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  1. Really, Is stating that an unknown individual religion could be other than Christianity uncharitable? I just felt uncomfortable being pointed out like this when I was having this normal discussion with mr. Chattaway. That's why I pointed out another tense part of the conversation we had which doesn't mean I was offended by that. This is so far the only movie from the ones I've seen from the list that I definitely don't agree with. I mean, being a Jesus film doesn't mean we need so hard to find this piece of low budget overrated film pleasant to the eye. I just rather listen to the Good News in my church or reading It myself from the Bible. I don't think anybody needs it to increase their devotion and/or save their souls. I do accept the word "blasphemous" was maybe exaggerated when I used it but I'll stick to the fact that this is not taking Jesus seriously. It's become like a hair in my throat when I see it ranked #7. That's why this discussion keeps going on and at this point I do believe it won't take us anywhere. I'm opened to discuss any other production but this one. Sorry but thanks for everything
  2. Calling my Faith a "thing" and pretending there is some type of contradiction about it is non charitable for me. but I guess your 33000 posts weighs way more than mine. That's fine, I'll stop here.
  3. That's because you probably are not a christian. It's not a "thing", it's actually one of the best Sacred Mysteries ever. John's Gospel doesn't "disagree" the other Gospels in that, it just doesn't mention much about it. It's not a convincing argument: the "Paschae" this scholar is talking about is the one Jesus was preparing which was going to make a difference this time... Jesus had the authority and necessity for doing it differently. Is that really a lamb? It could be symbolic and I could show you a lot more icons without a lamb as well. I do chastise him , not only because of that but also for the other mistakes I have already mentioned since my first post in this thread. It's not a matter of charity towards the filmmaker, is that the movie shouldn't be on the 2011 top 100 list, especially within the first 10 films because it doesn't meet the Gospel Standards and can confuse others with these small but often imperfections.
  4. Where could I see this one? I noticed its not available on Apple TV nor Netflix...
  5. Blasphemous for me would be something that doesn't take serious nothing related to God or his Holy things. Of course, there are levels for that, being the worst "sacrilege", a direct violation or injure against the Holy. Anything that defend, promote or just consider God, any of his Holy things or even a single christian virtue would be spiritually significant within a film for me. Maybe I saw Chariots of Fire in a time when I wasn't educated about real important artistic films yet. However, I must say that these 3 films seem to show regular-normal everyday life topics and actions that happen to almost everyone in a lifetime, decorated with slow-paced filming techniques. I must confess, Realism is not my favorite movement and in these movies it just worsen my experience. I could include there also Grapes of wrath, a movie that in my opinion should be of interest only for american citizens. Even though I do recognize some sense of art and coherence in them, that doesn't seem enough to consider them historically, artistically, culturally or spiritually significant classics. I don't think of them as "bad" films but I'm certain I wasted my time watching them because they didn't give me anything special. I mean, Bicycle thieves ends up the same way as it starts... Late Spring shows a buddhist type of life which I'm not interested in following (spinsterhood doesn't seem to be positive there) and Chariots of Fire in my opinion is too much conversational for a story that could have had more action and/or suspense.
  6. I haven't known of a christian tradition that assume there was meat in the Last Supper when it is well known that Christ's Flesh and Blood was substituting the traditional Passover Lamb sacrificed by the Jews each year during the same feast. Neither have I seen a few dozens of people for the fish and loaves miracle instead of the 4 or 5 thousand people that should have been there. That doesn't seem to be traditional nor biblical for me, just to mention some examples.
