Nation through a technical achievement almost equaling Griffith's evil film from five years earlier. I look forward to seeing many more films on this very necessary collection while it's available.
  4. My Tree of Life vote on the Waking Up list was entirely about the theme. Malick had 3 films in the top 25. I thought Knight of Cups was most fitting for the theme. I also gave a high mark to The New World. On that list, I gave a low rating to The Tree of Life and was actually somewhat disappointed to see it make the top 25. Yet, The Tree of Life was the only Malick film I nominated for the top 100. Its transcendent quality makes it too vast in its spiritual significance for me to justify fitting it neatly into any specific category. That slight problem I had with its inclusion in the Waking Up list is exactly the same reason I was overjoyed to see it at #3 on this list.
  5. If this is the current, updated list reflecting which films don't have commitments for blurbs yet, then I would love to write blurbs for Grand Illusion, Blade Runner & 7th Heaven. What are we looking at for a time frame? (I'm sorry for the likely repetition, I didn't have time to read through the whole thread yet). I can write those three without re-watching the films, but if there is enough time, I could also do Secrets and Lies and Magnolia, as long as I can watch them again first. I was already planning on watching Secrets and Lies over the weekend.
  6. Last night, I night tried watching A Hidden Life before voting. I fell asleep and woke up after the deadline. Oh well, it's a great list. Has anyone listed which films won for situations (at least Dreyer and Malik) with two films from the same director in the top 25? If so, where can I find that? All I could find this morning was the list of 26-100. I definitely like the idea of one more round of voting for the top 25. I'll try to make it in time this time!
  7. I appreciate this use of the subtitle. I still hope the 2-film/director list is chosen, but if not, the addition of other films by the director has the appearance of an "honorable mention." This is part of my preference for the 2-film/director list as well. However, I think your suggestion for the subtitle helps to alleviate some of this concern if the 1-film/director ends up winning. The honorable mentions associated with each applicable director help to communicate that we consider other portions of the director's filmography to be spiritually significant, but not necessarily the whole body of work. Since many entries will not have that type of a subtitle line, it also communicates that there are factors beyond the director's vision that we consider as we perceive a film's spiritual significance.
  8. Okay. I'm glad we're cleared up on that now.
  9. I had already voted on the poll. So, I assume the last adjustment means that I have two votes counted now and that you will need to take one away. I'm sorry for any confusion I caused.
  10. Ken, The email I sent you said I voted for the 2-film per director list. I never wanted to change that. Perhaps my subject line was confusing. I'm sorry if that's the case, but I am standing firm on my 2-film per director desire.
  11. Like you, I'm not sure where this thread is headed, if anywhere. But any discussion on spiritually significant films by women is enhanced by the three you named here. Thank you for thinking of them.
  12. I asked for your reflections because, as much as I enjoy The Muppet Movie, I have always looked at its particular brand of celebration and positivity as a self-centered, Hollywood-motivated idea of living your dreams. For that reason, I couldn't justify calling it "spiritually significant," and I was prepared to give it a "1" if I couldn't be convinced otherwise. Your reflections not only addressed my concern but completely changed my mind so that I now recognize its spiritual significance. Because there were just too many great movies to choose from (I made sure to give only 100 movies a "4" or higher), I only gave it a "3." I tried bumping it up, but I couldn't find anything I felt comfortable replacing it with. But as long as Joel knew how to get me your reflections, know that they worked for me, even if that wasn't enough to get it on the 100.
  13. Films I am happy made the list: Do the Right Thing, Monsieur Vincent, Rome Open City, Secrets and Lies, My Neighbor Totoro, Grand Illusion & both Varda films Films I am disappointed did not make the list: Wild Strawberries, The Big City, Summer, On the Waterfront, The Phantom Carriage, Stevie, The Island, Fitzcarraldo Films I am pleasantly surprised made the list: Through a Glass Darkly, The House Is Black,The Best Years of Our Lives, Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Dead Man Walking Films I am most surprised about: Ditto to Ken's omissions + the addition of The Wrong Man (esp. being higher than Vertigo) EDIT:
  14. Thanks Ken, I just sent you the email.
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