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  1. I agree with the quote from Darrell Bock: “The expression ‘do not lead us into temptation’ could suggest God might do this..." As a lifelong Protestant layman who has always recited the Lord's Prayer using the phrase "and lead us not into temptation," the Pope's comments were an eye opener. The phrase suggests the believer is asking God not to do something that He would (or could) otherwise choose to do...to wit, lead us into temptation. That is simply untrue. God does not tempt his followers. The only tempter in the Bible is Satan. The idea that anyone could conclude, based on the Lord's Prayer, that God tempts people as Satan does is truly disturbing. I love the beauty, majesty, and poetry of the Lord's Prayer as I learned it but maybe we need to rethink some of the wording based on contemporary English usage.
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