  7. You're right, I probably started in this community a little bit negative showing my point of views but I guess you understand that one has to have references when taking a list into consideration. If I wouldn't have liked all 12 films I've seen from the list, I wouldn't have even mind to leave a comment here because I would presume no other film from the list would be good for me. But the list seems to have lots to offer and I just went ahead and pointed out a few negative aspects about it just because I would like it to be better. I also understand I could be wrong and you also have clarified some of these negative aspects to me as well. Thanks I'll take that into consideration. I really appreciate, dear friends, everything you both mentioned. It seems we enjoy encountering the Truth through art. Blessings
  8. I couldn't agree more with you on this and I will certainly try to change the word "boring" when describing works of art from now on But don't get me wrong: The passion of Joan of Arc is indeed one of my favorites and I have appreciated other silent films such as La Vie et la Passion de J├ęsus Christ which I believe it has phenomenal special effects for its time; so I don't believe I am that "Modern Hollywood-oriented". I just would say that a top 100 film list should have movies that contain both viewer engagement, as you call it, and also deep artistic or spiritual profundity as well. An example of that is "Rome, open city" which was included in the 2010 list but was left out in the 2011's. Great! I also think they are fine works of art. But if they are in an Arts and Faith top list, one expects they will have both art and faith complements
  9. Hi there, I appreciate your attentiveness guys. Well, I read the main themes through the thread and I think they spoke a lot about Pasolini's way of manifesting a maxist/revolutionary Jesus which makes this (correct me if Im wrong) not an actual "Jesus life film". With all the movie defects I already mentioned, I agree this definitely doesn't seem to be a Jesus life story, at least not the traditionally depiction of the life of Jesus held up for almost 2000 years now. I guess I just felt these imperfections as some type of joke somebody was playing on me and thats why I called it blasphemous, especially when it is about the Son of God life were talking about. Definitely agree the film has the best Sermon of the Mount performance ever, thats really worth seeing, but come on, can you imagine Jesus taking a shaver or razor to the desert when he wasn't even taking anything to eat there? Don't you think the movie is making him a little vain because of that? And the miracles performed just don't seem to convince anyone about the truth of the Gospel, which was the original purpose of Jesus doing them. I felt similar as when I saw "Immortal beloved", what they did to Beethoven's life... The movie has beautiful usage of Beethoven's music but the story was somehow corrupted... I'll see if I can check it, thanks for the suggestion.
  10. Come on, am I blind or what? This piece of low budget overrated film can't be the best gospel movie ever made. This one for me is ... blasphemy! and stains the 2011 top 100 list. Although we can rescue good acting and the similarities in the way things must have really been spoken at the time of Jesus, the movie is horribly flawed in cinematography, effects and design. Jesus and John the Baptist with the hair and beard well trimmed down, even though they were fasting in the desert? Maybe 100 instead of 5000 people for the fish and loaves miracle? The presence of meat in the Last Supper? And the picture cuts? when the devil is tempting Jesus or with the leprosy miracle which I would do better with a cell phone camera... When will anybody besides me, notice that someone is taking us for a ride with this movie? Im a practicing catholic and I personally believe there will hardly be a good Jesus life film. Im not sure of the reason why, I just intuit that. If I have to pick one, it would be Jesus of Nazareth. Also, we christians should be the ones judging Jesus life films and if Pasolini didn't make one, then why name it "The gospel according to St Matthew?
  11. Im really into the challenge of watching the 2011 top 100, even though half of the movies Ive already seen from the list, which are like 12, don't believe deserve to be there or I don't even know why they are there. For example, I saw Ozu's Late spring and found it terribly boring. How then could I manage watching any other of the 3 Ozu's films in the list which seem similar to that one indeed? The same happen with Bicycle thieves and Chariots of fire. I understand they all have profound issues and good messages but movies (at least the best ones) should be expected to be entertaining as well. Why not including instead 1962's The miracle worker and/or 1993's Groundhog Day? I'm shocked noticing The gospel according to St Matthews, 2001: A space Odyssey and There will be blood in a some how "spiritual" movie list when this movies seem to be blasphemous or skeptical about faith in the end. On the other hand and whats keeping me going is Dreyer, Bresson, Akirosawa, Tarkovsky... Besides being one of the most recent, studied and universal spiritual movie list available for everyone online :-)
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