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  1. chirchri

    Holy Commotion

    I've never really listened to any Pretenders but the first song of theirs which came to mind was Don't Get Me Wrong. Apart from Brass in Pocket and Back on the Chain Gang I couldn't name another song of theirs which suggests that these are the 3 biggies.
  2. Yup,It's so damn catchy.
  3. chirchri

    Holy Commotion

    You should also listen to Fernando by ABBA and The Winner Takes It All as well.
  4. chirchri

    2016 lists

    Thank you Joel. This is what I wanted to find.
  5. Thank you for your sharing . It feels something different in my heart since I listen to it.
  6. What i mean is like a catchy OST that you enjoy listening to, but would be ashamed if someone witnessed you enjoying it. XD
  7. Really anything, as long as it is a crazy story relating to music.
  8. I would highly recommend you to watch the movies mentioned below : Old Boy (2003) The Chaser (2008) I Saw The Devil (2010) Memories of Murder (2003) My Sassy Girl (2001) Mother (2009) J.S.A.: Joint Security Area (2000) A Moment to Remember (2004 The Man from Nowhere (2010) Oasis (2002) P.S : If possible let me know who you liked them Cheers !
  9. I admit, as a guy, I sometimes enjoy watching these shows
  10. I am watching Innocent Defendant. Basically ,Kdrama are consumed by women. These are modern day fairy tales. And Taiwanese drama is more close to real life . it's also a common accepted reason.
  11. I watch kdrama a lot. I'm just curious whether the real korean life would be the same as shown in the drama. Would you please explain it in detail for some different situations in the real life?
  12. When I was in middle school, I was drawing cartoons. Mostly Dragon Ball. I did not have a camera nor were cell phones invented yet, thus I was not able to save photos of those drawings. I didn't know it at the time, but drawing cartoons was a good progression to learning how to draw. It makes you focus on proportions and line weight. It also is good practice learning to draw free-hand. I learned all that before I learned how to shade. Now that I can add light and shadow, my drawings went from cartoon to realistic looking.
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