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  1. Congrats to Robin Goodfellow for winning this year's Fantasy Hockey league. Somehow I came in second even though I didn't pay attention to my team for weeks on end. Maybe that's the secret.
  2. Haven't done points before. Sounds interesting. Count me in.
  3. I saw this today with my 8-year-old nephew. He spent the whole film saying "It's going to get much cooler than this...There's this part in the trailer we haven't gotten to yet. It's going to be much cooler." I walked out thinking it was much better than what I expected from the trailer/press. So, in our case, both Darrel and Peter were right. Or, they may come out saying, that wasn't what I expected. It was better than the trailer looked.
  4. I was somewhat surprised that I didn't find any threads about George Saunders, author of many fun Shouts and Murmurs columns in The New Yorker and the wonderfully fun Pastoralia. So, after reading The Brief and Frightening Reign of Phil I decided to rectify the situation and hope like the dickens that someone besides me has read this small little treat. [if you haven't read Phil, it's easily done in an evening.] My review of The Brief and Frightening Reign of Phil is here. But I will say, in short, that what makes this book more than just a fun skewering of the contemporary political scene is the ending. Saunders seems to be making a well-known to Christians but not terribly popular comment on the nature of sin and humanity. Do you see Saunders as hopeful? Pessimistic? Both?
  5. There was a time in my life when I was up to date with what all the cool kids were listening to. That time is no longer. The problem with me making any kind of favorites list for 2006 is that the list of all new albums I heard this year likely wouldn't top ten much less contain a top ten. However, I cannot disagree with the notion that T-Bone's offering this year was overrated. And I will toss my .02 into the ring to mention Aimee Mann's One More Drifter in the Snow and Over the Rhine's Snow Angels as my favorite additions to the holiday genre. I've got an essay percolating about the resonances of these two pieces, but suffice it to say, "great" albums or not, I can't get them off my iPod.
  6. tctruffin


    In the hot beverage arena, I'm mainly a coffee man, but there are many times when tea is the only way to go. I grew up with the good old Lipton orange pekoe, and quite often that's what I want when I want tea. However, we don't have it around the house much for no reason I can think of. I usually go for an English/Irish Breakfast. My wife is a nut for Earl Grey, so we have like 2 lbs of it. Twinings is usually good, but we found a bulk wholesaler who usually ships to coffee shops; through a special contact we get it from him. It's good stuff, but I can't tell you what brand it may be as it comes to us in large plain plastic bags.
  7. I had the extreme pleasure to be at Saturday night's Taft Theater show. First time I've been to this annual love fest. They featured almost all new music from both Snow Angels and the upcoming '07 release. My review is here.
  8. The New Yorker National Geographic (only to validate a Publisher's Clearing House entry 8O ) Image Journal Disc Golf World News Sherry gets Runner's World
  9. Well, here at the midpoint, I'm a measly 10,000 words behind schedule. No prob.
  10. That is sooo true. I'm thinking right now I've got a huge steaming pile of Goo, but I'm also valuing the exercise. The act of writing through the story is helping me see new ways for the plot to develop that haven't occured to me through only thinking.
  11. Don't get down NBooth, for you are right. There's a whole month to catch up. I've managed to stay on pace, but that's only because of a couple of big days early on. Yesterday was a bust due to various events (Roy Orbison tribute at the Rock HOF), but I'm already doing better than I've done in previous years. 8800 and counting.
  12. #31 of 98 is Disc 4 of the Neon Genesis Evangelion Collection. For some reason I got on an anime kick and added all sorts of things. I watched Disc 1 a long time ago, but really don't remember it.
  13. So is it written yet? When do we get to read it? Ken is a really funny man. He really is. I just finished my first session. Got about 2500 words down. Now I just need to do that 20 more times.
  14. The first time I ever sat for lengths of time staring at a book cover was the first time I read...
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