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  1. I think these are all seconds accept Beale St & Free Solo (I could be wrong): Black Panther- Amongst its many themes, knowing who you are and where you come from is a thread throughout the film that spoke volumes. Leave No Trace- I loved the father/daughter dynamics in this film. Coming of age and learning when to forge your own path while still loving a parent through their flaws is something many people deal with. If Beale Street Could Talk- This film captures the injustice many people of color face and faced during its setting, while giving us a snapshot of small, universal, beautiful moments of freedom in life that can be taken away in the blink of an eye. Free Solo- The beauty of the mountain landscape and having a passion vs the danger of throwing ourselves into something to the point of risking death and relationships. This is an interesting documentary analyzing Alex's ambition and commitment to pushing himself further at all costs, including the ultimate. It was a thrilling watch for me, but it also made me think about what fires are burning around me that I don't recognize when I throw myself into my passions with disregard to loved ones needs. Hereditary- Toni Collette embodies the anguish of loss in this film. If you believe in angels, this a psycholically scary reminder that there’s another side too. Roma- Great film about the family you’re born into and the family you choose. Cuaron brilliantly frames Cleo separately from the family at the start of the film while slowly placing her closer to them (in the frame) as the film goes on, until she’s centered in the beach scene’s iconic shot, cinematically showing the family’s need for her and her need for them. Definitely not one for the casual moviegoer but that’s why it should be added.
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